K Werewolf Form




Total 119 / Spent 118

Wolf-blooded Imprint

Quick Combat

  • Elodoth The Half-Moon, the walker between.

Hunter’s Aspect

  • Action: Instant / Contested | Cost: - | Roll: Pow Att + Relevant Skill + Honor (resisted with Composure + ST)
  • Result: Inflicts Condition for a Scene (Success) or 1 day / Primal Urge (Exceptional Success)
    • Werewolves use their Hunter’s Aspect to inflict a condition on a target, a lot like Lashing Out for Kindred
    • Elodoth (Half Moon) wield the Isolating Aspect, inflicting the Isolated Condition.
      The prey is alone. Other creatures of its species shun it, because they fear its fate. The prey, in turn, seeks only to find a safe place, hide, and wait until dawn. Around it, people close their windows, turn up the volume on their televisions, and ignore the howls.
      • Target cannot benefit from participation in Teamwork rolls
      • Target cannot benefit from defense penalties from multiple attackers on their intended target


Primal Urge ••••••
Max / Per Turn 40/6
Regeneration / Turn 3B

Innate Abilities

  • Werewolves have the innate ability to cross the Gauntlet while at a Locus or looking at their reflection, this is called “Reaching”
    • Stepping through to the Shadow Realm requires a successful (10 – Integrity) roll
    • Stepping back into the Physical World requires a successful (Integrity) roll
  • Werewolves that heal, change, or seen up close in Dalu/Gauru/Urhsul form inflict Lunacy
    • Supernatural creatures do not suffer Lunacy
  • Werewolves heal 1 aggravated damage naturally every 4 days
    • Only supernatural powers can deal aggravated damage to Wolves, everything else only deals lethal
  • Super keen senses
    • May substitute Primal Urge for Composure on Perception rolls based on smell
    • Can identify previously smelled individuals with a (Wits + Primal Urge) roll
    • (Wits + Primal Urge) to identify another Werewolf or Wolf Blood, must be in their personal space though
    • Can hear stuff up to 1 mile / Primal Urge and frequencies humans cannot
    • Ignore hearing penalties from quietness or range
    • Ignore half of penalties to see
    • Ignore all visual penalties due to rapid movement
    • Can track one victim if blood is tasted for up to 1 month, know direction regardless of distance
    • Can send any of their senses across the Gauntlet at any time
  • Shapeshifting is Reflexive and no cost at Integrity 4-6, or Instant / 1E for Reflexive at 2-3 or 7-8
  • Werewolves with a natural bite attack can choose to swallow flesh hole to regain Essence
    • Regain 1 Essence / damage dealt (maximum Primal Urge / attack)
    • Eating Wolves or Humans is a Sin Against Harmony
    • This works on Humans, Wolves, and Supernatural Creatures
  • You automatically regenerate half your Primal Urge (rounded up) each turn in bashing health levels
    • Spending a single point of Essence allows you to regenerate Lethal for the turn


  • Hishu (Human)
    • Perception 9
    • Sheep’s Clothing: being tracked in crowds or populated areas levies a penalty of Primal Urge
  • Dalu (Near Human)
    • Str 3, Sta 4, Man 2, Size 6, Perception 10
    • Teeth/Claws +0L, Defense vs Firearms, Mild Lunacy
    • Badass Motherfucker: Pres+PU vs Com+PU or group surrounding prey bails
  • Gauru (Wolf-Man)
    • Str 5, Dex 6, Sta 5, Size 7, 1/1 Armor, Perception 11
    • Teeth/Claws +2L, Defense vs Firearms, Full Lunacy, Regeneration
    • Primal Fear: Opponents do not gain the bonus of a Skill to their Defense if their PU < your PU
  • Urshul (Near Wolf)
    • Str 4, Dex 7, Sta 5, Man 0, Size 6, Speed 20, Perception 11
    • +2L Teeth, +1L Claws, Defense vs Firearms, Mild Lunacy
    • Weaken the Prey: 1/scene, apply 1 Tilt to damage prey: Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack, Knock Down
  • Urhan (Wolf)
    • Dex 7, Sta 4, Size 4, Speed 16, Perception 12
    • +1L Teeth
    • Chase Down: spend 1E to pre-empt another’s turn, use Speed instead of (Str+Ath) for chases



  • Totem ••
    Your character has a relationship to a totem spirit, either personally or to a pack totem. Each dot invested in this Merit adds a totem point to create the totem (see p. 91). Note that any character can only have five points in this Merit. A pack totem is limited by the number of pack members, but can be massive with enough invested members. The Totem Merit also adds dice equal to its dots to any Social action with the totem spirit in question.


