Goblin Fruits

Goblin Fruits


Heals a single point of aggravated damage

Blood Bane
Makes your blood toxic for a day

Blood Fruit
Acts as a narcotic when ingested by Vampires

Chu Chu Clum
Acts as a truth serum when ingested

Rejuvenated as though having had 8 hours of sleep (no willpower regained)

See the ethereal for a scene

Imbiber can breathe water for an hour

Fugue Spores
Eliminates the last hour or so of memories, multiple doses stack exponentially

Hide Fruit
Grants 1/1 armor (stacks with natural) for a scene

Ghoul Shroud
Appear dead for one hour

Jarmyn Fruit
Eliminates all anger/rage in the consumer for a day

Judas Yew Berries
Causes 1 lethal health level of damage when ingested

Makes the consumer completely immune to the cold for a day

Allows the imbiber to be a lucid dreamer for one night

Pitt Moss
Imbiber loses 1wp and cannot spend wp for a scene

Serpent Gourd
Speak with and understand reptiles for a scene

A powerful sleep agent when ingested

Consumer recovers a single willpower and gains a +3 to all mental rolls for a scene

Goblin Fruits

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