Corporate Woman

Field Notes 2 - BT
  • en route to Chicago to see the mage, got to fly my jetopter / vertibird…whatever…fucking awesome, worth the contract…
  • got pizza and beer to greet the mage, got to his place and smelled blood, mage didn’t answer door so we broke in to help
  • got grappled by Cerberus electric cords, I got loose but got hit in the head and blacked out
  • mage woke up and realized we were trapped, Cerberus was his pet, mage let us down, we ate pizza and chatted, asked him to join and gave him some minor info
  • while taking with mage he got call, his ghoul buddy, some kid, got kidnapped by other mages
  • turns out Jean is some “banished” that other mages don’t like, whatever, he can make essence gum he’s on the team
  • we agree to help his ghoul friend and go see the other mages, we fight them, I eat part of one of them, we kill the others
  • we leave and Constantine shows up, we make mage boy wait on us while we visit the vamp Prince of Chicago…guess we’re trying to recruit her sheriff?
  • we tell Chicago Prince we’ll get rid of her feral problems for the sheriff’s release from his honor oath or whatever, she agrees
  • we have convo with sheriff and then leave the bar
  • we decide to approach the sewer the following night and headed to a Hotel a few hours before sun up
Journal 02

We got to Chicago to recruit the mage, Jean. Had to jump through a few hoops to get him to sign up, but all in all it went a hell of a lot better then it could have done. In the process I learned that Jean’s “powers” are fucking effective (what with his using god damned Cerberus to guard his apartment and his “essence” charged gum, among other things); we all hate bullies; human meat is disturbingly delicious, seriously, fuck me; and the man looks doable even in Hello Kitty pants. I am very satisfied with our first recruit.

Thought we’d be headed back to Detroit immediately, but looks like we’re stuck here for a day or two. Constantine was waiting at the jet, helicopter, thing, when we got there. He had another gig for us, and the Invisible Prince in tow. Guess we were supposed to bring him with us, I didn’t realize. Whoops. Happy to have him along really. He’s a scary fuck, but he’s our scary fuck. For the time being anyway… he doesn’t seem like a team player. At all. He can suck my blood anytime though, I’ll happily “sacrifice” myself for the sake of the team for that. That was fucking orgasmic.

Made a deal with the vampire “Prince” of Chicago (this particular prince is a lady …vamps are weird, guess they’re big in to titles or some shit). We take care of problem they’ve got with a metric fuck ton of feral vamps and she releases her “Sheriff” from his debt of honor. He seems like an alright one, trying to get him to come to our side when this business with the ferals is all done. Constantine’s been letting us do all the talking through all this. He doesn’t want us to just be figureheads in Detroit so I can understand why, but fuck. We’re still acclimating to this bullshit “monters that go bump in the night” fuckery. He’s definitely taking a big risk with us. Not sure if he’s a gambler or if he’s just that bored.

Either way, we’re not dead yet and the city is still in one piece, for now, I’ll call that a win and not sweat about things that haven’t happened yet. Prescott got us these sweet hotel rooms and I am too damn tired to waste them worrying about tomorrow.

I wonder if I’ll have time to call Ben before we leave…

Journal 01

I. Can. Not. Fucking. Believe. It. Magic, vampires, werewolves, and other shit that goes “bump” in the night are fucking real. Seriously?! In spite of the evidence in front of me, I’m more than half hoping that I’m hallucinating all of this. Maybe it’s a dream. I really don’t want to blame that amazingly weird water, if it was filled with drugs and shit that are messing us up then that means that we’re still in that fucking fight club bullshit. If I’m not dreaming then that means that I just made a deal with the goddamned Devil himself. (Sorry, mom.) Though he prefers to be called Armanstead, apparently.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Before all that some sickos abducted me out of my own bed. I live in a shit neighborhood so I’m not sure I should be too surprised by that, mainly I’m surprised by who did the abducting. I’d expect some bullshit like that from the Saint, but from some damned vamps that don’t know me from Adam! What the fuck. How’d they even know about me? Whatever. Regardless of how they knew (I’m sure I’ll figure out more about that as I learn more about the supes), what they did, what they made us do, is what really sticks in my throat. It got real fucking bloody.

