Secrets of Shadows


Powerful creatures develop powerful abilities, crafting their supernatural skill to suit the tasks they most often concern themselves with. Below is a collection of the unique abilities crafted by those the Corporate Women have encountered.

Vampire Abilties


Forced March
Requirements: Blinding Movement (Vigor/Celerity 2), Resilience 4
Cost: 2 Vitae
Activation Time: Reflexive
Duration: (Resilience) Hours
Roll: None
Target: Self
XP Cost: 2 SE

A favorite among Kindred in big cities that don’t have time to worry about traffic while getting from place to place, Forced March allows the Kindred to move at their Blinding Movement speed for his Resilience in hours. The demands of combat are too taxing on the Kindred’s body to keep up Forced March while the Kindred is engaged in combat, but should the conflict be resolved before the duration of this Devotion expires the Kindred can resume moving at superhuman speed.

The Kindred can, however, activate this Devotion for a chase. Doing so follows the normal rules for speed disparity between opponents and is resolved as normal. The Kindred can also take part in Vehicle chases while on foot with use of this Devotion and substitutes his Stamina + Athletics (as per a foot chase) for the usual Dexterity + Drive. Treat the Kindred as a vehicle with an acceleration equal to his base Speed, maximum speed equal to his maximum running speed, and a Handling equal to the lower of his Wits and Composure. Normally the Kindred can only participate in a chase with a vehicle and take no other action, but if he possesses the Quicken Sight Devotion (or some other ability that confers superhuman reflexes and speed) he may also take a single separate Instant action each turn of the Chase while this Devotion is active (such as firing a gun).

Instant Transformation
Requirements: Celerity 4, Protean 3
Cost: 1 Vitae
Activation: Reflexive
Duration: 1 Turn
Roll: None
Target: Self
XP Cost: 1 SE

A Devotion known only to those that have finely honed their ability with Protean, this Devotion allows the Kindred to wield their shapeshifting abilities with alarming speed. By paying a 1 Vitae surcharge Reflexively, all activations of Protean have their activation time changed from Instant to Reflexive but can still only be activated on the Kindred’s turn. The Kindred is still limited by his Blood Potency for how much Vitae he can spend per turn but can otherwise activate multiple uses of Protean in a single turn and still take an Instant action. If the Kindred knows the technique Quicksilver Intervention, he may use this Devotion and activate Protean at any point during the turn, even before he could otherwise act.

World Crossing Stride
Requirements: Auspex 5, Obfuscate 3
Cost: 2 Vitae
Activation: Instant
Duration: 1 Night
Roll: Wits + Occult + Obfuscate
Target: Self
XP Cost: 4 SE

Harnessing the projection abilities of Auspex with the invisibility afforded by Obfuscate, this ability allows the Kindred to phase himself out of the world entirely. Stepping to the shadows between worlds, the Kindred exists the mortal world on a successful activation roll. The Kindred has one of two options.

He can slip between worlds, in which case he can view one plane of existence but cannot interact with the world or be interacted with either. While between worlds, the Kindred perceives the physical world differently than most. He can speed up or slow down his relative time stream by up to his Auspex + Blood Potency. While he is able to call upon all of his Disciplines and Devotions as normal, they cannot affect anything that also doesn’t exist between worlds.

Similarly, the Kindred can use this Devotion to step from the mortal world into a different world entirely. Most Kindred use this ability to step into Shadow at will, but others have used the ability to cross into more mysterious realms.

This Devotion can be ended at any time by the Kindred choosing to step back into the physical world. Doing so is an Instant action but otherwise requires no additional Cost. Kindred exit back into the physical world in a place relative to their original destination. Kindred that step between the Physical and Shadow world can use this Devotion to travel great distances quickly, but should they chose to travel to and traverse different planes of existence they could wind up back in the physical world in a seemingly random destination.

Secrets of Shadows

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