Contract for Bek

Contract Demands Granted (got 6 success for wording of this contract)

  • clearance 6
  • $1 million / year (scaling w/ inflation) in pay and top of the line 100% health coverage for all mental and physical capacities
  • $12 million in life insurance, POD to Gabe Train (with ability to update beneficiary at will)
  • pay off my helicopter
  • freedom to pursue helicopter taxi/transport business in my spare time
  • put my shipping container house on the roof next to the helipad
  • access to and use of the Corporation building within my clearance level
  • want a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle
  • fraternization will be allowed
  • stock in the company and/or to be a shareholder IF that ever happens
  • ability to maintain contact with friends and/or people outside the Corporation at my discretion (with the potential to bring them in at my choosing and at their choosing)
  • ability to revisit contract and re-negotiate at any given time
  • I will maintain retention of my own free will
  • Constantine or Armistead have to fly me around if I want and if it doesn’t interfere with their schedule too much
  • more weight to my opinion/voice on the situation with humans choosing supernatural powers (Project Union)
  • all expenses written off

Contract Demands Denied

  • on retirement choice of “suit” or the ability to wear multiple “suits”, no your memories will wiped
  • level 9 clearance, no you start at 5
  • stock in the company and/or to be a shareholder, there is no stock in company
  • negotiable retirement date and pension, again if you leave your memories will be wiped

Contract Demands Pending

* level 8 clearance (I want the same clearance as Misha!)
* help Trystan get his brother back if he wants
* alternate identity

Contract for Bek

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