Cunning •••• Glory •••• Honor ••••• Purity •••• Wisdom •••


Half-Moon Death Dominance Elementals Evasion Rage Strength Change Pack


  • Scent Beneath the Surface
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Inst/Cont | Duration: Scene | Die Pool: Wit+Emp+Hon v Com+PU
      Use this Facet after at least one turn of conversation with or observation of another character.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Elodoth believes whatever the prey says as the truth; after all, his keen senses would never lie.
      • Failure: The Facet fails.
      • Success: The Elodoth can sense whether the prey’s words and actions are deceptive or truthful. He can discern whether they are lying outright or by omission, if they are attempting to mislead or trying to dissemble.
      • Exceptional Success: It becomes trivially obvious how to manipulate the prey. For the remainder of the scene, the Elodoth can add his Honor Renown to all Manipulation-based dice pools targeting the prey.
  • Binding Oath ••
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Inst/Cont | Duration: 1 month | Die Pool: Res+Per+Hon v Res+PU
      The Elodoth can use this Facet as part of a binding oath on an agreement between two parties. He may be one of the agreeing parties, or may oversee the pact for others. Sealing the oath requires a symbolic act from those swearing to it — such as signing a document or cutting palms and shaking hands. Usually this oath is voluntarily taken but, when an Elodoth attempts to trick another into such an agreement, the victim of the subterfuge subconsciously attempts to resist the roll.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Elodoth’s will is not strong enough to bind the oath, and breaking it proves the strength of those whom he would have chained. The first party to break the oath regains two spent Willpower points.
      • Failure: The Elodoth fails to bind the parties to the oath.
      • Success: The Elodoth’s will binds both parties. Any attempts to break the oath by either party must fight against the Facet’s power. An action that would break the oath, even unknowingly, suffers a penalty to its dice pool equal to the Elodoth’s Honor Renown. This penalty represents circumstances conspiring against the would-be oathbreaker as the world flings obstacles in their path.
      • Exceptional Success: The Elodoth becomes immediately aware if the oath is broken, and by which party.
  • Sly Hunter •••
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Instant | Duration: Siskur-Dah
      The Elodoth hunts with a net wrought not of rope but of connections, favors, and allies. It is so terribly easy for the prey to become snared. This Facet can only be activated when the Elodoth gains the Siskur-Dah Condition. For the duration of the Facet’s effects, the Elodoth adds his Honor Renown to the following dice pools as long as he is taking actions to pursue the Siskur-Dah’s prey.
      • Actions involving his Allies and Contacts to track down the prey or obstruct them.
      • Social rolls to attack or hamper the prey’s own Allies, Alternate Identity, Contacts, Resources, and Status Merits.
  • Ties of Word and Promise ••••
    • Cost: 1E / dot of allies or contacts | Action: Extended (10 successes; ea roll = 1 minute) | Duration: 1 day | Die Pool: Man + Pers + Hon
      The Elodoth chooses Allies, Alternate Identity, Contacts, Resources, or Status when using this Facet, spending 1 Essence per dot of the new Merit that he wishes to gain. The group with which he gains the new Merit must be one that he or his existing Allies and Contacts have some sort of friendly link to. He must also contact at least one member of the group to use this Facet through. Attempting to gain dots in a Merit with a group that is explicitly hostile to him imposes a –3 penalty on the roll.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Elodoth is rebuffed, and the targeted group attempts to block an existing Ally or Contact Merit that he possesses.
      • Failure: The Elodoth accumulates no successes and gains the Stumbled Condition.
      • Success: The Elodoth accumulates successes. If the target is met, the Elodoth gains the desired Merit for one day.
      • Exceptional Success: The Elodoth gains the Merit for one week.
  • Ties of Blood and Bone •••••
    • Cost: 3E | Action: Instant, may be Contested | Dice Pool: Sta + Emp + Honor vs Sta + PU
      When using this Facet, the Elodoth chooses a single packmate within his Honor Renown in miles. If the packmate wishes to resist the Facet, she may do so with her Resolve + Primal Urge. If the Elodoth chooses a packmate out of range, the Facet simply fails.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Facet fails, and the backlash of metamorphic power inflicts the Arm Wrack or Leg Wrack Tilt on the Elodoth.
      • Failure: The Facet fails to work.
      • Success: In a moment of shifting flesh and bone, the Elodoth and packmate simply become each other, exchanging places. Both retain all garb and equipment they were previously carrying. This facet does not give the Elodoth awareness of his packmate’s condition or situation before the exchange.
      • Exceptional Success: Both the Elodoth and packmate heal two points of lethal or bashing damage during the exchange.


