Corporate Woman

Field Notes 8 - Bek

  • Noah got us situated in our new suits, Sineater….hmmmm, already kinda missing the were suit….
  • Red and I talked to Orin about the new suits hoping for some insights as Prescott has another job for us and needless to say a new suit is going to take some getting used to, we tried to work some of that out by sparring at the Colosseum…I can tell I can take a hit better than I could before, but Jesus could my claws tear through shit—don’t get me wrong though, I don’t miss all the fur
  • after our little training session we chatted with Prescott about the next mission and got VERY LITTLE details from him, seriously this is becoming a thing, minimal details and then us just dumped on whatever “job” we’re given…and Prescott is level 7 or some shit so I know that cute little fucker knows more than what he tells us, part of me thinks this is part of their “on the job training” and honestly I’m not sure if I should be pissed off or greatful…let’s be real I can be both
  • the mission is yet another wayward agent of the Corporation…how many people have they lost? that cannot look good for their HR department
  • Red and I decided to have Trystan and Jean along for the mission, they seemed like the most useful in this situation (since we lost our tracking noses) …. Trystan didn’t make things awkward so that’s good…without the were suit I feel less…I don’t know, there’s less of a need to mark what’s mine you know….that said I’m still crazy attracked to Trystan, and God help me Braden, …. so i’m not really sure were that leaves Conor and I…I’m just worried we’ve grown apart and into different people, it wasn’t easy with him like it was with the others…maybe it’s just because we’re so close or maybe it’s because we aren’t, I’m not really sure yet…and FUCK me, but I have bigger shit to worry about than boy drama bullshit, I mean seriously ain’t no body got time for that, I have a city to help run and all the political crap with that has my brain spinning…I need a man that solves problems not creates them, guess it’s just a matter of determining who that is…heh, then again I could always put my were suit back on and pull a Misha and just enjoy them all…that girl seriously has it figured out, if I didn’t respect the shit outta her so much I would honestly contemplate challenging her for her pack…it’s hard not to want what she’s built

….. see God damn it, all this boy talk bullshit got me distracted, ugh

  • so me, Red, Trystan and Jean head out after this Evelyn lady who went missing a few months ago, Trystan tracked her to the underworld and then back out and up to a pretty strange door in an abandoned carnival …. pretty sure I’ve seen this scary movie before, anyway our rings matched the carvings on the door so we called up Brontes and asked him about it, he told us to hang tight and that he would come to us
  • turns out the door was to the Goblin Market, some Hogwarts level bazaar shit, a lot stranger than I thought it would be, but hey if our target is here we can kill two birds with one stone as we also need to make a deal with the Market and make them more accessible to our city, thus attracting higher class residents
  • once Red, me and Brontes were inside (he couldn’t take any more of us) we chatted with the Market owner or CEO or whatever, he told us we had to “show our patronage” to the market by completing a certain number of transactions before he’d even speak to us….fine, that didn’t sound too hard right, I mean how hard could it be….apparently pretty fucking hard…the shit for sale and what to use to buy shit….what the fuck, this place is one part glorious and one part seriously fucked up
  • we got pretty damn lucky off the bat at least and found Evelyn right away…we traded 5 fights each (so 10 total between Red and I) in the ring for some Andlo asshole, no fights to the deal and only 1 fight a night, ok feeling alright about that one…usually fighting I’ll do for free this time I got something out of it…not bad
  • I traded one of my Thanium knuckles for 12 “gobin fruits” whatever the fuck those are…fuck me, hope Lydia isn’t pissed, planning on giving her half of the fruits to say “sorry I sold the most precious badass weapon I’ve ever owned”
  • next I chatted with a way too hipper lady called Edalla, she traded normal shit with crazy features for other mundane shit to then alter…badass…I asked her for continued business and struck a deal that for every 1 special thing she gives me I’ll give her 3 normal things of her request…we’ll set up a drop point for this as I expect to take full advantage of this deal on a long term basis, in the meantime I traded for 2 purses of holding and 1 set of car keys
  • I chatted with a guy named Marcius…uhhh he trades in “love secrets” like how to handle your love life…part of me was like uhhh this is either a fucking joke or really stupid and the other part was like yeah, totally, why the fuck not, so I gave him Colosseum box seats, the season pass, for advice
  • I visited a dude who sold animals of all kinds …. pretty cool….think his name was pretty normal, Paul or something, but anyway the price seemed a little high…he wanted memories in exchange for the animals….I wanted to get Gabe something he’d flip over though so I gave up 2 sky diving memories for a white tiger….kinda want to know what other memories he has….wonder if those are for sale or if he keeps them for himself
  • after all that I razzed Red a bit about not really making many lucrative deals that were going to get us an audience with the Market owner she stepped up to the plate and bought a slave for $25k, glad she did, the chic was just a small kid, a changeling at that and despite how annoying I find Brontes I couldn’t just walk away from that girl, glad Red stepped up to buy her as if she hadn’t I would have
  • Red and I chatted with some hobo cart vendor chick who gave us roses for a kiss on the cheek….fucking weird, but whatever
  • one of the weirder “vendors” was just some dude who wanted to have a cup of coffee and chat, he said he basically got off on it…yeah alright, I’ve done worse
  • we finally ended up at a secret trader … and if I’m honest….I’m kinda stressing this one



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