Supernatural Template - Sin Eater

Ghosts With No Path

  • Your character does have a Keystone Memento
  • Use your Integrity in place of Synergy
  • Your character has an Archetype and Threshold

What are Keystone Mementos?

  • Keystone Mementos are the essence of your Geist and a symbol of your bond
  • They resemble a normal, every day object
    • These objects do, however, have a minor magical power
      • Examples include a Torch that never stops burning
  • These have a Threshold and Two Keys (You have to buy Keys separately, but you get this for free)
    • If either Key is used to activate a Manfiestation, you get a +3 to the activation roll
    • One of the Keys must be associated with your Threshold, the other is your choice
  • They’re typically kept in Twilight be can be retrieved as a Reflexive Action
  • They can also be sent back across Twilight to the Geist as an Instant Action
  • Keystones are usually Size 1-2 but they can be up to Size 12
    • If Size 3+, when pulled from Twilight they are only material for the Sin Eater
    • This can be overcome if the Sin Eater spends an Instant action and 1 plasm
  • Even if destroyed, the Keystone Memento will reform at the end of the Scene
  • Ceremonies related to the Keystone Memento’s Threshold gain a +3 bonus
  • Keystone Mementos have 1 associated Skill
    • The Sin Eater can spend 1 plasm / dot in that Skill to increase her own rating (max 5)
    • This lasts for a number of rolls equal to her Psyche (Supernatural Tolerance)

What Are Manifestations and Keys?

  • Manifestations are the special abilities of the Sin Eater, like Disciplines for Vampires, rated 1 to 5.
    • Manifestations must be purchased in order (from 1 to 5), like Disciplines
  • Keys are what Sin Eaters use to access their Manifestations.
    • Each Manifestation has a different affect depending on what Key you use to activate it.
  • Activation rolls are constructed as follows:
    • The Manifestation determines the Attribute you use
    • The Key determines the Skill you use
    • Add your Manifestation rating for your total die pool
  • You can have up to your Psyche simultaneous activations of a Manifestation active at once
    • They all must be from different keys
    • All must be activated individually as normal

What is Plasm?

  • Plasm fuels the supernatural powers of the Sin Eater, like Vitae fuels Kindred powers
  • Sin Eaters can regain plasma from multiple sources:
    • Haunts generate 1 plasm per night (usually at midnight) per dots in Haunt – Residue
    • Deathmasks hold up to 5 plasm and generate 1 per night
    • Eating defeated Ghosts (Resolve + Stamina) produces 1 Plasm / success (converting Corpus)
    • 1 Plasm can be gained when acting in accordance with Virtue / Vice / Archetype
    • Breaking Points typically grant 1-3 Plasm (max 5)

What Are Ceremonies?

  • Ceremonies are purchased like Merits and give you more cool stuff to do
    • Ceremonies are a lot like Werewolf Rites mechanically

What are Mementos?

  • Mementos are Merits
  • Mementos are items that give a bonus to activation rolls with certain Keys (determined by the Memento)
  • Mementos do not confer Keys to the Sin Eater
    • Effectively, if the Memento has a Key that you don’t have access to, the Memento won’t help you
  • There are 5 different types of Mementos
    • Charms (1)
      • Charms have a minor (but useless) magical effect
        • Examples include a wallet that sighs when opened
      • Charms have a Threshold which determines what Key they can be Dedicated to
      • Once Charms have a set Key, they provide a +1 bonus to Manifestation rolls
      • Charms have no limits or draw backs
    • Vanitas (2)
      • Items very personal to the Sin Eater, associated with your Threshold
      • Once per game, you can spend a Scene meditating on your Vanitas then roll (Wit + Res) and regain successes in willpower
      • You can only have 1 Vanita at a time
    • Fetters (3)
      • Fetters have one Threshold and one Key
      • +2 on Manifestation rolls with the Key or with Coinciding Thresholds (doesn’t stack)
      • Contains a single Numen which may be channeled by the Sin Eater
    • Deathmasks (4)
      • Up to Size 3, must be worn to be used
      • Contains a Threshold and Key related to the Geist it was once a part of
      • +2 to Manifestations related to the Key or Threshold (doesn’t stack)
      • +1 bonus to one Skill and to Ceremonies related to the Mask
      • Contain a Numen related to the previous Key which can be channeled by the Sin Eater
      • Stores up to 5 plasm which regenerates at a rate of 1 plasm each day at dusk
      • Can only carry up to half your Psyche (rounded down) in Death Masks at once
      • Deathmasks also contain a minor, magical ability
    • Memorabilia (5)
      • Have a particular Threshold which must have a Key Dedicated (like a Charm)
      • Can grant up to +3 dice and the 9-again quality when dealing with other Sin Eaters
      • If the item is equipment, +5 equipment bonus to use the item
      • If the item isn’t equipment, the item bonds to a skill allowing the character to focus for a turn then gain a +3 bonus on the check
      • If you gain a benefit from Memorabilia, you do not regain a willpower from your next sleep
      • -3 on social rolls with normal people


PsychePlasm / Per Turn

Innate Sin Eater Abilities

  • Add your Psyche (Supernatural Tolerance) to rolls to resist disease and poison.
  • You can spend 1 Plasm to “absorb” a point of damage
    • Mark the health level as a dot, each dot becomes a bashing level of damage at the end of the scene
    • Plasma spent to absorb damage does not count against your normal Plasma / Turn limit
    • Additional damage “overwrites” plasma-absorbed damage, it doesn’t “shunt it”
  • Sin Eaters can always see Ghosts
    • They can choose to turn Ghost Sight off at will
  • When a Ghost uses a Numina within 30 yards, the Sin Eater rolls (Wits + Occult + Psyche) to notice it
  • Determine the relative health of a human with a successful (Wits + Composure) roll
  • Automatically notice “Death Stains” (where someone has died)
    • Roll Wits + Psyche to determine specific time the stain was made
  • Touch a corpse and roll (Wits + Medicine) to determine the cause of death
  • Once per Story, a Manifestation used in support of an Archetype has no plasm cost
  • Open a door to the Underworld
    • Touch a door as an Instant action, spend 1 plasm, roll your Psyche
  • Summon Ghosts in the Underworld
    • Costs 1wp, Roll Presence + Occult, each roll is 1 minute, max Psyche + Resolve rolls, requires successes = half the time the Ghost has been dead
    • Ghosts more than a Century old cannot be summoned

Supernatural Template - Sin Eater

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