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  • Can we retrain stuff? For example, I’d like to start taking the Martial Arts merit, but the MAC merit overlaps on dot 5 so I’d like to drop the 5th dot on MAC and start picking up Martial Art.
  • Sure, you guys can retrain if you want to. If you have Merits that overlap, you can also write up your own substitution merit.

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  • I think the mage pic and the Sineater pic on the wiki should be switched…just saying.
  • Haha. Actually picked those pictures for a reason. All of the dead supernaturals are staring straight ahead. The semi-humans have half closed eyes and the Human has her eyes closed completely.
  • am enjoying the two separate xp pools, makes me feel like human stuff isn’t a waste and so far is keeping me interested in advancing skills and merits…which never happens in a WOD game…I might steal that rule for future WOD games I run….
  • Glad you like it, I initially separated SE so that switching types would be easy for you guys. Same experience for me, most WoD games I rarely buy any attributes/skills/human merits.

Player Feedback

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