Corporate Woman

Journal 08

Not certain what I think of this new suit. Seeing dead everywhere is a little different from seeing spirits, it’s depressing. Also, still not certain what all I can do in this “sin-eater” form, though time with the team at the Coliseum went a long way towards helping.

Will have to get used to being “possessed”. Sofia seems forth-coming enough, which I gather isn’t always the case. Not sure if I’m more relieved or frustrated that she can’t make longer appearances. I’m not looking forward to the unceasing companionship, but at the same time I have so many questions… Don’t know what I expected a powerful ghost to act like, but she’s so damn calm about everything. Hollywood didn’t prepare me for a restful ghost. Shit.

Apparently Beks woke up about a day before I did. Briefed me on a mission she got sent on, made some friends in the New York vamp court. Now I’m trying to find a good time to ask Lydia if she has a brother since the god damned sheriff of NY shares a last name with her pops.

Misha and Trystan worked some of their aggression out on each other. Trystan assured us it’s a Wolf thing, not sure how healthsome that is, but he seems somewhat relieved. I doubt things will be amicable between them in the future, but so long as they don’t come to blows each time they meet, I’ll be pleased.

On mission to rescue a Corporation field-op gone missing. Sin-eater, name of Evelyn. I find it awfully coincidental that all of these rescue ops put us in a favorable position with viable recruits for our team. Anyway, took Jean and Trystan with us to the underworld… Fuck. I feel like I’ve stepped in to Greek mythology or something. Next thing they’ll tell me fucking Hades is real too. Trystan tracked Evelyn in to the Underworld and back out again to an old abandoned carnival south of Detroit. Fucking clowns.

Evelyn’s trail dead ended at a wall painted over with vines and shit. Thought there might be some connection to the Hedge bullshit Brontes was telling us about so we got him involved. Sent him a pic, he said it was a door of sorts then he drove all this way just to let us in. Good guy Brontes. I’ve heard tales of the Goblin Market. I’m hoping for the kid-friendly version, but I’m sure as hell not expecting it.

Field Notes 8 - Bek
  • Noah got us situated in our new suits, Sineater….hmmmm, already kinda missing the were suit….
  • Red and I talked to Orin about the new suits hoping for some insights as Prescott has another job for us and needless to say a new suit is going to take some getting used to, we tried to work some of that out by sparring at the Colosseum…I can tell I can take a hit better than I could before, but Jesus could my claws tear through shit—don’t get me wrong though, I don’t miss all the fur
  • after our little training session we chatted with Prescott about the next mission and got VERY LITTLE details from him, seriously this is becoming a thing, minimal details and then us just dumped on whatever “job” we’re given…and Prescott is level 7 or some shit so I know that cute little fucker knows more than what he tells us, part of me thinks this is part of their “on the job training” and honestly I’m not sure if I should be pissed off or greatful…let’s be real I can be both
  • the mission is yet another wayward agent of the Corporation…how many people have they lost? that cannot look good for their HR department
  • Red and I decided to have Trystan and Jean along for the mission, they seemed like the most useful in this situation (since we lost our tracking noses) …. Trystan didn’t make things awkward so that’s good…without the were suit I feel less…I don’t know, there’s less of a need to mark what’s mine you know….that said I’m still crazy attracked to Trystan, and God help me Braden, …. so i’m not really sure were that leaves Conor and I…I’m just worried we’ve grown apart and into different people, it wasn’t easy with him like it was with the others…maybe it’s just because we’re so close or maybe it’s because we aren’t, I’m not really sure yet…and FUCK me, but I have bigger shit to worry about than boy drama bullshit, I mean seriously ain’t no body got time for that, I have a city to help run and all the political crap with that has my brain spinning…I need a man that solves problems not creates them, guess it’s just a matter of determining who that is…heh, then again I could always put my were suit back on and pull a Misha and just enjoy them all…that girl seriously has it figured out, if I didn’t respect the shit outta her so much I would honestly contemplate challenging her for her pack…it’s hard not to want what she’s built

