Corporate Woman

Field Notes 12 - BT
  • woke up with our new suits on…we had the most severe reactions to these suits….Noah was in the room with us and his blood was so potent it was all I could smell in the room…all I wanted, Red and I charged him, held him down and tore him apart…literally tore him apart while he tried to struggle
  • Red called up to Constantine’s office, I just screamed for him, turns out he’s not in office…seriously I’m starting to wonder on their priorities. I called to Prescott to get the mages up here, but got no response, Felicia came up and seemed super unconcerned about us murdering a founder. The second man I’ve murdered in cold blood, and honestly probably the only person I’ve killed who hasn’t deserved it…I’m in shock, I’m possibly going to be sick, they’re going to kill me, Gabe is gonna try to stop them and get killed to…fuck so is Conor, this is going to be a bloodbath, I have to get to Lydia and get her to fix this somehow, however, she has to, I can’t risk Gabe and Conor fighting for me over this, sell my soul, whatever it takes…. but then Felicia drops it on us that this isn’t Noah just a clone. A clone!!!? What. The. Fuck.
  • First off, that only slightly makes it better….likely the Founders won’t kill us for murdering the clone which is good—means Gabe and Conor are safe, but we still killed an intelligent being…it’s still murder. Murder of a totally innocent person who just got in our way. Needless to say, least favorite suit so far. I’m pissed, beyond pissed that Noah put us in this position. He had to know…why the fuck weren’t we in restraints, why didn’t he have Jean fill us up in another way, why didn’t he involve the Prince on this…the Prince sure as hell could have controlled us. Red and I had no idea what to expect, no clue we’d just be hungry and set off, but Noah sure as shit should have know and taken precautions. Fuck, I’m pissed. When the Founders get back, we’re having a conversation. They want Red and I to be “lifers” but won’t tell us all the details until after we’re on the hook. No. Fuck that. That’s not gonna fly anymore. They can tell us all the shit and then, THEN, at that point if we aren’t lifers they can wipe our memories. Felicia locks our asses in the lab until we cleaned up…thanks very much, I could have used my own shower and some god damn moral support from my brother, but yeahhhh your right Felicia a clean floor is more important. And seriously, taking the extra damage out of my paycheck…yeah bitch that’s fine too, after this…let’s just see how long I’m on the payroll anyway. Last time I had to wash cold blooded murder off my hands …. I just….I’m not sure I can deal with it a second time. War and self defense are another thing altogether, I can file those in a different part of my brain, but this….this is gonna stay with me, feeling him struggle, I can’t get that outta my brain….it was my old man all over again
  • After Red and I were finally cleaned up we were “allowed” to leave the lab and head down to our team. I intended to tell them what had happened and that I was talking to the founders, but the moment Red and I get to my place Prescott says there’s an issue….and Gabe is in a mother fucking coma. And Conor is gone….this is it I’m gonna flip….
  • after talking it out with the group we determine that a demon is possibly the only way to help Gabe, Prescott has some Intel he can get but says he needs time and patience, yeah I gotta step out. I can’t stare at his listless body and be patient so I head outside and pace. After a bid Tristan comes out and just sits there. Something Gabe would’ve done…after an hour of waiting I can’t take it. I need to vent. I simply say “spar” to Tristan and he’s up and in fight mode. He doesn’t hold back, doesn’t cut me, but lays a beating and I dish it back. We both heal so it won’t matter long term, but right now it’s just what I need. Tristan was just what I needed.
  • Prescott announces he’s got a demons location and Lydia teleports Red, Tristan and myself. We fight off some Angels but the demon runs. We track him down to anot abandoned building but Tristan looses the scent and the demon is just gone. We look around and find a human…some drugged bum….but it’s not adding up. I trust Trystan’s tracking and demons can hide from the machine, if they can hide from those bastards they can sure as shit hide from us. So I call bullshit mr. Bum. Except I drink from the bastard and not only do I get high on X, but he also tastes human. Fuck. Too bad he’s coming with us, I’m not chancing it, we’re taking him…then a flicker in his eyes and he asks why, my brother, and he knows I’m being honest and he agrees to help.
  • We port back to my place and chat with the others. We figure out with Mr Demon’s help that hijacking an angel might be the only way to fix what they did to Gabe. The demon helps track an angel occurrence and we port there. We have to stop the angels from enacting “the machine” and instead filter it to the demon. We beat the fuck out of the angels and toggle the machine like we’re supposed to. The demon fights the summoned angel and gets control…literally a fight to the death, clearly I owe this man a debt.
  • we head back to my place again and the demon tries to fix Gabe….he’s at it for an hour…and nothing, he looks at me and shakes his head….goddammit, fuck the founders for not being here. I get they have “bigger” problems but this is my world and I’m going to destroy theirs if they cause mine to be destroyed. Tit for tat.
  • and then The Prince shows up with Conor and two brats in tow. Conor’so pale and acting strange, he’s even moving differently….he’s been turned which I expected, he goes straight to Gabe like he knows….he looks at me with, fuck I don’t know…knowledge…that look I didn’t expect. A few symbols later and some help from Jean and Gabe sits up like he’s just been napping…I’ve never fainted a day in my life, and maybe it’s the new suits, but my legs give out and I cover by dropping to my knees in front of Gabe. I put my head on his chest and hear his heart….I hear my world slam back into place.
  • it’s close to daylight and the pact disperses. Conor needs blood and just from my brief conversations about blood I know there’s power in it. I tell Gabe I want some of his blood. I know I can track him easier if I’ve had it….it’s weird don’t get me wrong, but worth the payout….maybe I should have warned him more cause what the fuck, dude, you’re too vocal. Bleh.
  • after I feed Conor, while Red and the others give us our space. Tristan stays but takes a shower so he’s not in our business. It’s different than I thought it would be, more intimate somehow, more intense….I’d locked my feelings for him up along with the memories of my old man….it was too much then and it’s too much now, but in a different good way….maybe I was just too young and screwed up to deal with it? I’m still screwed up, but maybe being older makes this easier? Fuck. I don’t fucking know. All I know is I’m in love with two guys and this shit is too complicated.
  • Conor heads out after, we touch foreheads like Gabe and i have done so many times before and I tell him he can talk to me about what happened, I know I don’t talk about shit, but that’s because it makes me feel worse, not thinking is what helps me heh……if it helps him to talk though…I tell him I’m there for that and that I also want to know what happened so I feel apart of that time, 37 years is a long time to be gone, it’s longer than we’ve know each other…just that thought makes me feel robbed and pissed….he had to get our, uhhh his, nieces so I get why and I’m not mad, but shit…
  • after Conor leaves Tristan comes out of the shower and shifts so I can feed. He tastes so much better than Gabe and I need to ask if a vamp can get addicted to other supers blood. I drink until I’m full and don’t flip out on him, small win, and when I’m done drinking and he shifts back he pulls me under him, pushing me on my back and into the mattress …I’m already turned on from Conor and now double from Tristan, and I’m torn up inside from all the shit that’s gone down, being with Tristan is a balm and for the first time I let a man be on top, be in control…and for the first time it doesn’t scare me
  • after we stroll out, somehow we manage to be quiet but the others probably know anyway, and I try to think about why that bothers me. Sex is sex and normally I’m hammer blunt on it, it’s just a body function….but that, that was more, maybe I don’t like the intimacy being shared with the others, I don’t want them part of that moment between Tristan and I. Shit. He probably has no clue it was more than just fucking and I’m such a chicken shit I know I won’t be able to tell him.
  • Red takes the couch and I say I want to push my suit…see how long I can stay up…really, I just need to hear Gabe’s heart longer, I need to memorize the sound. Gabe and I stand by the window and as the sun comes up blood leaks from my tearducks….ironic…I haven’t cried in years and when I finally do, it’s blood…how fucking fitting. When the sun finally takes me, I fight it, and think that’s how all the people I’ve killed had to feel….helpless and clawing as the light takes them….
Journal 11

