Bek Backstory


Rebecca was born in Israel to a poor sheep farmer. Her father (Howard Stein) was a traditionalist…and an all around asshole. He was strict and often beat Rebecca, her mother and her brother. Rebecca’s mom (Anna Stein) was somewhat frail and died from complications with her third pregnancy when Rebecca was four. Rebecca’s brother (Gabriel Stein)  is three years older than her and after their mother’s death they were raised by their abusive father. Bek doesn’t really remember much of her mother and often wondered if her mother’s death had more to do with her father’s beatings than it did “pregnancy complications”, but she had no way of finding out.

The siblings continued to be terrorized by their father until Gabe hit puberty and grew.  Gabe was younger and bigger and quickly put a stop to anymore rough house caused by their father. Everything changed a bit and Howard seemed to mellow to several years. When Gabe turned 18 he left to serve the standard three years in the Israeli military and left his 15 year old sister at home. 

When Gabe left, things got worse for Rebecca. Howard slowly became violent again and even started to touch her in ways that made her scared…worried…

Bek called Gabe and he took a leave of absence…faked a family death and came home…he beat his father an inch from death and started training Bek. If Bek had told Gabe the extent of the abuse she’d endured while Gabe had been in bootcamp, Gabe would likely have killed the old man. As it was Gabe had a few of his older buddies already out of the military and working farms train her, watch out for Bek, while he was gone. One of his best buddies, Conor Halloway, took it upon himself to train her as much as he could…and unbeknownst to Gabe struck up an intimate relationship with her for awhile. Conor was 21 at the time and Bek was 16; they both knew Gabe would be extremely pissed so they kept it quiet. Bek also never told Conor the extend of the abuse she’d suffered at the hands of her father. Those were some of the better months that Bek remembers; Howard remained placid for almost a year before he started getting violent again…but this time Bek had training, and at 17 she wasn’t as small anymore; over the weeks the more she fought the more violent he became until one night he came into her bedroom intent on raping her again and brought a knife with him this time.

Bek did what her brother and his friends had taught her…she fought…and she put her thumbs through Howard’s eyes until he went limb. Bek got up, washed her hands, wrapped his head in seran wrap and drug his body to the barn. She went in the house and cleaned every trace of blood up, even thought to hide any drag marks in the yard from pulling the body. Bek spent the night thinking of what to do. 

It was no secret Howard was a drinker, but she also had to find a way to hide the wounds to his eyes. A fire seemed like the only solution…had to be the barn at night so she could “sleep through it” and the sheep would have to be inside…it would be too obvious if they were all at pasture instead of in the barn at night like normal. Bek couldn’t stomach the idea of burning the sheep alive so later the next evening she fed them food laced with poison and she stayed with them while they died.  Bek put a couple bottles of whisky next to Howard and poured one on him to make sure he’d burn enough to hide the damage.  She lit one of his cigarettes and dropped it in his lap.  She stayed for a few minutes and watched him start to burn until she went back into the house and pretended to sleep. Laying in her bed she fained surprise and worry when over an hour later loud and urgent knocking pounded the front door.

Several neighbors had seen the smoke and come to help put out the fire, but too late, the barn was barely standing and the inside was a charred husk. Bek didn’t have to fake being shocked and dazed as the local Sheriff showed up a few hours later.  Once the authorities found Howard’s remains and the remains of the sheep…they didn’t even really question her, the Sheriff just asked “did he drink in the barn a lot?” and Bek just replied…“he drank everywhere a lot”. The copius amount of booze in the house backed up her story.

Gabe came home when Bek called him with the news. Gabe was pretty quiet through the closed casket visitation and through the funeral. When they were at home and finally alone he looked at her and said “he never drank in the barn”, Bek just nodded.  “Did he hurt you?” Gabe had asked. “No,” she’d lied, “I did what you’d showed me.”  Gabe’s eyes had held a dark proud look, “good girl”. Bek and Gabe took their mother’s maiden name as their last name and moved on with their lives.

Since Bek was technically of legal age and their farm was in debt, Gabe and Bek decided to let the bank repo the property and Bek enlisted with the military a few months early to serve her standard two years. Conor had tried to insist she stay for the few months so they could be together awhile longer; he even suggested they tell Gabe about their relationship. Bek wasn’t really ready for anything serious and cut things off with Conor before heading out to bootcamp; and with the training she’d already had Bek excelled and was put into more advanced training where she became a helicopter pilot. She stayed in the military a little longer than the standard two years because Gabe had stayed too, but after Gabe left she decided there wasn’t really a need for her to stay either. Gabe, Conor and their other buddies started up a private security firm in Dubai and Bek applied for citizenship in the States where she started a helicopter transport and taxi business.

The last few years Bek has lived out of a couple converted shipping crates located at the warehouse she leases for her business. She gets to meet all kinds of people and gets to fly…a win-win in her book. Bek and Gabe haven’t seen each other in person for years since they live so far apart, but the siblings keep in contact via phone and skpe on a regular basis. Recently Gabe, and his buddy Conor, have been trying to convince her to move to Dubai and fly their company copter for them, but Bek is actually pretty at home in the US and has built up a good business.

Important People to Bek

  • Gabriel “Gabe” Train: Bek’s brother
  • Anna Train-Stein: Bek’s deceased mom
  • Howard Stein: Bek’s deceased father
  • Conor Halloway: Gabe’s friend who helped train Bek, Bek also had a brief and quiet romantic relationship with him that her brother didn’t know about


  • age 4, her mother died
  • age 14, started learning MAC
  • age 18-21, spent 4 years in the Israeli military
  • age 21, applied for US citizenship and moved to New York City
  • age 21-25 (current), opened her own helicopter taxi/transport business


  • stubborn / headstrong
  • potty mouth
  • potty mouth, loves cigars
  • a bit of a thrill seeker
  • usually doesn’t like to be touched
  • very level headed and tactical
  • doesn’t really get angry/mad, more prone to “quiet rage”, more likely to deal with the situation than bitch about it
  • more about taking action than talking about it
  • if she sees a guy being abusive to women or kids…she’ll step in (she’s punched several random guys because of this, even had assault charges brought up on her once when she knocked out six of the guy’s teeth)
  • rough upbringing, but was close with her brother who looked out for her
  • helicopter pilot for Israeli special forces, she trained with the Israeli military
  • she is a surviver through and through
  • left military and opened helicopter taxi service, ambitious business owner
  • lives out of a shipping crate w/ a small helipad outside of city limits at a warehouse
  • close to her brother despite the distance apart


143 lbs.
slim, but cut build
right handed
dirty blond hair
hazel eyes

Bek Backstory

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