Prime Imbue Item


The mage can infuse an item with magic, creating an Imbued Item. Imbued items are granted a single spell. In effect, whoever wields the imbued item gains the benefits of its spell, even though she did not necessarily cast it. See the Imbued Item Merit, p. 102. The mage can imbue an item with any spell she is capable of casting. Imbued items retain their magic indefinitely; a spell cast using an imbued item might run out, but the imbued item itself does not. Attainments may only be included if they modify a spell; for example, mages can imbue items with spells using Sympathetic Range, but may not imbue an item with Mage Armor or the ability to create Rotes.

The spell imbued into an item remains in the item’s creator’s spell control, even if the item only casts that spell when activated. If an imbued item casts its spell multiple times, however, it still only takes up one spell control “slot.” Most mages relinquish spells after they have imbued them (see p. 118), but if the mage retains control over an item’s spell, she may alter its spell factors when the item casts it, and even cancel it as though she cast it herself. By spending Mana equal to the item’s rating, a mage can destroy an imbued item she retains spell control over, no matter where it is. System: The player must spend Mana equal to the rating of all Arcana used in the spell. For instance, if the mage were to imbue the Death 4 spell Enervation into a ring, it would cost her four points of Mana. If she cast a combined spell to imbue the item, combining Enervation with the Life 2 spell Mend (creating an object that would weaken one living creature and heal the wielder), the Mana cost would be six points. Dice Pool: Gnosis + Prime Action: Extended (required successes = (Arcana dots in all imbued spells) x 2, one hour per roll) Cost: See above

Roll Results

  • Dramatic Failure: The item is imbued with magical energy, but is cursed. It is unpredictable, baleful, impossible to effectively control and, worst of all, bears the unmistakable mark of the imbuing mage’s Nimbus. The mage is advised to find a way to destroy the item as soon as possible — although sometimes, the item works more or less as intended for a short while.
  • Failure: The player accrues no successes. The character can quit, and possibly attempt to continue the imbuing later (doing so adds successes to the total required; how many is up to the Storyteller).
  • Success: The player adds successes to the total. If she reaches the required number, the imbued item is complete, and the spell is inextricably bound into the object.
  • Exceptional Success: The player adds successes to the total. If she reaches the required number, the imbued item is complete, and the spell is inextricably bound into the object. In addition, the spell is relinquished from the mage’s spell control without requiring Willpower points or dots. The caster decides whether the spell imbued into the item is persistent (always active) or contingent (triggered by a word, gesture, or condition). The item gains the ability to hold a single point of Mana, but the creator can give the item extra capacity by adding successes to the total required, each extra success adding two Mana. The imbuing mage can spend Mana to fill the object’s reserve, but this Mana is on top of any required to imbue the object. A mage with the Prime 3 spell Channel Mana (p. 168) can fill the item later.

Prime Imbue Item

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