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Social System


  • Impression level now levies a bonus or penalty on social rolls
  • Impression levels have no bearing on intervals of rolls
  • Perfect is +4, Excellent is +2, Good is +0, Average is -2, Hostile is -4

Convincing a Target

  • If your social attack overcomes the target’s resisted roll, you open 1 door
    • Exceptional successes on a social roll open 2 doors
  • When all doors have been opened, the target must either abide or offer a viable alternative
  • Soft Leverage (represented by Merits offered for use) can be used to up your Impression level
    • Make a social roll and offer up use of a Merit
    • If target accepts, Impression level moves up by one (2 on an exceptional success)
  • Hard leverage automatically removes 1 or 2 doors
    • Targets that have Hard Leverage used on them begin the next social interaction with +2 Doors

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Werewolf Errata


Wolves can attempt to cross the Gauntlet by looking into a reflective surface.


Werewolves can stay in Gauru form indefinitely. While in a Rage (whether Soft or Hard) and in Gauru form, Werewolves automatically regenerate Lethal damage without having to spend a point of Essence.

The Sacred Hunt

The Sacred Hunt (Siskur-Da) no longer requires a Rite to perform. Your character can hunt any spirit at any time. Further, any Lethal damage inflicted with a Bite attack drains a number of Essence from the spirit equal to damage dealt (to a maximum of the character's Primal Urge) and restores a like number of Essence to the Wolf.

Death Rage (Kuruth)

I'm going to complete re-work this in detail, but for now it's going to closely resemble Kindred frenzy.

Pack Tactics

  • Pack Tactics now may be attempted by any members of the Pack (minimum 3)
  • Pack Tactics may be used by any member of the Werewolf Pack (not just Uratha)
  • Pack Tactics of Rating 3 or higher may be attempted without xp expenditure
    • A reflexive Wits + Empathy + Primal Urge must be attempted by everyone participating upon initiation
      • The difficulty is equal to the rating of the Pack Tactics maneuver
      • Spending XP to learn Pack Tactics prevents this roll from being required
    • Pack Mates who succeed add one die per success on the activation roll while those that fail remove one die per success

Gift Errata

Perfected Rage (Rage 3) Instead of the listed benefit, this Gift grants you your Honor in Armor while in Gauru form.

Luna's Embrace (Change 3) Not only does this Gift allow you to change your sex, but you can also change your spirit form to look like any quadruped predator. This Gift is where the legends of Weretigers and Werebears come from.

The Father's Form (Change 4) Instead of allowing the Wolf to transform into Gauru form outside of combat, this Gift allows the Wolf to deal aggravated damage with its claws and bite attack. This applies in Gauru form and to any gifts that allow the Wolf to assume traits of their other forms.

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Vampire Errata

Discipline Errata

  • See the Revised Disciplines page for more information.
  • Coils / Scales / Rituals do not require Status as a prerequisite

Feeding Errata

Kindred no longer require a special merit to feed from other supernatural creatures. Supernatural creatures count as Vampires for determining whether or not they provide sustenance based on the Kindred's Blood Potency.

Custom Disciplines and Devotions

  • Check the Secrets of Shadows page for approved material.
  • Quicken Sight has a Duration of a Scene, not 1 Turn.

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Sin Eater Errata


You can have up to (Psyche) simultaneous activations of a single Manifestation from different Keys active at any given time. If your character has a high enough Psyche score, you can pay the additional activation cost to have multiple Keys unlock a single Manifestation and gain the passive benefits for each Key used. Your character can invoke up to (Psyche / 3, rounded down, + 1) Manifestations at once, and each additional key after the first levies a -2 die penalty on the activation roll. Your character uses the lowest die pool of all manifestations and roll once. Otherwise, each activation must be done separately and the cost paid as normal. Bonuses and penalties to similar traits from Manifestations do not stack. For instance, you couldn't activate two Manifestations that grant armor and add the armor rating together. Only the best bonus applies.

For example, let’s look at a Psyche 3 Sin Eater with the Shroud Manifestation (Rank 2) and the Cold Wind, Phantasmal, and Stillness Keys. This character could spend a single action and 2 Psyche to gain the passive benefits of 2 Keys. Active benefits, such as the 2 dot version of Stillness Shroud, must still be activated as normal. In a future round, the character could activate Shroud once more to gain the final benefit of the third Key.


  • Boneyard abilities that have a duration of “Concentration” instead last for the entire Scene when activated.
  • Boneyard applies a +2 (instead of activation successes) on manifestation rolls of Manifestations using similar Keys to the ones active in the Boneyard
  • Sin Eaters may use multiple Keys (determined by their Psyche) when unlocking a Boneyard but cannot activate Boneyard once more to stack remaining Keys.


  • Elemental Homonculus can be directed for the scene without requiring concentration.
  • Creating an Elemental Egg costs 1 temporary willpower, not 1 permanent willpower (max Psyche eggs).
  • Marionette 5 allows activation successes to be distributed in addition to existing Attributes and Skills.

Rage 5 requires an additional Plasm, not Willpower, to deal aggravated damage.

Cost Revisions

ManifestationKeyRatingOld CostNew CostDesign Notes
BoneyardAll Elemental53 plasm1 plasm
BoneyardIndustrial5+4 plasm+3 plasm2 plasm (not 3) for ooc actions
BoneyardPrimeval53 plasm1 plasm
BoneyardStillness32 plasm1 plasm1p/sense
BoneyardStillness42 plasm1 plasm+1p to prevent rousing
CaulCold-Wind52 plasm2 plasmappear instantly, not in 1 min
CurseTear-Stained5+2 plasm+1 plasm
OraclePhantasmal43 plasm1 plasm
RagePrimeval32 plasm1 plasm
ShroudCold-Wind52 plasm1 plasm
ShroudGrave-Dirt33 plasm1 plasm
ShroudGrave-Dirt52 plasm1 plasm(+1 plasm (not 2) for agg attack)
ShroudPyre-Flame42 plasm1 plasm
ShroudPyre-Flame54 plasm2 plasm
ShroudTear-Stained42 plasm1 plasm
ShroudTear-Stained53 plasm1 plasm
ShroudIndustrial52 plasm1 plasm
ShroudPrimeval54 plasm2 plasm
ShroudStigmata43p+1wp2 plasm
ShroudStigmata53p+1wp2 plasm
ShroudStillness53 plasm2 plasm(+1 plasm (not 2) for agg attack)

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Mage Errata


We’re doing away with Praxes altogether since it (somewhat) needlessly complicates things. Instead, every dot in Gnosis your character gains will net them a Rote. Further, Rotes have an exceptional success on 3 successes instead of 5.


The LIfe 2 Attainment Improved Pattern Restoration allow Mages to heal 2 bashing health levels per Mana spent or one Lethal health level per Mana spent.

Nimbus Changes

  • Nimbus Tilt can now only be inflicted by purposefully flaring your Immediate Nimbus (Instant Action, 1 Mana)
  • Nimbus Tilt lasts for a Scene
  • Positive benefits affect you and allies, negative penalties affect hostiles
  • Nimbus Tilt never happens as a result of spellcasting
    • You can, however, choose to impose your Nimbus Tilt on an exceptional spellcasting roll (in place of the normal benefit)

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House Rules

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