Corporate Woman

Field Notes 12 - BT

  • woke up with our new suits on…we had the most severe reactions to these suits….Noah was in the room with us and his blood was so potent it was all I could smell in the room…all I wanted, Red and I charged him, held him down and tore him apart…literally tore him apart while he tried to struggle
  • Red called up to Constantine’s office, I just screamed for him, turns out he’s not in office…seriously I’m starting to wonder on their priorities. I called to Prescott to get the mages up here, but got no response, Felicia came up and seemed super unconcerned about us murdering a founder. The second man I’ve murdered in cold blood, and honestly probably the only person I’ve killed who hasn’t deserved it…I’m in shock, I’m possibly going to be sick, they’re going to kill me, Gabe is gonna try to stop them and get killed to…fuck so is Conor, this is going to be a bloodbath, I have to get to Lydia and get her to fix this somehow, however, she has to, I can’t risk Gabe and Conor fighting for me over this, sell my soul, whatever it takes…. but then Felicia drops it on us that this isn’t Noah just a clone. A clone!!!? What. The. Fuck.
  • First off, that only slightly makes it better….likely the Founders won’t kill us for murdering the clone which is good—means Gabe and Conor are safe, but we still killed an intelligent being…it’s still murder. Murder of a totally innocent person who just got in our way. Needless to say, least favorite suit so far. I’m pissed, beyond pissed that Noah put us in this position. He had to know…why the fuck weren’t we in restraints, why didn’t he have Jean fill us up in another way, why didn’t he involve the Prince on this…the Prince sure as hell could have controlled us. Red and I had no idea what to expect, no clue we’d just be hungry and set off, but Noah sure as shit should have know and taken precautions. Fuck, I’m pissed. When the Founders get back, we’re having a conversation. They want Red and I to be “lifers” but won’t tell us all the details until after we’re on the hook. No. Fuck that. That’s not gonna fly anymore. They can tell us all the shit and then, THEN, at that point if we aren’t lifers they can wipe our memories. Felicia locks our asses in the lab until we cleaned up…thanks very much, I could have used my own shower and some god damn moral support from my brother, but yeahhhh your right Felicia a clean floor is more important. And seriously, taking the extra damage out of my paycheck…yeah bitch that’s fine too, after this…let’s just see how long I’m on the payroll anyway. Last time I had to wash cold blooded murder off my hands …. I just….I’m not sure I can deal with it a second time. War and self defense are another thing altogether, I can file those in a different part of my brain, but this….this is gonna stay with me, feeling him struggle, I can’t get that outta my brain….it was my old man all over again
  • After Red and I were finally cleaned up we were “allowed” to leave the lab and head down to our team. I intended to tell them what had happened and that I was talking to the founders, but the moment Red and I get to my place Prescott says there’s an issue….and Gabe is in a mother fucking coma. And Conor is gone….this is it I’m gonna flip….
  • after talking it out with the group we determine that a demon is possibly the only way to help Gabe, Prescott has some Intel he can get but says he needs time and patience, yeah I gotta step out. I can’t stare at his listless body and be patient so I head outside and pace. After a bid Tristan comes out and just sits there. Something Gabe would’ve done…after an hour of waiting I can’t take it. I need to vent. I simply say “spar” to Tristan and he’s up and in fight mode. He doesn’t hold back, doesn’t cut me, but lays a beating and I dish it back. We both heal so it won’t matter long term, but right now it’s just what I need. Tristan was just what I needed.
  • Prescott announces he’s got a demons location and Lydia teleports Red, Tristan and myself. We fight off some Angels but the demon runs. We track him down to anot abandoned building but Tristan looses the scent and the demon is just gone. We look around and find a human…some drugged bum….but it’s not adding up. I trust Trystan’s tracking and demons can hide from the machine, if they can hide from those bastards they can sure as shit hide from us. So I call bullshit mr. Bum. Except I drink from the bastard and not only do I get high on X, but he also tastes human. Fuck. Too bad he’s coming with us, I’m not chancing it, we’re taking him…then a flicker in his eyes and he asks why, my brother, and he knows I’m being honest and he agrees to help.
