Clan Weaknesses

Clan Weaknesses – Overview
Should a vampire be subjected to the conditions specified under their clan, they lose a single point of willpower to a maximum of once per scene. This represents the vampire having to make a physical effort in which they have to wrestle with the beast within. If the vampire does not (or cannot) spend the point of willpower, he must check for frenzy.

Gangrel – When a Gangrel is forced to back down from a conflict in which the vampire knows he is not blatantly overmatched. For example, a neonate challenging an elder to a fist fight that the elder must back down from would require a point of willpower from the elder but not the neonate if the roles were reversed. Subject to Storyteller discretion, this represents backing down from a challenge the vampire has at least a fair chance of overcoming that is initiated by someone else with the clear intent of physical conflict. Note answering a challenge does not always mean a fight to the death. Sometimes a firm punch to the face is all it takes to make your point. Even a tactical retreat by the vampire in question is acceptable as long as he meets the open challenge of another with physical conflict.

Ventrue – When the Venture is publicly humiliated due to his own actions. For purposes of this weakness, public can be defined as humans or vampires so long as the group consists of at least a dozen or more individuals. For example, if another vampire cleverly arranges a series of events that force the vampire to make some bad decisions and he publicly displays his incompetence for all to see it would require the vampire to spend a willpower. Subject to Storyteller discretion, this represents a situation that damages the reputation or credibility of the vampire and would cause the majority of his peers (and superiors) to think less of him for an action he willingly committed.

Daeva – When the Daeva resists his Vice for the first time in a scene when indulging does not present a life-threatening consequence. For example, Gluttony would require a willpower to not feed from a mortal offered by a close friend but would not require a willpower if the vampire knew the mortal being offered carried a supernatural disease harmful to the vampire. Should the vampire not know the mortal was poisoned but refuse to feed on a hunch, this would still require the expenditure of a willpower. Subject to Storyteller discretion, the criteria of this weakness are identical to the conditions specified by Vices in the core book.


Mehket – When the Mehket are caught by surprise or taken completely off guard. Typically this involves being ambushed but it could also be a clever political coup the vampire was not anticipating when revealed. For example, a Mehket skulking through the streets looking for an evening meal would lose a willpower if he was ambushed by another Kindred who managed to sucker punch him completely undetected. Also, a Mehket who was the subject of an elaborate political maneuver which caused him to be expelled from his home city would also lose a willpower upon hearing the news and realizing how he failed to prevent the machination. Subject to Storyteller discretion, this represents an event the Mehket had a chance to discover or prevent that has a negative impact on him and he failed to do so.

Clan Weaknesses

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