….. see God damn it, all this boy talk bullshit got me distracted, ugh

  • so me, Red, Trystan and Jean head out after this Evelyn lady who went missing a few months ago, Trystan tracked her to the underworld and then back out and up to a pretty strange door in an abandoned carnival …. pretty sure I’ve seen this scary movie before, anyway our rings matched the carvings on the door so we called up Brontes and asked him about it, he told us to hang tight and that he would come to us
  • turns out the door was to the Goblin Market, some Hogwarts level bazaar shit, a lot stranger than I thought it would be, but hey if our target is here we can kill two birds with one stone as we also need to make a deal with the Market and make them more accessible to our city, thus attracting higher class residents
  • once Red, me and Brontes were inside (he couldn’t take any more of us) we chatted with the Market owner or CEO or whatever, he told us we had to “show our patronage” to the market by completing a certain number of transactions before he’d even speak to us….fine, that didn’t sound too hard right, I mean how hard could it be….apparently pretty fucking hard…the shit for sale and what to use to buy shit….what the fuck, this place is one part glorious and one part seriously fucked up
  • we got pretty damn lucky off the bat at least and found Evelyn right away…we traded 5 fights each (so 10 total between Red and I) in the ring for some Andlo asshole, no fights to the deal and only 1 fight a night, ok feeling alright about that one…usually fighting I’ll do for free this time I got something out of it…not bad
  • I traded one of my Thanium knuckles for 12 “gobin fruits” whatever the fuck those are…fuck me, hope Lydia isn’t pissed, planning on giving her half of the fruits to say “sorry I sold the most precious badass weapon I’ve ever owned”
  • next I chatted with a way too hipper lady called Edalla, she traded normal shit with crazy features for other mundane shit to then alter…badass…I asked her for continued business and struck a deal that for every 1 special thing she gives me I’ll give her 3 normal things of her request…we’ll set up a drop point for this as I expect to take full advantage of this deal on a long term basis, in the meantime I traded for 2 purses of holding and 1 set of car keys
  • I chatted with a guy named Marcius…uhhh he trades in “love secrets” like how to handle your love life…part of me was like uhhh this is either a fucking joke or really stupid and the other part was like yeah, totally, why the fuck not, so I gave him Colosseum box seats, the season pass, for advice
  • I visited a dude who sold animals of all kinds …. pretty cool….think his name was pretty normal, Paul or something, but anyway the price seemed a little high…he wanted memories in exchange for the animals….I wanted to get Gabe something he’d flip over though so I gave up 2 sky diving memories for a white tiger….kinda want to know what other memories he has….wonder if those are for sale or if he keeps them for himself
  • after all that I razzed Red a bit about not really making many lucrative deals that were going to get us an audience with the Market owner she stepped up to the plate and bought a slave for $25k, glad she did, the chic was just a small kid, a changeling at that and despite how annoying I find Brontes I couldn’t just walk away from that girl, glad Red stepped up to buy her as if she hadn’t I would have
  • Red and I chatted with some hobo cart vendor chick who gave us roses for a kiss on the cheek….fucking weird, but whatever
  • one of the weirder “vendors” was just some dude who wanted to have a cup of coffee and chat, he said he basically got off on it…yeah alright, I’ve done worse
  • we finally ended up at a secret trader … and if I’m honest….I’m kinda stressing this one
Journal 07

Well, we’ve added another stray to the pack. Esttria should be happy, now they’ve got a “real” Were full-time, we just need to recruit a couple more pack mates to even out the numbers so we can keep them that way. In spite of how both Trystan and Misha seem to think that he “failed”, getting himself taken over by that fucking spirit, he’s a damn good addition to the team. We’ll definitely be walking on thin ice with Misha for a while, but it’s worth it. I’ll be pleased as punch to welcome any of her cast offs if they’re all as talented as Prescott and Trystan. Shit.

(Note to self: I owe Prescott some goddamned carrot cake deliciousness. I wonder if Terri’s Cakes delivers?)

We gave Nathaniel the official go ahead to build his Elysium. It will be interesting to see what it is like. Solidified our rep with Takashi, letting him personally off the assassin that came after his “child”. I didn’t at all mind the activities that our other intruder, the wolf Corvin, came here to engage in, but we can’t be seen to condone anyone working outside of our “law” so we’re “punishing” him by forcing him to serve in the Watch.

Unbelievably grateful to Braden for so many things. I’m also inclined to be suspicious, I’m not sure how we’ll be expected to repay him for all his help. However, I’m also fully cognizant that without him, and the Prince, seeing to all of the ins and outs of establishing and running this city which Beks and I keep over-looking. The two of us would be fish out of water with out their help, so I’m trying my damnedest not to think about all of the strings attached. (Which I am sure as hell not blaming us for! I think the two of us have done a fucking fantastic job considering the fact that we’re expected to be fucking miracle workers or something. Put a couple of damned rookies in charge of the entire damn League… what exactly are they hoping for? Are they just so old and bored that they don’t give a shit?)

