Bek Werewolf Suit

Hunter’s Aspect


Full ••••• Cunning Glory Honor •••• Purity •••••• Wisdom ••


  • Full
    • Killer Instinct (scene, reflexive) — gain 8-again on Brawl/Weaponry die pools for scene
    • Warrior’a Hide (permanent) — +Purity to Health rating
    • Bloody-Handed Hunter (instant, Siskur-Dah) costs 1 essence, +Purity on attack rolls against anyone serving as an obstacle to prey, but not prey itself
    • Butchery (reflexive, 1 turn per success) — costs 2 essence, roll Wits + Brawl + Purity, apply tilt on attack or when hit, +1 turn if enemy KO’d – Arm Wrack/Blinded/Deafened/KD/Leg Wrack
    • Crimson Spasm (instant, 1 or more turns) — costs 1 essence, roll Stamina + Survival + Purity, 1essence/turn, each success adds 2 to Strength or Stamina OR 1 point of armor OR +1L dam to natural weapons
  • Rage
    • Perfect Rage — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence, + honor to armor
    • Slaughterer — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence (free in Basu-Im), in guru, successful brawl adds purity to damage
    • Beserker’s Might — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence (free in Basu-Im / Guru), 1/turn in Dalu/Gauru, reduce dam by Glory or heal 1 physical Tilt
  • Change
    • Luna’s Embrace — (instant, instant) costs 1 essence, change sex indefinitely, appear as opposite sex twin
    • Father Wolf’s Form — (permanent) no cost, in Gauru deal aggrevated dmg
  • Stealth
    • Running Silent — (scene, instant) costs 1 essence, can stealth while running, reduce penalties to Athletics for falling damage by Wisdom
    • Shadow Pelt — (scene, instant) costs 1 essence, treat # of stealth rolls as rote actions equal to cunning
    • The Hunter Waits — (instant, instant) costs 1 essence, minus Purity from Perception check difficulties (mundane and supernatural) to locate if still, + Purity to Initiative vs surprise attack
    • Pack Stalks the Prey — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence, used when I succeeds Stealth roll but one of my packmate’s fails, packmate then automatically succeeds
    • Unchained — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence, tear free of any binding, Clash of Wills w/ Supernatural w/ Rote, +Cunning to Grapple, free in Basu-Im
  • Strength
    • Primal Strength — (scene, reflexive) costs 1 essence (free in Basu-Im), add purity to Strength
    • Crushing Blow — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence, Brawl attack levels Defense penalty = Honor vs Uratha OR packmate who is unarmed in Hishu now deals Lethal
    • Rending Claws — (permanent) in Gauru or Urshul, ignore Wisdom Durability of objects, deal add’l Structure damage equal to Wisdom
  • Pack
    • Pack Awareness — (permanent) know location/status of packmates within Wisdom miles, 1 Essence to speak mind-to-mind w/ LoS packmates for Scene
  • Technology
    • Command Artifice — (instant, instant) costs 1 essence, device obeys one sentence command if possible, dice pool roll = Intelligence + Science + Honor
    • Shutdown — (instant, scene) costs 2 essence, all technology (lights/phones/security/etc) w/in structure or radius Purity x 100 yrds fail, roll = Presence + Intelligence + Purity
    • Garble — (instant, scene) costs 1 essence, roll = Intelligence + Science + Cunning – Composure, technology turns against victim, exceptional success means target has dramatic failure w/ equip
  • Hunting
    • Cow the Prey — (reflexive, instant) costs 1 essence, spent when activating Hunter’s Aspect, condition becomes permanent
    • Tireless Hunter — (instant, one day) costs 1 essence, w/ Siskur-Dah, ignore Purity in penalties from fatigue/morale, ignore Conditions vs willpower, max Purity days
    • Honed Senses — permanent, Perception checks are exceptional on 3 instead of 5
    • Beast Talker — permanent, talk to/engage in social maneuvers with all animals


Banish — (Rank 1 Pack) extended action takes 1 minute, 5 successes needed on Manipulation + Subterfuge roll, banish spirit from physical world into shadow or vice versa

