Supernatural Transitioning

Shifting Between Suits

  • The initial Shift takes an Instant action and requires a point of willpower (1wp)
    • The transition takes about 1 minute, varying with time
    • Your supernatural resources (e.g. Vitae, Plasm, Essence) are transitioned to the type Native to the suit you’re doning
    • You can only assume 1 Suit (and the supernatural powers therein) at a time.
  • Your character gains all the innate supernatural abilities of the unique Supernatural Tolerance
  • Your character gains full access to your Supernatural Trait and any supernatural abilities purchased with SE
    • SE can be allocated in any way you wish for each supernatural template, except your Supernatural Tolerance and Totem Merit
    • For example, if you spend 5 SE to purchase +1 Blood Potency, that 5 SE is committed across all forms (+1 Primal Urge, +1 Gnosis, etc)
  • Your character maintains your Integrity rating and treats it as the corresponding trait where appropriate
  • You are, however, susceptible to Breaking Points in accordance with the supernatural creature type
  • Your character is not affected by supernatural traits endemic of heritage
    • While a Vampire, your character has neither Clan Weaknesses nor Favored Disciplines
  • Your character is, however, affected by inherit shortcomings of your Supernatural type
    • While a Vampire, you are subject to Frenzy
    • While a Werewolf, you are subject to Death Rage

Becoming Mortal

  • Shifting back to Human requires one willpower (1wp) but your character can choose to activate a Human Imprint
  • Your character loses access to all supernatural special abilities (both learned and inherent)
  • Your character loses access to your Supernatural Tolerance
  • Your character “bleeds” any remaining supernatural resources
    • Your character can maintain up to your Stamina in a supernatural resource while Human
    • The difference is “bled out” when you transition back to human
      • For Vitae, this involves the character physically bleeding out the difference
      • For Essence and Mana, your character bleeds ambient energy into her surroundings

Multiple Supernatural Templates

Your character tracks Supernatural Experience (SE) and Mortal Experience (ME) separately. Supernatural Experience can be spent on supernatural abilities native to each type of supernatural creature. SE represents your character’s training with supernatural powers but you retain the same competence regardless of what supernatural form you assume. Your character spends your total SE for each supernatural form you can assume. For instance, if your character has 20 SE, this means you have 20 SE to spend on Disciplines/Devotions/Merits when transformed into a vampire, 20 SE to spend on Renown/Gifts/Rites/Merits when transformed into a Werewolf, 20 SE to spend on Arcana/Rotes/Merits when transformed into a Mage, etc.

Your Supernatural Tolerance and Totem Merit are the only things “reserved” across your templates, however. For example, if you buy Blood Potency 2 for 5 SE then that 5 SE is “committed” no matter what type of creature you transform into. So you would be a Primal Urge 2 Werewolf, Gnosis 2 Mage, etc.

Supernatural Transitioning

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