Maybe these new nightmares will replace the old ones.

Thankfully? Bek, or Beks, or whatever the fuck she wants to be called (she’s real friendly), and I were rescued by this group of supes that call themselves Maelstrom. Saving us was just a “bonus”, I’m assuming they were there for the vamps’ “Invisible Prince”, put a stop to his excesses or whatever. The Prince overpowered them quick like. They say he’s real old, and I’m getting the distinct impression that there’s a direct correlation between age and power, ‘cause Constantine swooped in and put a stop to the Prince like he was nothing. Apparently he’s older than Methuselah. …Fuck. I wonder if there really is a Methuseleh. I wonder if he was a vampire.

Anyway, the rest is history. He recruited us for “the Corporation” (God. I’m using a fuck to of quotation marks) and, after a justifiable amount of disbelief I think, took us to meet Noah. That Noah. …I’m really not sure if the Catholic church is wasting their goddamn time or if they should feel fucking justified, all this weird mystical bullshit is legit to a certain extent. From what Armenstead said, angels are real and they work for the “God-machine”. Not exactly what my confirmation classes taught me.

Noah seemed excited to meet us, seems this Union project has been a pet project of his. He just needed to find people of the correct bloodline. People with all of the supe types in their blood, specifically two generations back. Seems Beks and I meet the criteria. I didn’t know any of my grandparents, but damn! They had some secrets. According to Noah we should be able to take the different supernatural types on and off like suits.

- There are three of us so far in our team, Beks and myself as field agents and Prescott is our office agent.
- We’ve tried on our first “suit” and gone hunting as werewolves with Misha, the leader of Maelstrom.
- Beks and I are headed to Chicago to recruit a mage named Jean Vinova for our team.

In Future
- I will be working with the Invisible Prince, as his “Herald”, to unite and manage the supes in Detroit.

Field Notes - BT
  • not really sure how I got to Detroit, but woke up at Fight Club…seriously….
  • freaks were running it and it was literally fight to the death via the elementary game 4 squares
  • beat ass, not happy about the situation, these things are crazy and homicidal
  • got dumped back in a …dungeon I guess…in there for a minute then Mr. Smooth walks up and hands us (some red head chic) “magic” water
  • red head drinks it…seriously … nope, waited for this guy to come into the cage to try and escape, he didn’t, but used some sort of bullshit mind control to get me to drink the water…bullshit
  • Mr. Smooth says backup is coming, magic water heals Red and I. This is fucked up.
  • get taken back up to Fight Club and there’s just red and I … we’re meant to fight it out
  • Mr. Smooth steps in and hell breaks out as his “backup” has arrived, more monsters or freaks or whatever
  • fighting comes to a quick halt when another Mr. Smooth…this one pretty hot, comes in and puts a stop to things… Mr. Hot beats some guy called the “Invisible Prince” and things wind down
  • Mr. Hot escorts Red and I outta Fight Club, we run into that bitch from early that was running the ring, I fill her with incendiary rounds … seriously…these people have incendiary rounds? WTF also…fucking awesome…
  • Mr. Hot takes us to some fancy building and on the way lays some bullshit on us…we’re supposed to believe this crap and join some corporation…I call his bluff
  • Mr. Hot bites me…not really sure what that’s about, but damn it feels good, and pretty sure he drank blood. Wut. Oh well…life goal= get bit again…then he superman’s me up to the sky….like seriously just straight up…ok… Mr. Hot = Superman….alright Superman, whatever you say…as long as I can see you in (or out of) some tights
  • back at the Corporation we talk to Mr. Fly…old humorless dude says he’s a demon…whatever, hot guy with wings who can fly = hot in my book, goal = get Mr. Fly to fly me
  • we meet Mr. Ark (why are all these fucking dudes hot as fuck!?!?)…Thinking I made the right decision by signing on and putting frat stipulation in the contract…HA, great forsight Bek, nicely done!
  • put on our werewolf suits…Ms. Alpha shows us the ropes on a hunt…pretty sure I’m hallucinating now as a result of the previously taken “magic water”…pretty badass hallucination but hallucination all the same….yep, we turn into wolves, I’ve gone completely insane….fuck it, may as well enjoy being crazy

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