K Assassin Form




Total 119 / Spent 119

Assassin Quick Combat

  • Specialist
    The tech head that hacks the security system in the building, the researcher that scours the vast stores of information in the world to find the perfect solution for a team’s problem, the dedicated Assassin that chooses to become the master of his trade. Though they come in a wide variety and from all different walks of life, one thing unites all Specialists: they train to become the undisputed masters of their domain.

Adrenaline Condition: Crush the Competition
Every turn in which the Specialist takes part in an extended action allows her to gain a point of Adrenaline.


Clout ••••••
Max Adrenaline / Per Turn 40/6

Innate Abilities

Note: Innate Adrenaline uses do not count towards the normal limit of Adrenaline / Turn.

  • Spend 1 Adrenaline to add your Clout in dice to a single physical roll (no more than 1 Adrenaline per roll).
  • Spend 1 Adrenaline to ignore internal penalties (including wound penalties, penalties from poisons, etc) provided the Assassin wound not be reduced to a chance die.
  • Your character can substitute your Loyalty when faced with mental influence that would force you to betray your Cell or a Geas.
    • If targeted by a Supernatural Power, you can substitute Loyalty for your Clout (if higher).
    • If targeted by a mundane persuasion attempt, you can substitute your Loyalty in place of a Skill you would resist the attempt with.
  • Your character is also considered to have an additional number of Doors to betray your Cell equal to your Loyalty.
  • You can spend 2 Adrenaline to heal 1 bashing or lethal health level.



  • Augmentation
    • Brains over Brawn (Social) ••
      In addition to spending Adrenaline to augment physical skill rolls, your character can also augment social rolls.
    • Brains over Brawn (Mental) ••
      In addition to spending Adrenaline to augment physical skill rolls, your character can also augment mental rolls.
    • Rapid Recovery •••
      You heal damage at a rate much faster than the average mortal. Divide your healing times by your (Clout + 1) to determine how long it takes you to recover from bashing, lethal and aggravated damage. Further, if you received a Tilt in conjunction with taking damage you also heal the Tilt when the damage completely heals.
  • Lead Slinger – Supernatural Fighting Style
    • Hair Trigger
      Your character is capable of making autofire attacks with guns that aren’t normally capable of doing so. Additionally, your autofire attacks use half the normal ammunition (rounded up).
    • Lead Rain ••
      If your character makes an attack with a weapon capable of autofire, add the attack bonus to damage on a successful hit.
    • Spray and Pray •••
      While wielding two weapons, you can fire both at a single target for maximum damage. You make a single attack against a target but add an additional +1 to hit. Further, the bonuses of autofire from both or either weapon stack with one another (including the benefits provided by Lead Rain).


  • Adrenal Injection
    • Roll: Clout + Med | Cost: – | Duration: (Clout) days | Action: Extended (1 minute) | Req. Successes: 5 / Adrenaline
      With a bit of equipment and a method of injection (such as a tablet or syringe), the Assassin can create a portable Adrenaline delivery device to use at a later time (even if her Adrenaline is on “cool down”). The device can store a maximum of (Clout) Adrenaline and the Assassin can only benefit from one such infusion of Adrenaline per Scene. Injecting Adrenaline from the device is an Instant action but otherwise takes effect the same round it’s administered.
  • Locate Target ••
    • Roll: Clout + Aca | Cost: – | Duration: Instant | Action: Extended (10 minutes) | Req. Successes: 5 / (Target’s Manipulation + ST)
      By pouring over public records, paper trails, library books, and even the records of the God Machine itself, your character can attempt to track down a single target. Once you acquire the required successes, your character learns the last known whereabouts of the target. Last known whereabouts constitute any time the target interacted with some facet of the God Machine. Without powerful magic, most creatures in the world regularly interact with the world around them (and the God Machine by proxy). If any supernatural magic protects the location of the target, the Assassin must contend with that separately.


