Supernatural Template - Vampire

Not Quite Dead

  • No clan, which means no favored Disciplines
  • You take damage from sunlight as normal

Blood Potency

Blood PotencyMax Vitae / Per Turn

Predatory Aura

Action: Instant / Contested
Cost: 1 Willpower vs Supernatural, None vs Mortals
Resistance Cost: 1 Willpower if BP lower than aggressor
Roll: Blood Potency + Power Attribute
Result: +2 die bonus for the winner, Condition for the loser

Additional Information

  • Fleeing from a Kindred lashing out is free, but if aggressor pursues the Condition sticks
  • If Mortal wins the clash, they cannot impose a Condition on Vampires
  • Conditions last for a number of nights equal to the aggressors BP or until resolved


  • Bestial (BS p.301) – Monstrous Beast – Strength
    • -2 to resist frenzy/physical impulse, -2 to Defense, compelling aggression exceptional at 3 successes
    • Resolution Condition: damaging someone’s last 3 health boxes
  • Wanton (BS p.307) – Seductive Beast – Presence
    • -2 to Com/Res rolls to resist temptation, tempting character exceptional at 3 successes
    • Resolution Condition: Indulge in something that constitutes a breaking point
  • Competitive (BS p.302) – Competitive Beast – Intelligence
    • -2 on any rolls w/out wp spent, compelling competition is exceptional at 3 successes
    • Resolution Condition: Win or lose competition where someone hits a breaking point

Vampire Innate Abilities

  • Spend 1 Vitae to appear alive for a Scene
    • Consumed food and drink are “ejected” later in the evening
  • Kindred have enhanced senses
    • No penalties on perception checks in poor lightning
    • Kindred only suffer a -2 penalty in pitch black
    • Immediately notice even trace quantities of blood
    • Heart heartbeats up to 3 yrds / Blood Potency away
    • Smell blood up to 10 yrds / Blood Potency away without rolling
      • Multiply this value by Auspex dots
      • Add Blood Potency to track a human by scent if their blood has been tasted
  • Spending 1 Vitae heals 2 bashing health levels or 1 lethal health level
    • Healing aggravated “naturally” requires 1 day sleep, over which the Kindred must spend 5 Vitae
      • Aggravated damage leaves scars on Kindred, although the scars appear natural
  • Spend 1 Vitae to add +2 dice to any physical (Strength / Dexterity / Stamina) action for 1 turn
  • When Kindred sleep, they return to exactly as they were at the time of their embrace
    • Kindred can spend 1 willpower to make a change in their appearance permanent
    • Kindred unconscious spend Vitae to heal while sleeping
      • Kindred can spend 1 willpower when falling asleep to not heal wounds

Supernatural Template - Vampire

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