Supernatural Template - Assassin

Weapons of the Machine

  • Your character does have a profession:
    • Professions are: Faceman, Sniper, Chaser, Specialist or Berserker
    • You cannot take Protocols that belong to Professions other than your own
  • Your character substitutes her Integrity for Loyalty

What is Adrenaline?

  • While doning the Assassin Template, your character gains Adrenaline just like an Assassin
  • Adrenaline lasts until the end of the scene, at which time it disperses over the new few minutes
  • Assassins gain Adrenaline in the following conditions:
    • The first time you gain Adrenaline in a scene, you gain your (Clout) adrenaline instead of the normal 1
    • Adrenaline is added to your pool immediately after the trigger takes place
      • Gain 1 Adrenaline when you roll for Initiative
      • Gain 1 Adrenaline each turn you’re in active combat (in Initiative) at the start of your turn
      • Gain 1 Adrenaline if you’re attacked
      • If an attack hits, gain adrenaline depending on the type of damage the attack deals: 1 for bashing, 2 for lethal, and 4 for aggravated
        • Note this Adrenaline gain depends on the damage the attack would inflict, even if the Assassin is able to downgrade or mitigate damage
      • Gain 1 Adrenaline for each enemy you knock out in combat (only applies once per enemy)
      • Gain 1 Adrenaline each time you’re targeted by a harmful supernatural power
  • Additionally, each Role gains Adrenaline in a unique circumstance:
    • Faces: Gain 1 Adrenaline every time a social roll is made that you are aware of
    • Chaser: Gain 1 Adrenaline at the start of every turn of a chase you participate in
    • Sniper: Gain 1 Adrenaline for each turn spent aiming
    • Specialist: Gain 1 Adrenaline at the beginning of each interval of an extended action
    • Berserker: Gain an additional (Clout) Adrenaline when you roll for Initiative

What are Protocols?

  • Protocols are divided into two sections: Techniques and Conditioning
    • Techniques are special abilities that typically require Adrenaline to use
    • Conditioning are the “always on” effects your character maintains while wearing the Assassin template
  • Each protocol is made up of 3 Techniques or Conditioning, each of which has a Mastery
    • Mastery has additional benefits but can only be purchased after purchasing the corresponding Protocol

What are Subroutines?

  • Subroutines are abilties that Assassins can use to interact with Infrastructure and change the world around them
  • Each subroutine is a separate purchase, extended action, and uses your Clout and a relevant skill

What is Clout?

  • Clout is the Assassin Supernatural Tolerance
    • Clout determine how much Adrenaline your character can store and spend
    • Any SE spent on Supernatural Tolerance also applies to your character’s Clout


CloutMaximum Adrenaline / Per Turn

Innate Assassin Abilities

  • Note: Innate Adrenaline uses do not count towards the normal limit of Adrenaline / Turn
  • Spend 1 Adrenaline to add your Clout in dice to a single physical roll (no more than 1 Adrenaline per roll)
  • Spend 1 Adrenaline to ignore internal penalties (including wound penalties, penalties from poisons, etc) provided the Assassin wound not be reduced to a chance die
  • Your character can substitute your Loyalty when faced with mental influence that would force you to betray your Cell or a Geas
    • If targeted by a Supernatural Power, you can substitute Loyalty for your Clout (if higher)
    • If targeted by a mundane persuasion attempt, you can substitute your Loyalty in place of a Skill you would resist the attempt with
  • Your character is also considered to have an additional number of Doors to betray your Cell equal to your Loyalty
  • You can spend 2 Adrenaline to heal 1 bashing or lethal health level

Supernatural Template - Assassin

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