Learned more about Lydia than we did before… girl sure is chatty when she’s drunk. Damned likable, though.

Beks is disappointed we had to postpone “team-building” skydiving in order to respond to a summons from Noah. I understand that she’s not happy about it, but we did sign a contract. This is our job, the founders have asked a lot of us, but they’ve given us even more, I think. In my mind that earns them the right to have us come running when they beckon for us. Fun time can wait. They have, after all, given us an eternity to get back around to it… so long as these “missions” don’t kill us first.

Field Notes 7 - BT
  • turns out the big bad Spirit was controlling Trystan, so that’s good and bad…didn’t realize spirit’s could do that so that’s bad, but at least Trystan trying to kill us wasn’t his own choice so silver lining, also I enjoyed beating down the spirit a little too much and even when we had it whipped I pursued it and tore it apart, I wasn’t the only one who wanted some final vengense though as Trystan went after it to
  • after the fight it was obvious Trystan was stuck in his Guru form and while I was still turned I bristled…just felt natural, and hell even good, to assert over him ya know…felt right, too much about this whole world feels right…not sure if I love it or hate it
  • after I asserted over Trystan he appeared to calm down a bit and Red and I got him to eat some processed burgers and fries which actually did work and seemed to make him more human…so shitty fast food was the cure—I find that pretty fucking funny
  • after several hours we got Trystan calmed down enough he seemed to be in more control and Red and I felt more comfortable taking him back to the corporation
  • getting back to our base we realized we needed to talk to the Prince since he still had captives, Trystan wanted a shower so I showed him my place…just being polite, but he took it to mean something a little different and stripped in front of me and then asked if I was going to join him in the shower…wasn’t really sure what the fuck to make of that so I belined it the fuck outta there
  • Red and I talked to the Prince and he drank from both of us, at the same time, before taking us to see his prisoners…mentioned to Red I never wanted to talk about that whole scene again…it was….weird, the Prince seriously weirds me the fuck out….and I kinda want to carry a zippo on me when he’s near, not that a lighter would stop him, but something about him makes me just want to catch him on fire
  • the Prince had a vamp and a were captive, the were appears to have been kinda in the right, but did enter the city and kill vamps without permission so we have to set an example…we pulled our Sheriff in and got his opinion so the were will be serving time in the Watch as punishment
  • as far as the vamp goes, we got Braden to help up and mind rape him, turns out he was here to try and assassinate Nathaniel, needless to say Takashi was PISSED and cracked that zen motif of his asking to behead the fucker….not gonna deny him that so Red and I agreed to let him do as he wanted, turns out that fucker worked for the Ventrue sonofabitch who shot Conor….god damn it….if I’d have known that before Takashi cut his head off…too fucking late now
  • after taking care of the prisoners we chatted with Nathaniel and gave him permission to build up his shadow Elysium…Nathaniel promptly turned in his resignation with the Watch…oopse, sure as fuck hope Takashi isn’t pissed about that, last thing we need is a Murder Samurai who’s pissed at us
  • we talked with Takashi, Nathaniel and Braden about city law and got that a little more solidified, honestly I’m kinda sorry I skipped so many classes in high school, poly sci sure would have paid off
  • heading back to the corporation Prescott told us that Noah wanted to see us about our next suit…seriously? didn’t we just put this one on? hmmmmm, I’m kinda partial to it….fits really nice and all, but something about it, it makes me feel not just stronger of body, but stronger of mind. I guess the up side of switching suits, I think the were suit was starting to fuck with my calm…knowing that Trystan belonged to Misha before…seriously pissed me off after we decided to pack him up….knowing he’d been hers….made me want to stake a claim in a bad way, thinking it’s the full moon kicking in and telling me to be Alpha as fuck? regardless I pissed off Red and maybe Noah by taking 2 hours to “get a shower” before changing suits…when in fact I really just needed to jump Trystan’s bones…and jesus—yeah not sure why Misha let him get away…..
  • after I did end up getting that shower, went to see Noah with Red and got suited up
  • Red had a complication with the Sin eater suit…turns out since I’m “accustomed to death” it fit me really nicely….I woke up way earlier than Red and Noah gave me a side mission to wait things out
  • I took Conor, Gabe and Oren to New York for a quick job and to introduce the boys to the supernatural world
  • had a nice chat with Noah, in 1928 no less (goddamn time traveling mages), but at least I swiped a really nice bottle of whisky before he sent me out on the mission
  • went to New York to help with a human possession issue and found out that NY is under somewhat new Vamp management, met up with Edward the new sheriff who Oren knows, Edward’s a gangrel and actually pretty cool, aparently he’s helped out Braden really solidly in the past (goddamn it now I’m thinking about Braden and that’s the last place my mind needs to be) anyway…. the boys and I got rid of their possession problem, made a friend in the Prince of NY (and what the fuck, why are all these fucking vamps gorgeous, seriously did putting these suits on just turn me into a slut, I was NEVER this into sex before….maybe just having control back in that arena made the difference?)
  • chatted with conor on the trip too…first time I’d seen him since being human…supernatural senses clued me in….aparently he’s into me, like really into me from what I can tell, should I just write this off that he’s just attracted and lusty and that’s it? I just don’t think Conor is that type of guy, but he’s family and I love him and let’s be real he’s not bad to look at so I agreed to have dinner…which is a TERRIBLE idea considering I’m not sure monogomy is something I’m capable of and I’m damn sure Conor is the commitment type of guy
Journal 06

