Bek Assassin Suit

Main Assassin Role – Chaser

  • Assassins that enjoy the chase and running their quarry to ground more than anything else, Chasers often are responsible for tracking and running down the intended target for the team.
  • Adrenaline Condition: The Chase, gains a single point of Adrenaline at the beginning of each turn in a chase.

Secondary Assassin Role – Berserker

  • Assassins that live for the moments of battle when Adrenaline floods their system and elevates them beyond mere mortal status, Berserkers are pure combatants focused solely on the kill. While every other Role has some measure of finesse to their roles, Berserkers are brutal killing machines that use power to overcome what cleverness cannot.
  • Adrenaline Condition: Bred for Battle, at the start of every combat when Initiative is called for, the Berserker gains an additional amount of Adrenaline equal to her Clout.


  • Acumen
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • substitute Adrenaline for Willpower for mortal merits
  • Rage
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
    • enter combat rage, add (Stamina) to combat pools, ignore wound pen, can only attack
    • Mastery: can spend 1wp to roll Resolve + Composure, regain control for successes in turns
  • Invisibility
    Action: Instant | Duration: Scene
    • become invisible as long as you don’t take hostile actions
    • Mastery: invisible to electronic surveillance
  • Regenerate
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • heal (Stamina) bashing or (1/2 Stamina) lethal per 1 Adrenaline spent
    • Mastery: Heal Agg for (5-Stamina, min 1) Adrenaline
  • Suspend Conditioning
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • suspend up to (Stamina x Clout) damage for the scene, takes effect at the end of the scene
    • Mastery: healing normal damage also heals suspended damage
  • Recuperation Conditioning
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • recovery from one Tilt after a Scene of rest
    • Mastery: recover from one Condition (CoW if sentient source)
  • Solidity
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • gain Armor rating = Stamina
    • Mastery: gain Ballistic Armor = Stamina
  • Deaden
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    • downgrade (Stamina) health levels of damage each attack
    • Mastery: half Bashing damage taken
  • Response
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Instant | Cost: 1 Adrenalin
    • reflexively attack someone that attacks you (max Stamina times / Scene, 1/turn)
  • Sidestep
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene | Cost: 1 Adrenalin
    add (Stamina) to Defense
    • Mastery: use higher of Wits or Dex for Defense
  • Timing
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene | Cost: 1 Adrenalin
    apply Defense vs Firearms and other ranged attacks that normally ignore Defense
    • Mastery: apply (Stamina) worth of Def vs unexpected attacks
  • Execution
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Instant | Cost: 1 Adrenalin
    gain 8-again on a single Skill roll, declare at time of roll which skill you’re using
    • Mastery: roll gains the Rote quality
  • Haymaker
    Action: Instant | Duration: Instant | Cost: 1 Adrenalin
    augments attack roll, successful attack deals (Stamina) add’l damage
    • Mastery: target suffers (Stamina) penalty to next physical action roll
  • Esoteria
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    learn 1 spirit numen, use Adrenaline to power instead of Essence [stacks] – Int+Clout to activate
    • Mastery: gain Influence instead with rating = Intelligence
  • Secondsight
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    see things in shadow / ethereal targets, contest invisibility
    • Mastery: see across the Gauntlet
  • Profile
    Action: Instant | Duration: Instant
    spend 1 turn observing creature, roll Perception, ask 1 general question / succ
    • Mastery: answers much more specific
  • Interrogate
    Action: Instant | Duration: Instant
    if social roll > social defense, target has to answer question honestly
    • Mastery: target volunteers more useful information
  • Ember
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    store up to (Resolve) Adrenaline until next sleep
    • Mastery: stored indefinitely
  • Performance
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
    add (Wits) to Acceleration or Handling (split up any way the Assassin wants)
    • Mastery: gain (Clout) additional points to distribute
  • Maneuvering
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Scene
    ignore up to (Wits) environmental penalties for a single Chase
    • Mastery: gain opponent’s environmental penalty as bonus
  • Stubborn
    Action: Permanent | Duration: Permanent
    ignore mental influence while gaining adrenaline, CoW vs supernatural
    • Mastery: supernatural influence suffers (Resolve) as penalty
  • Callout
    Action: Instant | Duration: Instant
    give command as an Instant action, roll social vs social Def, target must obey for turn
    • Associated Attribute: Presence
    • Mastery: can give order that must be obeyed for the entire scene
  • Substitution
    Action: Reflexive | Duration: Instant
    substitute related skill for another skill for one roll
    • Mastery: can substitute any skill


