Takashi Marimato


Personnel File

Alias: Takashi Marimato
Age: Unknown (speculated 1300-1400 years old)
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 155 lbs

Threat Level: High
Target Status: Recon
Location: Chicago, IL

Cataloged Abilities
Superhuman speed and strength
Superhuman fighting prowess
Expert in hand to hand combat
Can eclipse items from view

Operational Notes
Background searches are limited though his origins appear to be Japanese. Suggested research puts him at embraced sometime around the early Edo Dynasty given his behavioral likeness to the Bushido code and a few other behavioral characteristics. Appears to favor feudal Japanese weaponry and close combat fighting style. Maintains the title Sheriff which, in combination with his background, suggests some kind of enforcer. Has one known prodigy, Nathaniel Hunt. Appears to be with the Mehket clan.


Takashi Marimato

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