  • Barghest (Glory)
    • Cost: None | Duration: Permanent
      The Uratha can perceive ghosts and other disembodied undead or death-infused beings in Twilight. While in Gauru, Urshul, and Urhan, she is able to attack such Twilight beings and damage them by spending 1 Essence per scene. She adds her Glory Renown to Perception and Empathy dice pools against undead of any kind and, if she damages a corporeal undead while in the above forms, she may reflexively spend 1 Essence to drain it of a single Willpower point. Prey with no Willpower points remaining suffer two additional points of lethal damage instead.
  • Memento Mori (Honor)
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Reflex | Duration: Scene
      For the Facet’s duration, the Uratha is aware of exactly how much damage her packmates have suffered and can, as a Reflexive action, transfer wounds onto herself. Each turn, she may absorb up to her Honor Renown in points of bashing or lethal damage from packmates who she can perceive, or a single point of aggravated damage. The wounds immediately open up on her own body, and it is quite possible for a foolish or desperate Uratha to kill herself in this way.
  • Bone Gnaw (Purity)
    • _Cost: 1E | Action: Instant | Duration: Instant
      By devouring or gnawing on human or werewolf bones, the Uratha can use this Facet to gain one of the following benefits. It doesn’t matter how old the bone is, but it must be relatively intact, and it is consumed or destroyed in the process. If the bone is fresh, this Gift is a violation of the Oath of the Moon, but if it’s stripped of meat and more than six months old, it has lost any of its previously tempting flavor.
      • Basic knowledge of the dead: name, age, sex, if he was ill or poisoned or drugged when he died, the broadest strokes of his life. The Uratha also becomes aware of the rough time and date of his death, although the older the bones the more vague it gets.
      • A single secret or piece of knowledge that the dead deemed important in life. This requires the Uratha to succeed at a Presence + Empathy + Purity roll to discern a specific piece of desired information. If the dead left a ghost and it is present, it may contest this roll with its Resistance.
      • If the bone comes from a human, the Uratha may temporarily gain one dot in the highest Skill possessed by the dead, lasting for one scene.
      • If the bone comes from a werewolf, the Uratha may temporarily gain one dot in the highest Renown possessed by the dead, lasting for one scene.


  • Primal Allure (Cunning)
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Inst/Cont | Duration: Scene | Die Pool: Man+Sub+Cun v Res+PU
      This Facet can be used against prey with whom the Uratha has been socially interacting for at least one turn, enough time to form a first impression.
      • Dramatic Failure: The prey becomes unnerved by the Uratha’s presence. Add two Doors to any attempts by the Uratha to socially influence her for a week.
      • Failure: The Facet fails to influence the prey.
      • Success: The Uratha beguiles the prey with his personality, coaxing her to follow his desires. He has a perfect impression with the prey for the rest of the scene, but only for social goals aimed at making the prey take actions on an immediate time-scale (such as “come outside with me and get away from this crowd” or “sign this contract”). Any attempt to use a Social maneuver that would cause the prey to suffer a breaking point immediately ends Primal Allure and forces a reassessment of the prey’s impression of the Uratha.
      • Exceptional Success: The Uratha can try to coax the prey to take an action that would cause a breaking point. Primal Allure ends after the action has been taken, as the prey comes to her senses in the face of the consequences.
  • Glorious Lunacy (Glory)
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Reflex | Duration: Scene
      When entering a form that inflicts Lunacy, the Uratha may activate Glorious Lunacy to inflict the Awestruck Condition on all prey rather than another Lunacy Condition.
  • Lay Low the Challenger (Honor)
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Ref/Cont | Duration: Instant | Die Pool: Pres+Int+Hon vs Comp+PU_
      This Facet may be used when the Uratha damages an opponent with a Brawl or Weaponry attack.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Uratha’s disdain stirs the fires of defiance in the prey. The opponent regains a single spent Willpower point.
      • Failure: The Facet fails.
      • Success: The opponent gains the Cowed Condition. The Uratha may also add his Honor to the next Presence-based dice pool he rolls this scene.
      • Exceptional Success: Having asserted his dominance, the Uratha’s sense of power and self is reassured, and he regains a single spent Willpower point.
  • Snarl of the Predator (Purity)
    • Cost: 1E | Action: Instant
      The Uratha may use this Facet when attempting to force Doors during a Social maneuver, his snarled demand backed by his dominating presence. Reduce the penalty for the current number of remaining Doors by the Uratha’s Purity Renown.
  • Lead the Lesser Pack (Wisdom)
    • _Cost: 1E/target | Action: Instant | Duration: 1 Day
      The Uratha can add a character to the pack. She must be informed that she is being brought into the pack in some way, from a simple snarled “you’re in” to a complex ritualistic induction. If the target verbally accepts the offer — even if she’s not really aware of what she’s signing up for — she becomes a member of the pack for one day. The character is now treated as a packmate for all benefits and drawbacks such as Gifts, totem boons and Death Rage triggers. The new pack member feels a strong tie of loyalty to the pack, gaining a bonus equal to the Uratha’s Wisdom Renown to all dice pools resisting coercion and Social maneuvers from outside the pack. She also gains a strong sense of belonging, and may return in pursuit of that feeling once the Facet’s effects have faded. The Uratha can have up to his Wisdom Renown in temporary pack members added at any one time; attempts to use the Facet to add more than this cause it to fail.


