K Quirks


  • Current Name: Katherine Grace MacKenna (nicknames: Kate, Mack)
  • Birth Name: Angela Maeve Sullivan (nickname: Angel)
  • Though she introduces herself as Mack, she still thinks of herself as Angel.


  • 34 years-old
  • Blood type O+
  • Birthday: February 8th (Sign: Aquarius)


  • Bachelor’s degree (4 years, University of Washington)
  • Medical school (4 years, Johns Hopkins)
  • Pathology residency (3 years, Johns Hopkins)
  • Forensic pathology fellowship (2 years, Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office)


  • 5’9", Red hair, Blue eyes
  • Got a tattoo when she first entered Witness Protection, leaving her name behind.
  • Will wear boots when tromping around a crime scene, otherwise will always be found in stilettos
  • Clothing Preferences – Colors: Black, grey, burgundy, navy blue, royal blue, white, gold. Patterns: Stripes. Other: Structured, blazers, skinny jeans, pencil skirts, leather.
  • A polished tough girl.
  • Minimal Chic. Wears very little jewelry, not much into accessorizing.
  • K’s Style Board


  • Sarcastic/inappropriate humor, a potty mouth, matter-of-fact, forthright, skeptical
  • Aside from the BIG secret she’s got to keep about her identity, Mack’s a straight-shooter.
  • Doesn’t see the point in mincing words when you can get straight to the point. If you look like a hooker when you’re dressing for the club she will let you know.
  • Clinical when confronted by a human corpse, but becomes emotional (and might cry) when the dead or injured thing is a child or an animal.
  • Like a journalist, interested in the answers to the questions: Who, What, When, Where, How, Why
  • Has a difficult time forming close relationships with other people, mostly due to the fact that she can’t be completely honest with them. Does care deeply about people and crave the intimacy she’s been lacking since her mother was killed.
  • Heterosexual, but mostly her relationships with the opposite sex are either professional or so casual that they’re only for sex.
  • Morally fluid when it comes to most criminal activities (b&e, theft, con jobs, prostitution, etc.) she’ll turn a blind eye, can even support manslaughter in self-defense, but has little tolerance for wanton violence just for the sake of violence. Absolutely hates it if innocent parties get caught in the cross hairs.
  • Cynical, has no delusions about the human race, thanks to her father.


  • Attends Mass regularly out of respect to her mother’s memory, though she herself is a skeptic. Whenever she starts feeling a little superstitious she buries herself more deeply in scientific research. Never goes to confession.
  • Goes to the bar, shooting range, and gym (not necessarily in that order) on a regular basis with friend, Liv Rajan. Liv was surprised to find a more than decent sparring partner in the M.E. They have a similar dark sense of humor, almost necessary for their work.
  • Belle Isle is where she goes when she really needs to think or calm down. Particularly the Conservatory.


  • Prefers riding a motorcycle to driving a car.
  • Finds froufrou girly drinks distasteful. Her mixed drink preferences are either a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned, then of course there’s always the tried and true beer.
  • Clowns are creepy fucks, Mack does not trust them.
  • Doesn’t like bullies.
  • Loves watching Hockey games. Is still a tried and true Boston Bruins fan.

Treasured Belongings

  • A pet rat named Zuhr. The most low maintenance of furry companionship, named after Ibn Zuhr, the first physician known to have made postmortem dissections (as well as animal testing).
  • Carries a Beretta 9mm Semi-Automatic, concealed in a holster at the small of her back. Also has pepper spray on her key chain.
  • Her key chain is an old worn out Bruins Hockey skate, a souvenir from a game she and Ben went to.
  • Carries a Guardian Angel Token and wears a small cross necklace because they were gifts from her mother, not because she believes.
  • Always wears a ring that Ben gave her for her 16th birthday.

K Quirks

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