Was finally able to find time to catch up with Ben and it was… unsatisfactory. I’m glad that he shared the information with me that he did, but I feel like we didn’t really get time to address it to move to any other topic before Hale swooped in and stole me away for a mission. Work, work, work.

We met the others back at HQ and immediately took off on some fancy schmancy jet-pseudo-spaceship literally in to the stratosphere. We weren’t briefed on the mission until we were out of the atmo, but we had a full house with our entire team, the entirety of team Maelstrom, and apparently Connor is leading a new team of Assassin’s, Team Havoc. Turns out we more than needed all of us for this mission. As it is we nearly fucking lost both Atticus and Jean this time round. The rest of the group weren’t unscathed, Gabe was possessed, Trystan was badly injured, everybody received some kind of hurt. I feel fucking impotent when anything like that happens. I feel so protective of every person on our team and yet I’m the least equipped to help in that situation. I’m a doctor for fuck’s sake, but I’m useless when it comes to patching these supes up. Fuck. Thank the fucking lord for Lydia and Jean,we all would have been goners with out them. (An ironic statement since i was ultimately the god-machine that was responsible for the whole damn mess. Fucking pricks, angels.)

That all sorted, we had a ton of catch up to do with the entire business of running a city. Speaking of which Beks and I need to have a conversation about communication as there were apparently a variety of things I should have known but had no clue of. Everything from an escaped prisoner to the fact that the Prince is off running an errand or some shit.

When we got to the Bedlam building Trystan sniffed out that we had a visitor politely awaiting an audience in our conference room. Though it seems he’s really there because he’s got some interest in the Prince, we have agreed to allow the Ancient (he calls himself) Vovan wait in the city for the Prince to return and “grant him an audience”. In reality I’m, 1. pretty fucking sure we don’t have the power to deny his request as he is a god damned fucking dragon, no shit; and 2. the Prince is going to seek him out as soon as he gets back to the city with out us needing to tell him anything. That creature has zeroed in on every other big power that has come to Detroit with no problem.

Met a new ventrue refugee from Chi-town, David. Beks grilled him while I was having a conversation with Lydia and learned enough about him that we felt relatively secure making him the manager / Master of Elysium of our club. We also entered into what I believe will be mutually beneficial business arrangements, financially for us, politically for him, and it’d be nice if we can all be friendly from here on out considering how entwined we just made our futures. The vamps in our city have all been surprisingly… nice. Not sure what it says about me that I find myself liking the monsters more and more and the angels less and less.

According to Vovan, Beks and I are stuck in a “chaotic state” (no shit) as our bonds with our geists are incomplete. That’s not super fucking surprising considering the… nontraditional means in which we became bound with them, but it would be worth pursuing a more secure bond. Don’t have time for that though, as we’ve just been summoned by Noah to don our next suit…

