Goblin Market

Goblin Market Vendors

Name: Andlo

Trade: Pit Fighting and Slave Fighters

Details: One of the more widely feared vendors at the market. Andlo holds regular pit fights between exotic creatures and uses his own, strange, paper currency to take bets on his fight.
Name: Arcanot

Trade: Hedge Huntsmen

Details: An enigma in his own right, Arcanot is the only Hedge Huntsmen that regularly interacts with the world. Even more peculiar, he seems to have little interest in capturing Gentry, a task for which the Huntsmen are most commonly known.
Name: Astria

Trade: Calamity and Disaster

Details: One of the most feared vendors in the market, where Astria travels destruction quickly follows. Stories circulate the market of clients that thought they could contain her only to fall in the wake of her devastation.
Name: Blade

Trade: Weapons

Details: Quiet and enigmatic, no one really knows who or what Blade is. Unlike most vendors, he deals exclusively in one currency: blood.
Name: Carrigan

Trade: Secrets

Details: A strange and mysterious diviner of the market, little is known about her or where her “goods” come from.
Name: DIedo

Trade: Gardener

Details: One of the many Changelings that frequent the market, Diedo grows her own Goblin Fruits and is rumored to be able to create specialized and highly prized pieces to order.
Name: Edalla

Trade: Extraordinary Goods

Details: Rumored to be a powerful magic user of some sort, Edalla sells extraordinary versions of otherwise ordinary goods. Her prices are just as eccentric as her demeanor and even veteran merchants have trouble with the methods of her madness.
Name: Haden

Trade: Market Hand

Details: While not officially recognized by the market as a vendor, that doesn’t stop Haden from turning a profit by selling favor from time to time. He can regularly be found tending to the market itself at the behest of the Maestro.
Name: Kraven

Trade: Slaver

Details: Dealing with any and all kinds of slaves, Kraven carries one of the widest selections of sentient slaves available in the market.
Name: Maestro

Trade: Border Security

Details: The mysterious and enigmatic owner of the market, almost nothing is known about the Maestro except for his stingy adherence to the rules of the market. He can regularly be found patrolling the borders of the Market.
Name: Marcius

Trade: Love

Details: As beautiful as he is captivating, Marcius deals in matters of the heart and boasts that he can help anyone find (or manage) the love of their lives.
Name: Marianna

Trade: Supernatural Power

Details: One of the most widely respected respected and feared vendors of the market, Marianna deals in the trade of supernatural powers with supernatural creatures.
Name: Nebuchadnezzar

Trade: Mundane Abilities

Details: Said to be able to turn even the clumsiest peasant into a master swordsman, he deals in any and all mortal abilities.
Name: Oni

Trade: Fortune Teller

Details: Arguably the most talented Seer in the market, Oni provides detail without peer about the future of her clients but demands an equally steep price in return.
Name: Paul

Trade: Glass Dome Animals

Details: Friendly and inviting, Paul’s wares consist of exotic animals from all over the world kept in small glass domes. He can regularly be seen showcasing his amazingly rare creatures to wonder-struck onlookers.
Name: Peach

Trade: Fortune Teller

Details: One of the man fortune tellers in the market, the fortunes she tells are often as enigmatic as her clients.
Name: Quiet

Trade: Paper Flowers

Details: A quiet street vendor that wonders the market, Quiet sells paper flowers for kisses.
Name: Ragnar

Trade: Conversation

Details: One of the few merchants without a stall proper, Ragnar sits quietly at one of the cafe stalls and engages in polite, and insightful, conversation with anyone that buys him a cup of coffee.
Name: Staton

Trade: Intelligent Beasts

Details: Staton is a breeder, able to fuse the personality of sentient creatures with the body of animals. His clients often supply the raw materials, and he is known to be able to create wildly unique creatures to suit his clients needs.
Name: The Goblin King

Trade: Hobs

Details: A somewhat frequent patron of the market, the Goblin King is always attended by a small group of Hobgoblins who he often trades for children or the affection of a pretty girl.
Name: Ull

Trade: Seeker

Details: Always accompanied by the owl perched on his shoulder, Ull boasts that he can find anything, immaterial or otherwise.
Name: Yoska

Trade: Spirits

Details: A powerful shaman, Yoska is said to deal with spirits of all kinds: both living and dead.

Goblin Market

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