  • Hunter’s Bane ●●●●●
    Roll: Clout + Weaponry | Cost: 1wp | Duration: 1 Geas
    Action: Extended (1 minute) | Required Successes: 15
    • Effect: The most formidable technique in the Assassins arsenal, this Subroutine allows the Assassin to enchant a weapon of her choice to deal aggravated damage against the target(s) of her Geas. The Assassin may choose to either alter herself or up to (Clout) weapons of her choosing. Once the Geas is finished (regardless of the outcome), this Subroutine subsides.
  • Adrenal Injection
    Roll: Clout + Medicine | Cost: – | Duration: (Clout) days
    Action: Extended (1 minute) | Required Successes: 5 / Adrenaline
    • Effect: With a bit of equipment and a method of injection (such as a tablet or syringe), the Assassin can create a portable Adrenaline delivery device to use at a later time (even if her Adrenaline is on “cool down”). The device can store a maximum of (Clout) Adrenaline and the Assassin can only benefit from one such infusion of Adrenaline per Scene. Injecting Adrenaline from the device is an Instant action but otherwise takes effect the same round it’s administered.


  • Part Timer ●●
    Prerequisites: Clout 1
    • Having mastered their own role in the art of war, Assassins often branch out to cover other competencies in the field. Upon choosing this Merit, select a Role. Your character gains the benefits of that Role, such as the Adrenaline Condition specified and access to the Protocols associated with that Role. Your character does not, however, gain free Mastery in the corresponding Protocols although they can be purchased with experience points as normal. Your character may purchase this Merit one additional time for every two Clout she has above 1 (Clout 3, 5, and 7).
  • Brains over Brawn (social) ●●
    • In addition to spending Adrenaline to augment physical skill rolls, your character can also augment social rolls
  • Long Fuse ●●●
    Prerequisites: Stamina 2
    • While most Assassins stop producing Adrenaline when the last opponent has fallen, your character continues to produce Adrenaline while you “wind down” from the skirmish. Effectively, you continue gaining Adrenaline for a number of rounds equal to your (Loyalty + Clout) after a combat has come to an end. You’re still restricted by your Clout on how much Adrenaline you can spend each turn, but may otherwise do with the extra Adrenaline what you wish. You can always choose not to continue producing Adrenaline when an encounter comes to an end.
    • Drawback: Producing Adrenaline without a clear task ahead of them is extremely frustrating for the Assassin. She suffers a penalty on all social rolls (not including Intimidate) equal to (Clout) when interacting with anyone other than Assassins or supernatural creatures that cannot sympathize with her rage-like state (such as Vampires, Werewolves, etc).
  • Remain Conscious ●●●
    • Your character automatically remains awake even when your last health box is filled with bashing. You do not fall unconscious until your last health box is marked with lethal damage (at which time, baring other magic, your character begins dying as normal).
  • Rapid Recovery ●●●
    • You heal damage at a rate much faster than the average mortal. Divide your healing times by your (Clout + 1) to determine how long it takes you to recover from bashing, lethal and aggravated damage. Further, if you received a Tilt in conjunction with taking damage you also heal the Tilt when the damage completely heals.
  • Auto Stabilize
    • Should your last health box be filled with lethal damage, you do not continue bleeding out and automatically stabilize without taking additional damage.

Innate Abilities

Bek Assassin Suit

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