Field Notes 11 - BT
  • during my diner with Conor he announced he was “leaving” on a mission he quote “had to go on” and didn’t want to talk about it, he said part of it he couldn’t talk about because of the contract he signed with Armenstead…yeah, not sure I believe Armenstead was the one who put the “let’s not tell people about this” clause in there buddy, but you do you and if you don’t want to tell me that’s fine…I get it…you had a life after I left, did I ever say you shouldn’t have? NO. But don’t make me feel guilty for shit that I couldn’t deal with or be a part of yet, I mean for godsake I’d just gotten out of the army, I’d never been on my own and I just needed to find…to find myself…where no big brother or older (and pretty hot) friend could be my fallback. I needed the chance to fuck up, the chance to fail, the chance to be under my own rule and my own power for awhile. Can’t blame him for not understanding that considering I didn’t even fucking know that’s what I was doing until pretty damn recently
  • dinner with Conor was interrupted by Hale who announced we were going back to the Corporation for a job…ugh. Fine. Prince showed up and creepily used my voice to dominate and order Hale away telling him we’d be there on our own. After which Prince got some peaces of info out of Conor…not sure if I’m happy he did that or not, and not sure if he was trying to make me happy by doing it? I seriously cannot figure this creepy bastard out. Regardless, apparently Conor is going to the shadow realm for some errand that the Prince found out about but didn’t say out loud (dick), and the Prince made sure to point out that Conor isn’t going to come back alive…great, thanks for that….and how the fuck do you know? you gonna make sure that prophecy comes true? but Creepy Prince of McCreepson offered to go with Conor and keep him safe, Prince made sure to tell me not to tell anyone he was leaving the city, he left his “shadow” in his place and said that would be more than enough….fuck me, I sure fucking hope so or I’m going to have like 20 really really powerful and really pissed off people on my back for letting this happen…god. damn. it.
  • after getting back to the Corporation we were told there was a level 6 event and we have to get gone really quick, briefing would be en route, yeah fine….and I’m sorry, is that some sort of jet-rocket you want me to fly there? YES PLEASE. Well at least if I was going to sell my soul I get to fly shit like this…seriously….I was in space….that’s the real take-away from this. I WAS FUCKING IN SPACE MR. FUCKING ARMSTRONG. GO EAT IT.
  • as a side note there was an archangel sent to stop a nuclear thing from killing billions, but mr. angel needed to kill 100 or so people to make that happen, dick move bro when we can stop the nuclear bullshit thing with ZERO innocent Aztec sacrifices…I mean what the fuck….yeah, reconsidering being Jewish
  • anyway, we got our asses handed to us, like seriously handed to us, I was about to lose my shit with how many of my pack were dropping, but then another angel starting fighting the one we were sent for….like some power ranger monster battle (which was actually kinda fucking awesome), turns out the other angel of doom is Maelstroms goddamn totem…FINE, JUST BE THAT AWESOME SEE IF I CARE…but fuck me I do kinda care…now we’re gonna have to find a way to step our game the fuck up
  • while all this was going down a smaller angel possessed Gabe and made him hold himself hostage to try and stop the fighting, that 100% solidified it for me…fuck the god machine. I’m done with them. You threatened Gabe’s life, get fucked.
  • Lydia healed up my other pack mates that got hurt and then managed to knock Gabe out so the angel couldn’t possess him, and Jean made sure he was clean
  • returned to the Corporation after that and we had some drinks and a smoke before calling it in
  • finding I’m feeling a little more drawn away from the group than previously, because of the suit? not having the wolf suit means I’m not as, I don’t know, “pack” oriented? or am I just kinda getting sick of some of the drama? I’m not really sure, I mean I do like these people, so maybe it’s just the suit, guess I’ll know more when we change suits, WHICH ACCORDING TO NOAH’S RUDE ASS TEXT APPARENTLY HAS TO FUCKING HAPPEN IN TWO FUCKING HOURS
  • jesus…..that man doesn’t know how to wait, which yeah fine I get it, you’re a busy world changing mage, but for fucks sake, let me have a couple days to get my shit in order, you did give Red and I the task of putting a city back together, which is a full time job unto itself let alone the other shit we’re dealing with…what happens to your suit when we bust at the seems?