  • Breath of Air (Cunning)
    • Cost: Varies | Die Pool: Wits + Ath + Cunning
      With this Facet, the Uratha is mistress of the air. The winds howl and dance at her call. The Uratha gains Influence (Air) equal to her dots in Cunning. She can use this Influence in the same way as a spirit.
  • Catastrophe (Glory)
    • Cost: 5E / level of Influence being used. | Action: Extended (15 successes, each roll represents 1hr | Dice Pool: Pres + Surv + Glory
      This Facet is used in conjunction with the Influence granted by another Elemental Facet, augmenting the Influence on a drastic scale. An Uratha who possesses this facet is also unaffected by the Catastrophe-augmented Influences of other Uratha. She can stride down burning streets unharmed or face down the wielder of a howling gale almost untouched by the winds.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Uratha suffers the Essence Overload Condition.
      • Failure: No successes are acquired, and the Uratha gains the Stumbled Condition.
      • Success: Successes are gained. If the target number of successes is hit, the Influence is unleashed on a massive scale, affecting an area of a radius in miles equal to twice the Uratha’s Glory Renown. Even minor manifestations of elemental power can be catastrophic on this scale, from floods to out-of-control blazes.
      • Exceptional Success: The Uratha is infused with raw elemental power. She can use any of her Elemental Facets’ Influences at no cost in Essence for the next day, although further uses of Catastrophe still cost Essence as normal.
  • Flesh of Earth (Honor)
    • Cost: Varies | Die Pool: Str + Surv + Honor
      The Uratha gains Influence (Earth) equal to her dots in Honor. She can use this Influence in the same way as a spirit.
  • Tongue of Flame (Purity)
    • Cost: Varies | Die Pool: Pres + Emp + Purity
      The Uratha gains Influence (Fire) equal to her dots in Purity. She can use this Influence in the same way as a spirit.
  • Heart of Water (Wisdom)
    • Cost: Varies | Die Pool: Man + Occ + Wisdom
      The Uratha gains Influence (Water) equal to her dots in Wisdom. She can use this Influence in the same way as a spirit.


