Bek Prepared Spells

  • Gnosis 6, can have 6 active spells up at one time
  • one Hung Spell counts as one “active spell”, but within that hung spell I can have multiple spells
    • the Hung Spell works like a bucket holding inactive spells waiting to become active
      ** -2 for each additional spell past one that sits in that Hung Spell bucket
    • can spend a reach to put successes someplace that the spell doesn’t call for, for example—if it says put them in duration but I want them in potency I’d spend a reach to make that happen

LUCK BE A LADY – Combined Hang Spell Bucket (Fate school):

Condition: rolling initiative or entering a difficult social situation

  • Fools Rush In (Fate 2)
    • Benefit: A turn or two of studying the scene before acting is acceptable, but extensive reconnaissance or a detailed briefing does not permit the necessary degree of randomness this spell requires. The subject does not suffer untrained penalties during the spell’s Duration. If entering an unfamiliar social situation, the subject’s impression level also improves by one. +1 Reach: The subject receives a dice bonus equal to Potency on a number of dice rolls (not including spellcasting rolls) equal to Potency during the Duration. The subject’s player chooses which rolls are affected (before the dice are rolled), and they can include any action or task, so long as they are instant or reflexive actions taken “in the moment” and not arranged ahead of time. +3 Reach: As the first Reach effect, but this bonus can also affect spellcasting rolls.
  • Exceptional Luck (Fate ••)
    • Benefit: this spell bestows a boon or inflicts a hex on the subject. The subject may Withstand a hex with Composure. +2 Reach: The boon or hex can affect spellcasting rolls. +2 Reach: Spend a point of Mana. The mage can cast this spell as a reflexive action.

8-again on 5ish combat rolls (Fate 2),
+5ish dice on a combat rolls (Fate 2),
+5 Conditions (Fate 2 – lots here, turn on Tasked [Beat the FUCK out of this guy] for 8-again on all rolls to curb stomp him or Inspired [regain a wp and exceptional success on 3 successes] and there are better Conditions, these are just the ones I saw when I glanced through)

YEAH, YEAH I GOT THIS – Combined Hang Spell Bucket (Fate School):

Condition: rolling initiative

  • Superlative Luck (Fate 3)
    • Benefit: 5ish Rote quality rolls on a combat skill
  • Fate Armor (Fate 2 – Attainment)
    • Benefit: add Fate rating to Defense, allows character to apply Defense to firearms attacks, if successfully Dodge an opponent’s attack, can spend a point of Mana to add Fate dots as a weapon rating on the mage’s next attack on that target. This bonus must be used by the mage’s next action or it is lost.
  • Monkey’s Paw (Fate 3)
    • Benefit: +5(ish) equipment bonus to weapon

SUPER SAIYAN – Combined Hang Spell Bucket (Life school):

Condition: rolling initiative or taking fatal damage

  • Mend (Life 4)
    • Benefit: Spend an extra point of mana and Reach to encapsulate agg, when you take fatal damage you’d automatically heal the Potency of this spell (successes rolled) in damage. Literally a contingent healing spell from D&D.
  • Knit (Life 3)
    • Benefit: Regenerate health levels / turn
  • Honing the Form (Life 3)
    • Benefit: +5(ish) on Str/Dex/Sta
  • Body Control (Life 2)
    • Benefit: gain armor +5 (ish)

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – Combined Hang Spell Bucket (Time/Forces school):

Condition: I need to move it, move it.

  • Invisibility (Forces 2)
    • Benefit:
  • Velocity Control (Forces 3)
    • Benefit: increase travel speed
  • Levitation (Forces 4)
    • Benefit: can float through the air
  • Acceleration (Time 3)
    • Benefit: increase speed further

DON’T FUCK WITH ME – Combined Hang Spell Bucket (Time/Fate Schools):

Condition: my past is altered in any way, someone views me with time magic or anyone manipulates my fate

  • Constant Presence (Time 2)
    • Benefit: Clash of Wills with anyone that tries to alter your past
  • Shield of Chronos (Time 2)
    • Benefit: Clash of Wills anyone that tries to view you through time
  • Warding Gesture (Fate 2)
    • Benefit: Clash of Wills anyone that tries to screw with your fate

Bek Prepared Spells

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