Corporate Woman

Journal 08

Not certain what I think of this new suit. Seeing dead everywhere is a little different from seeing spirits, it’s depressing. Also, still not certain what all I can do in this “sin-eater” form, though time with the team at the Coliseum went a long way towards helping.

Will have to get used to being “possessed”. Sofia seems forth-coming enough, which I gather isn’t always the case. Not sure if I’m more relieved or frustrated that she can’t make longer appearances. I’m not looking forward to the unceasing companionship, but at the same time I have so many questions… Don’t know what I expected a powerful ghost to act like, but she’s so damn calm about everything. Hollywood didn’t prepare me for a restful ghost. Shit.

Apparently Beks woke up about a day before I did. Briefed me on a mission she got sent on, made some friends in the New York vamp court. Now I’m trying to find a good time to ask Lydia if she has a brother since the god damned sheriff of NY shares a last name with her pops.

Misha and Trystan worked some of their aggression out on each other. Trystan assured us it’s a Wolf thing, not sure how healthsome that is, but he seems somewhat relieved. I doubt things will be amicable between them in the future, but so long as they don’t come to blows each time they meet, I’ll be pleased.

On mission to rescue a Corporation field-op gone missing. Sin-eater, name of Evelyn. I find it awfully coincidental that all of these rescue ops put us in a favorable position with viable recruits for our team. Anyway, took Jean and Trystan with us to the underworld… Fuck. I feel like I’ve stepped in to Greek mythology or something. Next thing they’ll tell me fucking Hades is real too. Trystan tracked Evelyn in to the Underworld and back out again to an old abandoned carnival south of Detroit. Fucking clowns.

Evelyn’s trail dead ended at a wall painted over with vines and shit. Thought there might be some connection to the Hedge bullshit Brontes was telling us about so we got him involved. Sent him a pic, he said it was a door of sorts then he drove all this way just to let us in. Good guy Brontes. I’ve heard tales of the Goblin Market. I’m hoping for the kid-friendly version, but I’m sure as hell not expecting it.



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