Level Duration Cost
0 One min / success No add Ess cost
10 min / success No add Ess cost
•• 1 hr / success 1 add Ess
••• 1 day / success 2 add Ess
•••• Permanent 2 add Ess
  • Evasion
    • Feet of Mist
      cost: 1E, act: Instant, dur: 1 hour
      For the duration of the Facet, all attempts to track or locate the Uratha fail. She leaves no tracks, no device can give up her location, and even the Gifts and divinations of the most powerful supernatural hunters falter. When Feet of Mist causes a Clash of Wills against another supernatural power that would track or locate her, the werewolf benefits from the rote quality on her Clash of Wills dice pool. The Facet does not make her invisible, however — she can be perceived normally by anyone who comes across her.
    • Fog of War
      cost: 1E, act: Ref/Cont, duration: Instant, die pool: Wits+Subt+Glory vs Comp+PU
      This Facet causes the delivery of something specific to reach the wrong target. It could be a bullet fired from a gun, a text message, a bunch of flowers, or a package. Fog of War only works when there is enough ambient activity and confusion present that the mistake could be a legitimate one — a distraction causing a wrong key press, the confusion of battle resulting in a tragic mistake, the bustle of a sorting office, and so forth. Whoever is delivering the object resists the Facet — the sniper, deliveryman, or the woman who just sent that text to her fellow monster-hunters about seeing a werewolf.
      • Dramatic Failure: The Uratha gains the Ban Condition. She cannot willingly give any of her possessions to another for the Condition’s duration.
      • Failure: The Facet fails to work.
      • Success: If used against a ranged attack, Fog of War causes the attack to switch to another target within a number of yards of the original equal to the Uratha’s Glory Renown. The attacker then rolls his dice pool with appropriate modifiers for the new target’s circumstances. If used on a less lethal form of delivery, the object will be given to the wrong person through an unfortunate happenstance. If the werewolf spends a point of Essence, she may choose the new recipient for the item, as long as it is vaguely probable given the means of delivery. A package might end up in
        the hands of another tenant in the same block, or possibly in the Uratha’s own hands if she positions herself in the lobby at the right time.
    • Deny Everything
      cost: 1E, action: Reflexive, duration: Instant
      The Uratha may add her Honor Renown to a single roll to resist a Social maneuver or Manipulation-based action.
    • Hit & Run
      cost: 1E, act: Reflexive, die pool: Dex + Ste + Purity vs Com + PU
      This Facet can be used to interrupt an attack action that is aimed at the Uratha. Before the action is taken, the Uratha may immediately disengage and move up to her full Speed away. This alone may foil an attack, but if she is able to move to a location that takes her out of line-of-sight of all of her prey, she then rolls the Facet’s dice pool against the highest Composure of those prey who could previously see her. The Uratha can only interrupt one action per turn in this way.
      • Dramatic Failure: The prey know exactly where the Uratha has fled to, and gain a +2 bonus to resist all further attempts by the Uratha to use this Facet or any other method of deceiving them for the remainder of the scene.
      • Failure: The Facet has no further effect.
      • Success: The prey utterly lose track of the Uratha’s current position. Enemies with Composure equal to or fewer than successes achieved are affected by the Shadow Paranoia Condition for turns equal to the werewolf’s Purity Renown.
      • Exceptional Success: Not only does the Uratha evade the foe, she may also immediately move her Speed again.
  • Strength
    • Unchained
      cost: 1E, action: Reflexive
      The Uratha may use this Facet to shatter or tear free of any binding or chain that holds her, regardless of the material that it is made of — even supernatural or magical bindings. When Unchained causes a Clash of Wills against another supernatural power that would bind or hold her, the werewolf benefits from the rote quality on her Clash of Wills dice pool. She may also use the Facet to add her Cunning Renown to grappling rolls. If the Uratha is in Basu-Im, Unchained costs no Essence to use and she will use it instinctively.
    • Crushing Blow
      cost: 1E, action: Reflexive, duration: Instant
      This Facet may be activated when the Uratha successfully hits her prey with a Brawl attack, even if the strike deals no damage. The prey suffers a penalty to his Defense equal to the Uratha’s Honor Renown. This penalty only applies to the next attack made against him by the Uratha or a packmate. If used while in Hishu form, the werewolf’s unarmed attack deals lethal rather than bashing damage.
    • Rending Claws
      duration: Permanent
      While the Uratha is in Gauru or Urshul, she ignores up to her Wisdom Renown in Durability of any object or building that she strikes. She also deals additional points of Structure damage equal to her Wisdom Renown.
  • Rage
    • Perfected Rage
      cost: 1E, action: Reflexive
      This Gift grants you your Honor in Armor while in Gauru form.
    • Berserker’s Might
    • Slaughterer
  • Change
    • Luna’s Embrace
      cost: 1E, action: Instant
      Change sex indefinitely, appear as opposite sex twin. Also change your spirit form to look like any quadruped predator.
  • Pack
    • Pack Awareness
      cost: None or 1E
      This Facet grants the Uratha a permanent general sense of where each of her packmates is in relation to herself, as well as his or her general state and well-being. The effects reach up to a range of her Wisdom Renown in miles. She cannot be surprised by any enemy that any of her packmates are aware of, making it extremely hard to ambush her when she is with her pack. Finally, the Uratha may spend 1 Essence to speak mind-to-mind with any packmate she can see for one scene.
    • Reflected Facets
      cost: +1E, duration: Special
      The Uratha may use her Gifts even against prey she cannot personally sense as long as one of her packmates can. This costs 1 additional Essence on top of the Facet’s normal cost. The werewolf gains no special ability to know when her packmate can see the prey and must use other Gifts, signals, or technology to coordinate.
      The character may also transfer Facets that enhance the individual rather than target prey. The Uratha activates the Facet while paying 1 additional Essence, and the effects appear on the chosen packmate. The Uratha can’t reactivate the Facet while it is in use, but may cancel the transfer with a reflexive action.
      Both uses of this Facet have a range of the Uratha’s Cunning Renown in miles.


K Werewolf Form

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