Corporate Handbook

The Corporation
You see it all the time in the movies. A shadow organization that watches over the world, subtly influencing things here and there through any and all avenues to make sure the world evolves the way they want it to evolve. Some call it the Illuminati, others still dismiss such rumors as nothing more than myth. But the only thing more frightening than rumors about such an organization is that the organization does exist, and its reach is far more vast than you can imagine. Where the dreams of all the world end is where the Corporation begins.

What is the Corporation?
No one other than the Founders truly knows everything the Corporation is involved in. It operates in smaller cells on need-to-know information. Its agents are hand-picked from the most elite human and supernatural creatures in all the world. The people that work there are loyal even from beyond the grave. The world spins because the Corporation says it should, and everyone who works for them are the hands of destiny itself.

Who are the Founders?
Armanstead, Constantine and Noah. Three ancient creatures of mystery that make up the founding members of the Corporation. Creatures as old as time itself who have either out-lasted or out-witted all others. No one really knows why the three of them came together to form the Corporation. Perhaps the ancients could not stand working with one another and the Founders saw an opportunity. Perhaps some event from time unknowable brought them together. Whatever the reason, the Founders have continued to endure while all other ancients have turned to dust.

Who are the people behind the mask?
The Corporation employs many different creatures from many different walks of life. Despite this, the 3 Tenets unite them all in a common goal.

1. The Founders Word is Law

2. Honor No Loyalty Before the Corporation

3. Corporation Knowledge is Confidential

To violate any of these rules is to invite death upon you, for the Founders themselves have enslaved Death to their cause long ago.

Corporate Handbook

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