XP Log

SessionMortal XPSuper XPBek BonusMac Bonus
Session 242 ME1 SE--
Session 234 ME4 SE1 ME-
Session 223 ME3 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 212 ME3 SE2 ME / 1 SE-
Session 203 ME2 SE1ME1ME
Session 194 ME2 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 183 ME3 SE1 ME-
Session 173 ME4 SE1 ME / 1 SE1 ME / 1 SE
Session 164 ME3 SE1 ME-
Session 155 ME2 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 144 ME3 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 133 ME4 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 123 ME5 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 115 ME8 SE1 ME / 1 SE1 ME / 1 SE
Session 104 ME3 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 94 ME4 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 86 ME6 SE1 ME / 1 SE1 ME / 1 SE
Session 73 ME5 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 64 ME3 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 56 ME9 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 43 ME5 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 34 ME2 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 23 ME5 SE1 ME1 ME
Session 14 ME8 SE1 ME1 ME
Bonus XP--1 ME / 1 SE1 SE
Total89 ME97 SE25 ME / 5 SE19 ME / 4 SE
Starting SE*-19 SE

  • Starting SE is the 2 Gifts, 5 Facets, 3 Renown I gave you guys on your first transformation. I’m adding it in here so when you wear a new “suit” you guys can just spend SE without worrying about what the supernatural type gets at character creation.
  • Don’t forget to add your Moon Gifts to your character, unlike other Gifts these have to be taken in order but you get them for free when you increase your primary renown. For instance, if you’re a Full Moon with a Purity of 2 you have Facet 1 and Facet 2 of the Full Moon Gifts. If you increase your Purity to 3, you automatically get Facet 3 of the Full Moon Gift in addition to other benefits.

Previous Game Notes

Session 24 Overview

  • PCs went to find Stasia
    • Stasia gave them a bit of insight on the Prisci
    • The Rains brothers stayed behind watch out for Hollis until the grand opening of Bedlam the following night
  • Harrison taught Trystan how to teach non-werewolves the ability to learn pack tactics, use Rites, and use Shadow Gifts
  • Bek and Conor spent some time together on the Ranch
  • PCs finished tattoos for the Ghouls and themselves

Session 23 Overview

  • PCs went to visit Conor and Lucia to discuss Lucia working at the bar
    • Conor volunteered to take care of Lucia’s tattoos
  • PCs recruited some new Ghouls from a Private Security Firm
    • Mac ghouled Killian and Shaw
      • PCs later found out Killian was a natural telepath
    • Bek ghouled Silvain
    • All were relocated and put to work for the Bedlam building grand opening
  • PCs made David the Master of Elysium for the Bedlam building
  • Conor stepped forward to assume the role of Primogen for the Nosferatu of Detroit
  • Mac learned that she is a distant blood relative of Invisible Prince
    • The Prince embraced her father post-mortem, turning James into a Revenant which caused him to lose his sanity
    • Conor and the Prince are working to restore James’s sanity and took him from his prison in the Colosseum
    • James was killed shortly after the attack on Ben, his rapid ascension owed to his blood line
  • PCs went to Flint, discussed their takeover with the Court
    • Invited the Flint Court to the opening the following night
    • Conor and Byrom had a brief confrontation after the Priscus spoke poorly of the Invisible Prince
    • Artemus volunteered Hollis for the position of Seneschal
    • Linc lied to the rest of the Court about the PCs involvement in the death of the Former Flint Prince
    • Ended the Session with PCs tracking down Stasia

Session 22 Overview

  • Bek got the Assassins settled in, Lydia is building there new home shortly after David purchases the lot
  • PCs also tasked David with acquiring a small airfield near the Colosseum
  • PCs released Quincy who immediately left, PCs followed him to the Prince
  • PCs went to go talk to the Prince but were distracted when Conor appeared with a companion, Eve
    • Eve is Conor’s first created supernatural
    • The Prince tended Conor’s wounds then abruptly left
  • PCs took Yaksha and Atticus to track down Marius Dupont and came to an agreement, part of which included the return of Mac’s father (currently in torpor)

Sesion 21 Overview

  • PCs assaulted the tower in the Aether
    • Beat down a bunch of Shades at the Entrance
    • Climbed the tower, and fought some odd creature at the apex
    • PCs told the BBEG to get fucked and promptly got their faces smashed in
  • PCs woke up and freaked out and investigated what happened with their team
  • PCs found Yaksha in the real world and recruited her
  • PCs had their 2 month evaluation with Armanstead and Constantine
    • Armanstead advocated separating the group into two teams, PCs eventually convinced him otherwise
    • PCs chatted with Constantine for a while

Session 20 Overview

  • PCs arranged for the Assassin Cell to speak with Havoc and other members of their Cell
    • Assassins left after the talk to reach a consensus
  • After a stall on the elevator at the cooperation, everyone went missing
  • PCs encountered Yaksha hunting down an otherworldly creature
  • Yaksha too the PCs to her library to research their predicament and learned that they’d been called to another world but got “stuck” along the way
  • Yaksha opened a door to the Aether and the PCs were immediately onfronted by a hostile Shade
  • PCs rescued an Aether native, Raziel, who agreed to help them go back home if they helped him take back his city
  • Raziel molded their supernatural souls into weapons they could use to fight the Shades and provided a distraction while the PCs attempted to retake the tower at the center of the city.

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