  • We port back to my place and chat with the others. We figure out with Mr Demon’s help that hijacking an angel might be the only way to fix what they did to Gabe. The demon helps track an angel occurrence and we port there. We have to stop the angels from enacting “the machine” and instead filter it to the demon. We beat the fuck out of the angels and toggle the machine like we’re supposed to. The demon fights the summoned angel and gets control…literally a fight to the death, clearly I owe this man a debt.
  • we head back to my place again and the demon tries to fix Gabe….he’s at it for an hour…and nothing, he looks at me and shakes his head….goddammit, fuck the founders for not being here. I get they have “bigger” problems but this is my world and I’m going to destroy theirs if they cause mine to be destroyed. Tit for tat.
  • and then The Prince shows up with Conor and two brats in tow. Conor’so pale and acting strange, he’s even moving differently….he’s been turned which I expected, he goes straight to Gabe like he knows….he looks at me with, fuck I don’t know…knowledge…that look I didn’t expect. A few symbols later and some help from Jean and Gabe sits up like he’s just been napping…I’ve never fainted a day in my life, and maybe it’s the new suits, but my legs give out and I cover by dropping to my knees in front of Gabe. I put my head on his chest and hear his heart….I hear my world slam back into place.
  • it’s close to daylight and the pact disperses. Conor needs blood and just from my brief conversations about blood I know there’s power in it. I tell Gabe I want some of his blood. I know I can track him easier if I’ve had it….it’s weird don’t get me wrong, but worth the payout….maybe I should have warned him more cause what the fuck, dude, you’re too vocal. Bleh.
  • after I feed Conor, while Red and the others give us our space. Tristan stays but takes a shower so he’s not in our business. It’s different than I thought it would be, more intimate somehow, more intense….I’d locked my feelings for him up along with the memories of my old man….it was too much then and it’s too much now, but in a different good way….maybe I was just too young and screwed up to deal with it? I’m still screwed up, but maybe being older makes this easier? Fuck. I don’t fucking know. All I know is I’m in love with two guys and this shit is too complicated.
  • Conor heads out after, we touch foreheads like Gabe and i have done so many times before and I tell him he can talk to me about what happened, I know I don’t talk about shit, but that’s because it makes me feel worse, not thinking is what helps me heh……if it helps him to talk though…I tell him I’m there for that and that I also want to know what happened so I feel apart of that time, 37 years is a long time to be gone, it’s longer than we’ve know each other…just that thought makes me feel robbed and pissed….he had to get our, uhhh his, nieces so I get why and I’m not mad, but shit…
  • after Conor leaves Tristan comes out of the shower and shifts so I can feed. He tastes so much better than Gabe and I need to ask if a vamp can get addicted to other supers blood. I drink until I’m full and don’t flip out on him, small win, and when I’m done drinking and he shifts back he pulls me under him, pushing me on my back and into the mattress …I’m already turned on from Conor and now double from Tristan, and I’m torn up inside from all the shit that’s gone down, being with Tristan is a balm and for the first time I let a man be on top, be in control…and for the first time it doesn’t scare me
  • after we stroll out, somehow we manage to be quiet but the others probably know anyway, and I try to think about why that bothers me. Sex is sex and normally I’m hammer blunt on it, it’s just a body function….but that, that was more, maybe I don’t like the intimacy being shared with the others, I don’t want them part of that moment between Tristan and I. Shit. He probably has no clue it was more than just fucking and I’m such a chicken shit I know I won’t be able to tell him.
  • Red takes the couch and I say I want to push my suit…see how long I can stay up…really, I just need to hear Gabe’s heart longer, I need to memorize the sound. Gabe and I stand by the window and as the sun comes up blood leaks from my tearducks….ironic…I haven’t cried in years and when I finally do, it’s blood…how fucking fitting. When the sun finally takes me, I fight it, and think that’s how all the people I’ve killed had to feel….helpless and clawing as the light takes them….



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