  • chatted with Noah, guess we’re going to try on our Vamp suits, which means we actually have to die this time…reallllly hoping that I’m gonna wake up this go considering I kinda might have pissed Noah off a lot…I was just speaking my mind though, can’t get in trouble for that right? I mean I guess I have in the past, just kinda thought Noah and I were on honest and forthcoming terms, not really sure now though as he is still obviously holding intel away from us. He used the excuse that we aren’t 100% involved with the corporation and until we are “lifers” then he can’t tell us any more than he already has…..I called bullshit and he did divulge that he wants humans to have the chance to ALL be supers if they want so they can oppose the machine. I know a lot of dick humans…like, come to think of it, I know more dick humans than I do supers….wayyyyyyy more. And I don’t want a single one of those bastards getting powers….is there a selection process? cause that shit needs to be regulated. i’m not sure Noah feels that way and that scares the fuck outta me. I told him as much and he hawk eyed me while filling the bacta tank thing up…thanks, now I’m wondering if I’m gonna wake up….sigh, way to make a girl feel comfortable while she’s naked…dick
Field Notes 10 - BT
  • We’re obviously doing something right, got the attention of lots of people…and they’re pissed….and using rocket launchers to destroy our shit. First, fuck you. Second, rocket launcher? Nice. Third, but seriously fuck you. King Hottie got Red and I away from the blast, but Benny, who was in the room, wasn’t as lucky and took the blast full on in the back. Honestly, I’m pretty surprised he’s alive….isn’t he supposed to be a newbie…I mean seriously he took that rocket like a champ. Wonder if it has anything to do with Braden being his sire…like are vamps more badass depending on who sires them? Mental note, remember to ask that sometime.
  • Red and I chased after Benny as he frenzied out and went after the baddies. Fighting on the open street isn’t idea, but with Benny flipping out Red and I didn’t really have choice…also realized Benny is gonna attack our shit as soon as the baddies are down. Attacking a herald carries a death sentence…not good. Thank fuck I still have those stupid little goblin fruit—what’s that 3 times now the damn fruit has saved our ass? Ugh. I really hate relying on shit like that. Gonna have to figure a way out to control beasts so this doesn’t happen again. In the meantime shoving the fruit down Benny throat worked ok, although he did bit Mac, but thankfully our Watch was smart enough to look the other way and be elsewhere for that.
  • Once things were pretty much taken care of about 6 more baddies showed up, along with King Hottie, who drove his SUV between us as a shield…and are those automatics the baddies have…excellent, I’ve been wanting to test out just how bullet proof I am in this suit. I put myself out front to be the target and make sure the others were safe too…for some reason they don’t seem to understand I can take care of myself and all of them also decided to jump into line of sight to “help me out”. Do they seriously think I’m just suicidal and would jump out if I didn’t think I was going to be 100% fine? I don’t fucking need rescued…never have and never will. What the fuck. We need a tactics talk. Regardless we took down the new baddies with ease and 3 of them surrendered.
  • Turns out the shit storm was a ruse…a true Fae called the Hedge Master had come to start shit…thankfully the Invisible Prince is a goddamn monster of a badass and literally stapled her to a concrete wall. He was tore up pretty bad and needed to feed…more than we could provide apparently and King Hottie offered to take us to Baba Yaga Castle, which Red seemed really excited about…
  • Prince Badass tied the Fae bitch in the castle basement and then literally walked into a fountain of blood and just soaked it in, through his pores like a creepy stephen king villain. Seeing that…I just didn’t expect that to get to me. I mean I can be in the same room as a rocket going off, I can kill people and sleep just fine, hell I can even morph into a fucking horror movie werewolf and feel completely normal…but seeing that scary ass mother fucker bathing in that fountain of blood…that shit…is gonna give me a nightmare.
  • Once we got back to our realm or whatever I should fucking call it, I got a text from Cupid to ask Conor to dinner….now doesn’t seem the time, but I guess that’s the point and honestly I wouldn’t mind eating dinner with a friend and someone I feel safe and comfortable around, so yeah, probably a bad idea, but fuck it, lets do it…
Journal 10