  • Stalwart
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Instant
      Spent before roll made to resist supernatural effect, add (Resolve) dice.
    • Mastery Gain 9-again on roll.
  • Fortification
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Refex | Duration: Instant
      Spend to ignore 1 Tilt for the scene.
    • Mastery Heals Tilt as well.
  • Execution
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Instant
      Gain 8-again on a single Skill roll.
    • Mastery Roll gains the Rote quality.
  • Lightning
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Instant
      Multiply movement by (Strength + 1).
  • Timing
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Scene
      Apply Defense vs Firearms and other ranged atks that normally ignore Def.
    • Mastery Apply (Stamina) worth of Def vs unexpected attacks.
  • Sidestep
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Scene
      Add (Stamina) to Def for Scene.
  • Impact
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Instant
      Deal (Dexterity) additional damage with a ranged atk.
    • Mastery Atk has (Dexterity) AP.
  • Density
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Scene
      Minimum damage for ranged weapons = Dexterity.
    • Mastery Reflexively reload ranged weapon.
  • Dispellation
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Instant | Duration: Instant
      Counter an ongoing supernatural ability with CoW.
    • Mastery + Intelligence to CoW roll.
  • Inspiration
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Instant | Duration: Scene
      Make social roll, allies regain wp = succ (max Presence) 1/scene.
  • Retry
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Reflex | Duration: Instant
      If roll fails by < = Intelligence successes, re-roll (1/roll).
    • Mastery Re-roll difficulty lowered by (1/2 Intelligence) if uncontested.
  • Briefing
    • Cost: 1A | Action: Instant | Duration:1 day
      Give briefing (Att+Skill), succ grant pool of dice for teammates.
    • Mastery Add (Intelligence) to roll.


  • Solidity
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Gain Armor rating = Stamina .
    • Mastery Gain Ballistic Armor = Stamina.
  • Deaden
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Downgrade (Stamina) health levels of damage each atk.
    • Mastery Half Bashing damage taken.
  • Regenerate
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Heal (Stamina) bashing or (1/2 Stamina) lethal per 1 Adrenaline spent.
    • Mastery Heal Agg for (5-Stamina, min 1) Adrenaline.
  • Ascend
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      If target has ST > Clout, gain 1 add’l Adrenaline at the start of your turn.
    • Mastery Gain the diff in ST ratings each turn (max Clout)
  • Observance
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Add (Clout) to perception rolls, mulitply sense range by (Compsoure + 1)
    • Mastery Ignore (Composure) environmental penalties on perception.
  • Secondsight
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      See things in shadow / ethereal targets, contest invisibility.
    • Mastery See across the Gauntlet.
  • Agility (x2)
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Grants +1 to rolls with an Attribute / Purchase of this Tree, unlocks Dexterity [stacks, max Clout].
    • Mastery 1 dot / purchase to mental/social, unlocks finesse.
  • Resilience
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Grants +1 to rolls with an Attribute / Purchase of this Tree, unlocks Stamina [stacks, max Clout].
    • Mastery 1 dot / purchase to mental/social, unlocks resistance
  • Analysis
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Perceive supernatural powers, gain a vague understanding of what it does.
    • Mastery Roll Perception vs Potency / act succ, know details.
  • Nullify
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Lower potency / activation succ of supernatural powers affecting you by (Clout) (min 1).
    • Mastery CoW to resist.
  • Falsify
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Immune to mundane lie detection, CoW vs supernatural perception.
  • Counteroffer
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Successful resistance of social maneuver opens 1 of target’s doors.
    • Mastery Exceptional resistance opens 2 doors.
  • Connection
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Know health / cond / Tilts / Adrenaline / direction of teammates.
    • Mastery Gain telepathic connection with group.
  • Quick-study
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Spend 1 min “studying” to gain (Intelligence) dice to a single ability for a scene (1/scene).
    • Mastery Lasts until sleep.
  • Skilled
    • Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
      Re-roll up to (Intelligence) dice on any unopposed skill roll except 1s.
    • Mastery Also includes 1s.


K Assassin Form

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