Back in our wolf bods and it feels so good. Taking a “break” as mere mortals fucking sucked, that at least is one thing that Beks and I can agree on. Seems like we’ve got a 50/50 shot of agreeing on any damn thing else. So far, we’ve been making things work, god knows how. Dumb luck and stubbornness? We’ve got to find a better way soon or we’re going to end up butting our stubborn fucking heads together.

At least the boys all managed to survive our brief return to human, albeit in different forms, and with a hell of an assist from management. Seriously. Never going to stop paying them back for that.

Conor seems to need more adjusting to his new powers than Gabe does, something to do with the less natural means of acquirement. Super happy with our other new packmate, Lydia. Glad she and Jean didn’t off each other. Between Brontes and the two of them they’ve made quick work of all of our “construction” needs. Need to remember to ask Lydia for some thanium weapons, ’cause that would just be fucking neat.

Braden works quickly, too. His Elysium, a club named “Heart” is open already and popular. Guess Ben’s going to be spending all kinds of time there helping him manage it. He’ll have to get control of his thirst as soon as he can if he wants to spend less time on the roof… or more time with me. I can’t help wondering how much the “embrace” may have changed him, or if it’s just the sixteen years of separation making me think that way. God. It is hard staying away from him. Don’t know how he’s going to take it when he finds out that the Saint is missing… or that I kept that interesting little tidbit from him.

Can’t believe that the Prince, of all people, had to remind me that my father might be at risk too. Now he’s no where to be found, so he’s either pulling one of his escape artist tricks or it is too god damned late. I spent so much time trying to pretend that he had nothing to do with me or my life any more, other than trying to get him in the slammer, that I almost convinced myself. Shit. I wanted him in prison, I didn’t want him dead. Fuck.

Now, as if we didn’t have enough to be getting on with, we’ve got to track down and reacquire an asset for the Corporation. Probably pissing Misha off in the process as our target used to be one of hers, a wolf named Trystan Perumal. Not sure what their beef is, it’s “classified” so no one can fucking tell us, but considering how well Misha’s other cast off is working out for us I’m willing to take a chance on this one, too. We’ll have to meet him and see if Beks and the rest of the pack agree.

Vignette - Facing Fears

Mack shut the door behind her, resting against it as she eyed the corpse in her bed. It’d been sixteen years since they’d seen each other and in less than 24 hours she’d gotten him dead, her Ben. She let out a deep breath that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and pushed away from the door. He would come back. He had to.

Braden seemed to think that she should be phased by the prospect of an eternity with Ben. She certainly didn’t have the frame of reference to know exactly what that could be like, but it beat the hell out of the alternative. They could fight and make up for eons for all she cared as long as he existed. The only regret she’d ever had in regards to Ben was in leaving him behind.

The rat needed to be fed, so Mack used her little Zuhr to distract herself, something she’d done many times before. By the time Zuhr lost interest in giving and receiving affection Mack had calmed down enough that she thought she could actually sleep. She was so tired. Simply being human was more exhausting then she’d ever realized before experiencing the high of her werewolf skin.