Really getting fucking tired of people randomly attacking us, especially when it gets people I care about involved. Not that I expect that’s going to change anytime soon… we knew we were going to be ruffling feathers with our city project, but shit. This time it was an asshole with a rocket launcher who blasted a hole in our Bedlam building in order to get at us, he lit Ben on fire in the process. Ben lost his shit and Beks had a fucking brilliant idea to bring him out of it, he did tear a chunk out of my shoulder in the process which hurt like a son of a bitch, but Sofia patched me right up. Did not know she could do that, fucking useful as shit though.

I digress, when we had bazooka boy just about taken care of some (I’m assuming) friends of his decided to make an appearance. Quite fortuitously, Atticus also came rolling in at that time (like a god damned knight in shining armor) to save the day, mind-jobbing bazooka’s buddies in to a state of compliance. Seems the Watch had some difficulties of their own, no losses on our side though, so that’s good. While all of this was going on the Prince and our Sheriff were tied up with the “Hedge Master” a true fae who, we’re assuming came in search of her escapee, Rose. That bitch showing up at the same time as all of the damn vamps that attacked seems far too coincidental. There’s definitely something shady about that, I wonder if there’s any connection between these attacks and our “friend” Mr. “Fuck You” Bellafont, the mastermind with possible other supe connections.

Anyway, it is apparently nigh-impossible to really kill a true fae, even for the Prince, so he invited himself over to Atticus’ place in the Hedge, Baba Yaga’s Castle. Guess the castle has a handy place to store the fae as well as an “all-you-can-eat” vamp buffet. IE: a fountain of blood from which to drink (so long as you don’t get fucking addicted).

Atticus is now officially a part of the pack, it would have been difficult to refuse him after all the help he offered, still it was important for the entire pack to agree in spite of some reservations…

Now, I’ve got to get cleaned up to have dinner with Ben. Knowing him it’s going to be somewhere hell a fancy… Shit. I’ll have to wear a dress. Looking forward to finally really talking with him though, we haven’t really gotten much chance to do that and I think we need to.

Journal 09

Finished up our bargaining at the Market… I should’ve made more deals maybe, but a lot of them seemed like taking the easy way, which I’m obviously not a fan of. For other things… the cost was just too damn high. Maybe in a hundred years, three hundred, these things won’t seem as important, but it feels as though our humanity has been slipping away quickly enough without us hurrying it along.

We were able to make a deal with the Maestro to bring an entrance in to the Goblin Market to Detroit, I’m just relieved that Armenstead was so agreeable about helping us fulfill… He seems to be concerned about our well-being? It makes me even more curious to know what he and Noah were arguing about.

Had an interesting little chat with Rose, she’s definitely more than she appears to be (which seems to be the case with the changelings). Hope she finds something that she wants to do, aside from avoiding the True Fae, in the meantime we’ve brought her into the corporation. Partly for her protection and partly so she can assist Lydia.