Forge Alliance — (Rank 5 Wolf) extended action takes 1 minute, 10 successes needed on Presence + Perception roll, lasts 1 month, costs 1 essence to perform, one member of each pack must be present, all pack members treated as the same pack except for Rites/Totems

Hunting Ground — (Rank 2 Pack) extended action takes 30 min, 10 successes needed on Strength + Occult roll, lasts 1 season, in territory, pack members gain +2 chases, +2 animal ken/Empathy/Politics to all native inhabitants, must complete 1 hunt / month to maintain

Veil — (Rank 5 Wolf) extended action takes 10 min, 20 successes needed on Presence + Occult roll, instant duration, targets 30 min supernatural event that occurred w/in last lunar month, all recordings are erased


  • Hishu (Human)
    • Sheep’s Clothing: being tracked in crowds or populated areas levies a penalty of Primal Urge
  • Dalu (Near Human)
    • Teeth/Claws +0L, Defense vs Firearms, Mild Lunacy
    • Badass Motherfucker: Pres+PU vs Com+PU or group surrounding prey bails
  • Gauru (Wolf-Man)
    • Teeth/Claws +2L, Defense vs Firearms, Full Lunacy, Regeneration
    • Primal Fear: Opponents do not gain the bonus of a Skill to their Defense if their PU < your PU
  • Urshul (Near Wolf)
    • +2L Teeth, +1L Claws, Defense vs Firearms, Mild Lunacy
    • Weaken the Prey: 1/scene, apply 1 Tilt to damage prey: Arm Wrack, Leg Wrack, Knock Down
  • Urhan (Wolf)
    • +1L Teeth
    • Chase Down: spend 1E to pre-empt another’s turn, use Speed instead of (Str+Ath) for chases


Size 5 Size 6 Size 7 Size 6 Size 4
Initiative +8 Initiative +8 Initiative +9 Initiative +10 Initiative +10
Speed 13 Speed 14 Speed 17 Speed 20 Speed 18
Armor +0 Armor +0 Armor +1/1 Armor +0 Armor +0
Perception +0 Perception +2 Perception +3 Perception +3 Perception +4
Strength +1 Strength +3 Strength +2

Innate Abilities

  • Werewolves have the innate ability to cross the Gauntlet while at a Locus or looking at their reflection, this is called “Reaching”
    • Stepping through to the Shadow Realm requires a successful (10 – Integrity) roll
    • Stepping back into the Physical World requires a successful (Integrity) roll
  • Werewolves that heal, change, or seen up close in Dalu/Gauru/Urhsul form inflict Lunacy
    • Supernatural creatures do not suffer Lunacy
  • Werewolves heal 1 aggravated damage naturally every 4 days
    • Only supernatural powers can deal aggravated damage to Wolves, everything else only deals lethal
  • Super keen senses
    • May substitute Primal Urge for Composure on Perception rolls based on smell
    • Can identify previously smelled individuals with a (Wits + Primal Urge) roll
    • (Wits + Primal Urge) to identify another Werewolf or Wolf Blood, must be in their personal space though
    • Can hear stuff up to 1 mile / Primal Urge and frequencies humans cannot
    • Ignore hearing penalties from quietness or range
    • Ignore half of penalties to see
    • Ignore all visual penalties due to rapid movement
    • Can track one victim if blood is tasted for up to 1 month, know direction regardless of distance
    • Can send any of their senses across the Gauntlet at any time
  • Shapeshifting is Reflexive and no cost at Integrity 4-6, or Instant / 1E for Reflexive at 2-3 or 7-8
  • Werewolves with a natural bite attack can choose to swallow flesh hole to regain Essence
    • Regain 1 Essence / damage dealt (maximum Primal Urge / attack)
    • Eating Wolves or Humans is a Sin Against Harmony
    • This works on Humans, Wolves, and Supernatural Creatures
  • You automatically regenerate half your Primal Urge (rounded up) each turn in bashing health levels
    • Spending a single point of Essence allows you to regenerate Lethal for the turn

Bek Werewolf Suit

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