Shucking her pencil skirt unceremoniously on to the floor, she realized for the first time that she’d gotten someone’s blood on her blouse at some point. Probably Ben’s. She finished unbuttoning as quickly as she could and slid out of the top. If she hadn’t perfected her ability to get blood out of anything by now, after all of the practice she’d had, then she deserved to lose more clothing, she thought as the blouse joined the skirt on the ground.

She pulled on her favorite jeans, so baggy and well-loved that they were more comfortable than sweats, and an old Bruins sweater before crawling in to bed and curling up next to Ben. Because she knew from experience that what had been said on the roof was true, dead bodies are cold.

It took a time for her to warm up enough to drift off in to an uneasy sleep, one hand gripping the cross around her neck, the other splayed across Ben’s chest where his heart beat should be.

Field Notes 6 - BT
  • thank God we’re back in our wolf suits, this human shit is not cutting it for this line of work
  • met up with Constantine’s secretary, Felicia…she’s a bad ass bitch…slightly jealous she works with superman but whatever
  • she briefed, and I mean brief, us on our next mission…gonna grab a wayward wolf for the team
  • did some snooping on Maelstom’so floor to get the guy’said scent…guess he lived there before…interesting…Misha’s team drops like flies? That’s two now if you count Prescott
  • we brought Cam and Jean to help after Lydia helped us get Trystan’s scent…got his pic too…jesus, these damn supernaturals and their hotness…and my brother is watching now….damn
  • we visited Misha at Braden’s club to get some info on wolves…I thought that was a terrible idea, super obvious, but guess she didn’t notice or care….
  • Red went off mission to chat with her beau so I decided to test the wolf suits and see about our alcohol tolerance…it’s off the chain needless to say and also scoped out vamps in the city to get my name/fave out as a Herald
  • Red still wasn’t down after 5 drinks and meeting two people so went to visit Braden….he’s fitting in well as a Master of Elyssium…mental note not to visit while drunk…Braden started unbuttoning his shirt and it was all downhill from there. Can’t deny I’m attracted to him and manipulative bast ardent that he is knew it. I tied him up with his belt and let him drink while we fucked. Pretty great….accept once Lydia sobered me up I instantly knew it was a bad idea. Shit.
  • we tracked Trystan to where he’s located and found him in the middle of a bunch of creepy ass spirits
Journal 05

I’ve gotten Ben in to some shit before but this really takes the cake. Part of me wishes that I hadn’t gone to Boston, dragged him in to it, but I think he was involved the minute I called him. Can’t figure out how else those “elder” fuckers would’ve found him. Need to talk with Beks and see how she contacted her boys, and if they’re the only ones, to be sure.

If that is the case, that they tracked him via the phone call, then I guess that it’s a good thing that we were all there together. Not that I fucking helped much. Luckily Beks brother suped out and blew the bastards brain half off…  and Lydia showed up in the timliest fashion, saved Conor and Ben. God. I’ve been trying to block that moment out. The worst fucking time to be a god damned human. Useless. Beks at least was able to get us all out of there, but what the fuck could I do but stand there. Frozen, when the only person I really care about was bleeding out. Shit. And me a god damned fucking doctor.

I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me for getting him in to this mess. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll forgive me for that. But, I missed him. God, I missed him. Only thing I ever regretted about leaving the family was not fighting harder for Ben. I’m selfishly grateful just to have him here in Detroit, though now he’ll never see the sun again. I wonder if he realizes…

I owe Armentsead a big fat fucking apology, but I don’t think he’ll take it. I’ll just have to do what I can to show him- to show all the Founders that they didn’t fuck up with us.

On the business side of things, we’ve finally come up with a team name. Recruited a Totem (thanks, Jean). Takashi has agreed to be our Sherriff and the rest of the “night watch” has agreed to resume their duties here but as “the Watch”. Braden is going to be one of our Masters of Elysium (God, these supes are fond of their titles) and Nathaniel has requested to be a second. I think it’s a good idea, but need to discuss it with Beks.

Also, note to self, I am never ever trying to talk the Prince when I am human ever again. I nearly shit myself.