Beks and I talked to the pack about bringing Evelyn on board, nothing but affirmative responses all round so we called her up for a meeting. Seems we had her at “Project Union”. She’s interested in the implications this “research” of Noah’s has on the possibility of her being able to turn her Sin-Eaterness off on occasion. Well, at least now we’ve got an honest to god, full-time, sin-eater in the pack now. We need to recruit one more to make our group a nice multiple of three and keep Esttria happy. Thinking we need to recruit a changeling to be really well-rounded.

Got an urgent text from Nathaniel wanting us to get to the Bedlam building ASAP. Nathaniel’s usually pretty chill so we got Lydia to teleport us there as the most expedient method. She immediately disappeared again swearing. Not sure if she could tell who was in the building waiting for us, or if it was something else entirely. If it’s the latter than I’m worried, if the former than I’ll have to give her shit for abandoning us to the prince of Chicago’s mercies. Cause that bitch doesn’t have any.

Ben seemed to be doing his best to make the bitch- excuse me- prince of Chicago and her bastard primogen happy until we got there, but there is just no pleasing some people. Apparently several of our Watch were under contract to her when they skipped town. News to me. She threatened to take us before a “blood court” or some bullshit. We pretended to play nice, sort of, to buy some time. She clearly wasn’t fooled, but “allowed” us 24 hours to sort things out before she too more drastic measures.

However, we granted her Night Watch, ALL of them, Sanctuary in Detroit and I intend to make sure they get it. Wouldn’t be a very good advertisement if we didn’t follow through on our promises and any way, the Chi-town prince is a bitch.

Field Notes 9 - Bek
  • Red and I finished up at the market, ran into a couple more interesting characters, this Yoska guy is able to find and trap spirits….needless to say there’s an option for me there, he agreed to find and trap dear old dad if I give him an artifact, I’d like to try and find the bastard myself first….kinda like the idea of personally hunting him down…would he know I was coming for him? even in death…the idea that I’ll be his grim reaper, again, really does it for me…glad Gabe doesn’t know how fucked up I am
  • we also chatted with Ull, he can track anyone and he agreed to find that Ventrue bastard for an artifact…man, sorry Lydi you’re gonna be on making shit duty for awhile, I’m gonna owe that girl big, Ull also agreed to offer up memories for Gabe’s tiger and a watch hawk through his twin Staton if I gave him a place in Detroit and introduced him to 3 people he could maybe make a pack with…not a bad deal, I actually plan on introducing his ass to some of Braden’s friends ….. keep your friends close…
  • after we finished up with all our deals we talked with Maestro and worked out our main deal, went pretty well too, we’re going to track him down new vendors (1 per year for 10 years), ask Armanstead to meet with him and throw a yearly festival for the Market in the Coliseum. In return we get to vet the market goers from Detroit and put up a door to the Market, we also get lifetime passes. Fucking. Sweet. Normally I fucking hate shopping, but god damn I’ll make an exception for this fucking place.
  • after Red and I got back we chatted with Evelyn and the rest of the team, everyone agreed to have her on board which is cool, she seems like she’ll be useful and we could use another chic
  • after the pleasantries with our team we were told the Princess and her douchbag ventrue had showed up, they were here to start shit over the Night Watch’s contracts and all that…I seriously hate this bitch and was contemplating just asking the Prince to fucking end her when Mr. Hot Pants showed up and put her in her place….and then he says he’s a King…wut? Well fuck. Hello King Hot Pants. Not only did he just fucking own her, and look hot doing it, but he’s also a changeling and wants in the Pack….ummm yes please, welcome aboard Mr. King Hot Pants and also while you’re at it…lose the pants
  • we headed back to Bedlam only to get a rocket launcher up our asses….seriously, Princess bitch is gonna die
Journal 08

Not certain what I think of this new suit. Seeing dead everywhere is a little different from seeing spirits, it’s depressing. Also, still not certain what all I can do in this “sin-eater” form, though time with the team at the Coliseum went a long way towards helping.

Will have to get used to being “possessed”. Sofia seems forth-coming enough, which I gather isn’t always the case. Not sure if I’m more relieved or frustrated that she can’t make longer appearances. I’m not looking forward to the unceasing companionship, but at the same time I have so many questions… Don’t know what I expected a powerful ghost to act like, but she’s so damn calm about everything. Hollywood didn’t prepare me for a restful ghost. Shit.

