Rebecca "Bek" Train

Ex-Israeli Special Forces


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Intelligence •••• Strength •••• Presence ••••
Wits ••••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •••• Stamina •••••• Composure •••


Academics • Computer •• Crafts • Investigation •• Medicine X Occult •• Politics • Science ••
Athletics ••••• Brawl ••••• Drive ••••• Firearms •• Larceny X Stealth •• Survival ••• Weaponry •••••
Animal Ken X Empathy ••••• Expression ••••• Intimidation ••• Persuasion ••• Socialize ••• Streetwise • Subterfuge •••••
  • 9 again on Athletics, Brawl, Drive
  • WP for Athletics as Rote action
  • 8 again on Perception rolls


Athletics (Parkour +1)
Brawl (MAC +2)
Brawl (Claws +2)
Stealth (Barefoot +1)
Drive (Stick shift +1)
Drive (Airplane/Jet +1)
Drive (Helicopter +1)
Persuasion (Men w/ striking looks +1)
Weaponry (knives +1)
Expression (Dominate +2)


Supernatural Tolerance ••••••, Stores 40/6 per turn
Health 9, Willpower 8
Humanity 7, Size 5, Speed 13
Defense 10 (12 w/ MAC), Initiative +8


Bek Werewolf Suit
Bek Vamp Suit
Bek Mage Suit
Bek Sineater Suit
Bek Assassin Suit
Bek Changeling Suit


Courageous: Your character is simply straight-up brave. She gets a thrill from meeting and overcoming challenges, whether they’re physical or social. She’s not necessarily stubborn or even especially confident — true bravery is the willingness to carry on despite being afraid, not the absence of fear. Regain Willpower when your character’s bravery causes or prolongs risk or danger to her.


Violent: Your character loves getting her way by means of physical force. She frequently Goes For Blood (see p. 195) to settle conflict. Regain a Willpower point when your character resolves a scene by using needless violence.


Striking Looks •• (Advanced)
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive
•• +2 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive
super beautiful/frightening, Rote quality on actions where looks apply

Defensive Combat •
use Brawl to calculate defense instead of Athletics

Fighting Style: MAC •••••
Prerequisites: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina•• and Brawl ••
Effect: The character is trained in Modern Army Combatives, the modern military style of hand-to-hand combat that blends a number of fighting styles such as Muay Thai to provide a soldier with an all-round means of unarmed self-defense and defense with short weapons (Brawl and Weaponry Skills).

Tactician’s Sense: The character gauges the body language of combatants in his proximity. In game terms, he can make a Reflexive Wits + Composure perception roll and gauge the Initiative modes of all combatants before a fight starts.
•• Atemi Attack: The human body has a variety of pressure points, any of which can cause an opponent great pain. The trained fighter knows where to strike for maximum effect. When striking with a Brawl or Weaponry attack, the character may ignore up to 1 point of the enemy’s Armor protection per dot in this Fighting Style.
••• Forearm Choke: The character applies pressure to an enemy’s carotid artery in an attempt to knock him out. The character must successfully achieve a Grapple attack (see “Grapple”, the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 157). The character may apply the choke hold from the following turn. The hostile may attempt to free himself on his next action with Strength + Brawl, his dice pool penalized by the character’s Strength + 1. This maneuver is designed to render the foe unconscious. The foe may resist each turn at a cumulative –1 dice pool penalty. When your character has sustained the choke hold for a number of turns equal to the hostile’s Stamina, the hostile is rendered unconscious, and sustains a single point of bashing damage. The Forearm Choke is useless against creatures that do not need to breathe.
•••• Bullring: In hand to hand combat, your character can ignore half your rating in this style (rounded up) in penalties from multiple attackers per turn.
••••• Lethal Strike: The soldier’s hands become deadly weapons, unarmed strikes cause lethal damage

Crack Driver •••
- add Composure to drive rolls if that’s the only action you’re taking
- Composure penalty to disable vehicle
- take drive action reflexively 1/turn

Area of Expertise (Brawl: MAC) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Area of Expertise (Brawl: Claws) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Area of Expertise (Expression: Dominate) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Parkour •••••
Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics ••

Flow: subtract Parkour rating from successes needed to pursue or evade in foot race, ignore environmental penalties to Athletics rolls = rating
•• Cat Leap: gain 1 auto success on Dex + Athletics to negate falling damage, add Parkour rating to threshold that can be removed
••• Wall Run: without rolling, scale 10 ft + 5 ft. / dot in Athletics as an instant action (rather than the normal 10 ft.)
•••• Expert Traceur: spend Willpower to designate a Athletics roll as a rote action, cannot apply Defense to incoming attack
••••• Freeflow: establish meditation to take Athletics actions reflexively 1/turn, spend Willpower on Athletics roll in foot chance to gain 3 successes (instead of dice)

Double Jointed ••
automatically escape mundane grapple, subtract Dex from any overpowering rolls if no aggressive actions taken

Fighting Finess ••
sub Dex for Str when making attack rolls using selected Brawl or Weaponry specialty

Language •
speak, read and write in a single additional language (Arabic, English)

Multilingual •
able to speak 2 additional languages (Hebrew & Russian) conversationally, Intelligence + Academics to read language

Trained Observer •••
Perception rolls gain 8-again

Indomitable ••
+2 to resist supernatural powers on thoughts/emotions

Professional Training (Mercenary/Military) ••
PT 1: take two dots in contact related to your chosen field
•• PT 2: gain 9-again quality with asset skills (Brawl, Drive, Athletics)
••• PT 3: gain third asset skill and take 2 specialties in your asset skills
•••• PT 4: take a skill dot in an asset skill, when you purchase an asset skill dot gain a beat
••••• PT 5: spend wp to apply rote action on an asset skill

Directional Sense, Advanced
always know what direction you’re facing, no penalties for navigation
know direction to any person/place/thing sensed


Personality & Voice Queues

  • stubborn / headstrong
  • very level headed and tactical
  • potty mouth, loves cigars
  • a bit of a thrill seeker
  • Jewish, but not overly religious
  • usually doesn’t like to be touched
  • doesn’t really get angry/mad, more prone to “quiet rage”, more likely to deal with the situation than bitch about it
  • more about taking action than talking about it
  • if she sees a guy being abusive to women or kids…she’ll step in (she’s punched several random guys because of this, even had assault charges brought up on her once when she knocked out six of the guy’s teeth)
  • rough upbringing, but was close with her brother who looked out for her
  • helicopter pilot for Israeli special forces, she trained with the Israeli military
  • she is a surviver through and through
  • left military and opened helicopter taxi service, ambitious business owner
  • lives out of a shipping crate w/ a small helipad outside of city limits at a warehouse
  • close to her brother despite the distance apart


  • find and destroy my father’s ghost (short term)
  • make sure Conor and Gabe are adjusted and happy with the life they were forced into (long term)
  • learn everything I can about our suits and why/what Noah’s plans are with them (long term)


  • age 4, her mother died
  • age 14, started learning MAC
  • age 17, father died
  • age 18-21, spent 4 years in the Israeli military
  • age 21, applied for US citizenship and moved to New York City
  • age 21-25 (current), opened her own helicopter taxi/transport business

Rebecca "Bek" Train

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