Field Notes 5 - BT
  • Night watch guys finally got in from Chicago…seems like they’re on board with assuming their roles as “the watch” for us and Takashi is on board with being our Sheriff…excellent, that went well…aside from the whole pissing off a Prince thing
  • got our Totem summoned, it’s a spirit of growth and is equal parts creepy and neat, not really sure how it’s gonna work out, but having it made me more badass so can’t go wrong, right?
  • Noah pulled us in to take a break from our suits, something about our souls needing a rest, I found that pretty ironic actually, but whatever, you’re the boss
  • after Red and I are in our human suits we go our separate ways…we’ve got 2 days of down time, I intended to make the most of them maybe flying back to visit Perrin or doing some sky diving, but got a call from Gabe, he and Conor are going to be stateside doing a security job and they’re one man short, scrapping sky diving plans, obvs helping my bro, haven’t seen either of them in, fuck me, in four years…I seriously hadn’t realized it’d been that long
  • turns out the security gig was for Red and her family…her guy Ben had somebody die so we’re going in to protect them during the visitation, think I’ll wait and surprise her…maybe that’ll take her mind off heavier shit for a bit
  • during the services an Asshole ventrue vamp showed up, claimed he was an elder and then said the elders were pissed, he did some mind job crap and had us all frozen…seriously this human suit…couldn’t have been at a worse time
  • Ventrue asshat puts a round into Ben, puts Gabe on his back and then sinks one into Conor too
  • Asshole has me and Red frozen, can’t do anything but watch
  • “You can watch them die slowly (he motions to Conor and Ben), but him (nodding to Gabe) him I’m going to kill now.”
  • I guess I could’ve closed my eyes, but that didn’t seem right…and I needed Asshole’s face burned into my memory. I’m going to find you.
  • Asshole goes to take care of Gabe, but Gabe snaps and lurches out faster than I’ve seen him move before, he rips the gun outta the Vamps hand and puts the barrel to his chin and fires, sending the few brain cells Asshole has out his ears
  • at that point, while shit is going crazy some mage chic walks in and undoes the mind job the Asshole has on Red and I, we come out of it and rush to Ben and Conor
  • Mage chic also heals the boys, yep, welcome to the team hunny
  • we get back to the Jetoppter, I call Perrin on my way to Corporate, I’m having him meet up there so he doesn’t get killed, I’m not sure how long this Asshole’s reach is, but I’m not taking chances…I seriously have to focus on flying….all I can see is the bullet blooming red on his chest and then picking him up and pushing him to the ground…I can’t help but glance back a few times and catch him in my vision
  • we get to Corporate and Armanstead is waiting, there’s some talk and debate, it boils down to the God machine is coming for Gabe now, he needs to be “bonded” to another ground or he’ll be some kind of yes man for them…hell. no. pack up brother.
  • Armenstead also convinces us to let him take care of the other boys, I’m pretty fucking sceptical, it’s one thing to trust someone with my life…it’s something else entirely to trust someone with Gabe or Conor’s life, but I don’t really have a choice, I make the decision in my head that if this goes South I know I’m finished because I’ll take the Corporation with me, ….. but Armenstead returns them, changed, better more survivable than they were, hell he even gave Red’s Ben immortality and I’m thinking that boy got the better end of the deal, sure as fuck hope he appreciates it
  • Perrin adjusted really quick, looks like he’ll be working with Gage…honestly he’ll probably fit in better at the Corporation than I will, and I’m glad for that, I missed having him around and getting to have someone to do stupid shit with…it’s been a minute since I went sky diving ya know
  • Gabe took off for the night and then the boys plan on shacking at my place until they can get situated in their new apartment rooms or whatever in the Corporate building
  • Conor is acting pretty off…he did get shot and all so I understand, he’s just a lot different in person than he’s been over the phone the last couple of years
Journal 04

First mission down and our team has already doubled in size. Guess it’s a damn good thing that the Corporation didn’t set any limits to the size or format of our team (which still needs a name, shit.) since it looks like we’ll be collecting them like stray kittens. I don’t know what Beks has against Brontes, seems like he’ll be fucking useful who cares if he can’t string more than two words together. You’d think I’d be used to meeting characters from ancient history and folklore by now, the people themselves are pretty fucking nonchalant about it, assholes.

I think having Jean join the team is going to be our saving grace. He might be regretting the decision already, though, as he’s the one voice of reason (aside from Prescott) that we’ve got. I know Beks is reckless. I suspect Camden might be a loose cannon himself. I hate to admit that I’m more excited by the prospect of all the trouble they’re going to get us into than I am exhausted. Fuck …I need to be committed. Or I need a good ol’ humie sparring match with Liv so she can knock my head on straight. Hell.


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