Apparently Beks woke up about a day before I did. Briefed me on a mission she got sent on, made some friends in the New York vamp court. Now I’m trying to find a good time to ask Lydia if she has a brother since the god damned sheriff of NY shares a last name with her pops.

Misha and Trystan worked some of their aggression out on each other. Trystan assured us it’s a Wolf thing, not sure how healthsome that is, but he seems somewhat relieved. I doubt things will be amicable between them in the future, but so long as they don’t come to blows each time they meet, I’ll be pleased.

On mission to rescue a Corporation field-op gone missing. Sin-eater, name of Evelyn. I find it awfully coincidental that all of these rescue ops put us in a favorable position with viable recruits for our team. Anyway, took Jean and Trystan with us to the underworld… Fuck. I feel like I’ve stepped in to Greek mythology or something. Next thing they’ll tell me fucking Hades is real too. Trystan tracked Evelyn in to the Underworld and back out again to an old abandoned carnival south of Detroit. Fucking clowns.

Evelyn’s trail dead ended at a wall painted over with vines and shit. Thought there might be some connection to the Hedge bullshit Brontes was telling us about so we got him involved. Sent him a pic, he said it was a door of sorts then he drove all this way just to let us in. Good guy Brontes. I’ve heard tales of the Goblin Market. I’m hoping for the kid-friendly version, but I’m sure as hell not expecting it.

Field Notes 8 - Bek
  • Noah got us situated in our new suits, Sineater….hmmmm, already kinda missing the were suit….
  • Red and I talked to Orin about the new suits hoping for some insights as Prescott has another job for us and needless to say a new suit is going to take some getting used to, we tried to work some of that out by sparring at the Colosseum…I can tell I can take a hit better than I could before, but Jesus could my claws tear through shit—don’t get me wrong though, I don’t miss all the fur
  • after our little training session we chatted with Prescott about the next mission and got VERY LITTLE details from him, seriously this is becoming a thing, minimal details and then us just dumped on whatever “job” we’re given…and Prescott is level 7 or some shit so I know that cute little fucker knows more than what he tells us, part of me thinks this is part of their “on the job training” and honestly I’m not sure if I should be pissed off or greatful…let’s be real I can be both
  • the mission is yet another wayward agent of the Corporation…how many people have they lost? that cannot look good for their HR department
  • Red and I decided to have Trystan and Jean along for the mission, they seemed like the most useful in this situation (since we lost our tracking noses) …. Trystan didn’t make things awkward so that’s good…without the were suit I feel less…I don’t know, there’s less of a need to mark what’s mine you know….that said I’m still crazy attracked to Trystan, and God help me Braden, …. so i’m not really sure were that leaves Conor and I…I’m just worried we’ve grown apart and into different people, it wasn’t easy with him like it was with the others…maybe it’s just because we’re so close or maybe it’s because we aren’t, I’m not really sure yet…and FUCK me, but I have bigger shit to worry about than boy drama bullshit, I mean seriously ain’t no body got time for that, I have a city to help run and all the political crap with that has my brain spinning…I need a man that solves problems not creates them, guess it’s just a matter of determining who that is…heh, then again I could always put my were suit back on and pull a Misha and just enjoy them all…that girl seriously has it figured out, if I didn’t respect the shit outta her so much I would honestly contemplate challenging her for her pack…it’s hard not to want what she’s built

