Flynt Norcross


Personnel File

Alias: Oni
Age: 27
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 181 lbs

Current Status: At Large
Current Priority: High
Interest: Recruitment
Location: Unknown, Formerly Chicago, IL

Formerly an Assassin for an International Cell, Flynt went rogue and broke away from his Organization for reasons unknown. Intel indicates that he is a high priority target for capture but so far has remained at large indicating that he’s cooperating with other supernaturals to remain secluded. Given he’s been an Assassin for less than a decade, it’s extremely unlikely that he’s evaded capture on his own thus far. If confirmed, this fact alone would make him an ideal candidate for recruitment.

Flynt’s service record with his last Cell is impeccable and he has over three dozen confirmed kills. Capable in all forms of combat, he’s one of the most creative assassins in his last cell which made him an efficient and reliable contract killer. Reports indicate Flynt had no warning of turning on his previous Cell which means he will have to be monitored closely if recruited.


Flynt Norcross

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