….. see God damn it, all this boy talk bullshit got me distracted, ugh

  • so me, Red, Trystan and Jean head out after this Evelyn lady who went missing a few months ago, Trystan tracked her to the underworld and then back out and up to a pretty strange door in an abandoned carnival …. pretty sure I’ve seen this scary movie before, anyway our rings matched the carvings on the door so we called up Brontes and asked him about it, he told us to hang tight and that he would come to us
  • turns out the door was to the Goblin Market, some Hogwarts level bazaar shit, a lot stranger than I thought it would be, but hey if our target is here we can kill two birds with one stone as we also need to make a deal with the Market and make them more accessible to our city, thus attracting higher class residents
  • once Red, me and Brontes were inside (he couldn’t take any more of us) we chatted with the Market owner or CEO or whatever, he told us we had to “show our patronage” to the market by completing a certain number of transactions before he’d even speak to us….fine, that didn’t sound too hard right, I mean how hard could it be….apparently pretty fucking hard…the shit for sale and what to use to buy shit….what the fuck, this place is one part glorious and one part seriously fucked up
  • we got pretty damn lucky off the bat at least and found Evelyn right away…we traded 5 fights each (so 10 total between Red and I) in the ring for some Andlo asshole, no fights to the deal and only 1 fight a night, ok feeling alright about that one…usually fighting I’ll do for free this time I got something out of it…not bad
  • I traded one of my Thanium knuckles for 12 “gobin fruits” whatever the fuck those are…fuck me, hope Lydia isn’t pissed, planning on giving her half of the fruits to say “sorry I sold the most precious badass weapon I’ve ever owned”
  • next I chatted with a way too hipper lady called Edalla, she traded normal shit with crazy features for other mundane shit to then alter…badass…I asked her for continued business and struck a deal that for every 1 special thing she gives me I’ll give her 3 normal things of her request…we’ll set up a drop point for this as I expect to take full advantage of this deal on a long term basis, in the meantime I traded for 2 purses of holding and 1 set of car keys
  • I chatted with a guy named Marcius…uhhh he trades in “love secrets” like how to handle your love life…part of me was like uhhh this is either a fucking joke or really stupid and the other part was like yeah, totally, why the fuck not, so I gave him Colosseum box seats, the season pass, for advice
  • I visited a dude who sold animals of all kinds …. pretty cool….think his name was pretty normal, Paul or something, but anyway the price seemed a little high…he wanted memories in exchange for the animals….I wanted to get Gabe something he’d flip over though so I gave up 2 sky diving memories for a white tiger….kinda want to know what other memories he has….wonder if those are for sale or if he keeps them for himself
  • after all that I razzed Red a bit about not really making many lucrative deals that were going to get us an audience with the Market owner she stepped up to the plate and bought a slave for $25k, glad she did, the chic was just a small kid, a changeling at that and despite how annoying I find Brontes I couldn’t just walk away from that girl, glad Red stepped up to buy her as if she hadn’t I would have
  • Red and I chatted with some hobo cart vendor chick who gave us roses for a kiss on the cheek….fucking weird, but whatever
  • one of the weirder “vendors” was just some dude who wanted to have a cup of coffee and chat, he said he basically got off on it…yeah alright, I’ve done worse
  • we finally ended up at a secret trader … and if I’m honest….I’m kinda stressing this one
Journal 07

Well, we’ve added another stray to the pack. Esttria should be happy, now they’ve got a “real” Were full-time, we just need to recruit a couple more pack mates to even out the numbers so we can keep them that way. In spite of how both Trystan and Misha seem to think that he “failed”, getting himself taken over by that fucking spirit, he’s a damn good addition to the team. We’ll definitely be walking on thin ice with Misha for a while, but it’s worth it. I’ll be pleased as punch to welcome any of her cast offs if they’re all as talented as Prescott and Trystan. Shit.

(Note to self: I owe Prescott some goddamned carrot cake deliciousness. I wonder if Terri’s Cakes delivers?)

We gave Nathaniel the official go ahead to build his Elysium. It will be interesting to see what it is like. Solidified our rep with Takashi, letting him personally off the assassin that came after his “child”. I didn’t at all mind the activities that our other intruder, the wolf Corvin, came here to engage in, but we can’t be seen to condone anyone working outside of our “law” so we’re “punishing” him by forcing him to serve in the Watch.

Unbelievably grateful to Braden for so many things. I’m also inclined to be suspicious, I’m not sure how we’ll be expected to repay him for all his help. However, I’m also fully cognizant that without him, and the Prince, seeing to all of the ins and outs of establishing and running this city which Beks and I keep over-looking. The two of us would be fish out of water with out their help, so I’m trying my damnedest not to think about all of the strings attached. (Which I am sure as hell not blaming us for! I think the two of us have done a fucking fantastic job considering the fact that we’re expected to be fucking miracle workers or something. Put a couple of damned rookies in charge of the entire damn League… what exactly are they hoping for? Are they just so old and bored that they don’t give a shit?)

Learned more about Lydia than we did before… girl sure is chatty when she’s drunk. Damned likable, though.

Beks is disappointed we had to postpone “team-building” skydiving in order to respond to a summons from Noah. I understand that she’s not happy about it, but we did sign a contract. This is our job, the founders have asked a lot of us, but they’ve given us even more, I think. In my mind that earns them the right to have us come running when they beckon for us. Fun time can wait. They have, after all, given us an eternity to get back around to it… so long as these “missions” don’t kill us first.


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