Corporate Woman

Journal 16

Well. That job with the Assassins went both better and worse than expected. The Assassin’s are on our side for now, mostly because they think we’re on theirs. Of course we are just not in the way that they think, we’ve just got to find the time and the way to convince them of that. No casualties aside from the angel, that wasn’t the plan. I’m confused as to why an agent of the god machine would end itself permanently in order to turn Beks and I into Assassins… What on earth could its intent have been?

We’re going to head back to HQ so we can talk freely and try to decide how to proceed from here, leaving Isaiah in charge. We also need to make a decision about letting the cell resume their mission. From the little that they said about the target I’m all for it, I just hope he’s not one of ours, part of the city. It won’t change the fact that he’s a monster, if what they say is true, we’ll just have to tread carefully.

In the mean time, we also have a club opening in one week, Coliseum/City opening in two weeks, as well as our own personal issues to deal with and I’m sure that Noah will want to see our new “suits” (I guess we’ll just figure out how to use them on the fly… glad we have Gabe to help us with that). Looks like we still won’t be sleeping anytime soon.

Field Notes 17 - BT
  • Red and I finished making plans for the Assassin job…not really sure this is all gonna work, but we’re gonna give it a go. Gonna try to turn them to our cause and shift their loyalty to the Corporation…we’re gonna have to rely on Isaiah a lot on this one and I’m not really sure how that’s gonna go, only one way to find out though
  • after talking about the assassin job we talked a bit about the city and realized we don’t have enough security and probably didn’t do a great job vetting out the girl band we hired on, Gabe offered to secure us security forces for the Colosseum and the Bedlam building and Jean is going to make some artifacts that will allow the human patrol to be an “alert system” and Lydia is making weaponry for the group, maybe helping with the alert artifacts too
  • we had a few hours before the assassin mission so we decided we’d snag some candidates to be blood dolls for the club opening which is occurring in one week, we rounded up 36 humans for the task in just the couple hours we had…and honestly I’m fucking impressed with us for that. I also snagged a dude to be my ghoul…with all that’s going on I just feel like I need someone who has my back for the soul reason of having my back…I sniffed out a wolf-blood named Alaric who seems like a bad ass and offered him the job…course I didn’t realize he was wolf-blood until after he was already in too deep and now it turns out that his full moon daddy might be a bit pissed at me…meh, maybe I can ghoul his ass too…or fuck it, I’ll full moon up, beat his ass to be his alpha and then ghoul his ass…yep, solid plan. Jean and Gabe are helping me out by hooking Alaric up with magic tattoos and some sweet assassin training so that should help Alaric be even better than a standard Ghoul, which I’m pretty pleased about
  • after the sun came up, Red, Gabe, Tristan and myself went after the assassin group, on the ride there Red mentioned she was sorry for being heavy handed with the whole alpha thing and was gonna make an effort to make sure it was a co-alpha thing more…not sure why she brought it up in front of my two biggest (and probably only if we’re honest) supporters in the pack…maybe she was trying to “meet me on my own turf” or some shit? I don’t know. Hell, it was her idea that those two go on the mission in the first place…not that I’m complaining, no one else I trust at my back more than those two…and Conor of course, but it isn’t like he and I really see each other anymore, let alone work together. Regardless, during the whole planning for the city and the assassin mission I played soldier role “Red what’s your thought” “what are we gonna do” etc etc and honestly it worked out better…smoother than it’s been in the past…maybe it’s because of her old man, but she can’t co alpha, just not in her…she takes any disagreement too personal and that’s just bad for the group. But me, fuck, that’s one of my best features…turning the emotion off, compartmentalizing… I do fine in the soldier role and if I have to take the antlers during combat, since I’m the seasoned fighter, to save someone’s ass then I will, but she can hold her own in a fight, seen that first hand and me just letting her call the shots is the best solution for right now.
  • Evelyn took scout duty for us on the assassin mission and we swooped in when the assassins were gone on a mission, we took down the angel fuck, but not before that bastard gave us a parting shot….by going nuclear christmas tree on us and turning us into assassins…jokes on you motherfucker…our loyalty’s already in stone and all you did was increase my wardrobe option…fucking god machine. Course the assassins felt it when their angel went toast so they hurried home and we got caught with our pants down, but Isaiah and Gabe pulled it in for the win, lying through their teeth in some suave ass motherfucking ruse about us taking down their angel because it was corrupt and Isaiah playing their “replacement reporting angel” or some shit…and every single one of them bought it. We even got invited to dinner…wut…. which honestly wished hadn’t have happened…I liked them, gonna make it hard to rip’m apart if we have to. Hopefully Isaiah can keep them distracted while we head back to the pack and try to figure out how to get their “official reassignment” papers forged or figure out another way to loyal them up to us.
Field Notes 16 - BT
  • Red and I talked with Jean about Cam since Cam admitted to us he’s been diablerizing people in the city, Jean seems to think that the Diablerie isn’t needed for Cam to survive and he’s just super addicted, and of course Cam says Jean’s full of shit, fair enough, we got Cam to agree to at least try to go without if we could guarantee it wouldn’t kill him so we talked to Conor who promised he’d put the magical whammy on Cam to keep him safe, after Conor agreed to help he informed us that Trystan was back…and granted my team thinks I’m super incapable of all things people related but I did detect some distain in Conor’s voice when he mentioned Trystan was back….which makes sense, I’m sure he’s got an idea that I care for Trystan….shit, I’m sure that has something to do with the “big blowup” that Gabe mentioned Conor and I have in the future. And honestly I’m not sure what the fuck to do about all of it. I’m sure both wouldn’t want me to screw around on them with the other and I can’t just turn off how I feel about one of them to make the other happy. So what the hell does that leave? I guess it means I man up and just walk away? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do. I know it’d be a hypocritical bitch move to ask them to be ok with a ménage à trois because I sure as shit am not ok with them being with someone else. Last time Trystan and I were together we briefly mentioned Conor…and without really saying much I kinda asked if it pissed Trystan off…you know implying that Conor and I were fucking…it didn’t even seem to phase Trystan, he just said “well, you’re an alpha”. So I guess he expects me to mess around since that’s what Alpha’s do? Since that’s what Misha did. I just kinda still figure to Trystan its just an itch thing you know, like hey we’re pack and we have a physical need and we like each other so lets help each other out with a good scratch. Guess I’m thinking he’d probably help a couple of the other team members out with a good scratch too…and I’m not sure I wouldn’t lose my shit if that were the case, so honestly the smart thing would be just to end it. But aside from Gabe, especially with the distance between Conor and I right now, Trystan’s kinda my port…not sure I can or want to give that up, even if it’s a selfish ass bitch move. And the real shitting thing is, we’ve got bigger problems to worry about and I’m spending way fucking too much time mooning after these bastards like some little university slut. Fuck me, I should just drop the whole goddammed notion and focus on work.
  • Red and I went back to chat with Jean and Cam to get that whole thing started and then met up with Trystan, who had been hunting the Nos with Cam, turns out the little Nos is good enough that Trystan lost his scent…which means we need to find that motherfucker even more….and conveniently enough a misfit group of chics ended up bringing him to us. They seem pretty genuine and pretty badass, plus they want to be part of the city. Red and I both liked them and agreed to let them be our Colosseum guards…which is good because we’ve got to get that place up and running sooner rather than later. Speaking of, we need to get the word out on the city rules that King drafted for us…Red and I read through them (ok, well I skimmed them) and I set up a server so we could house a city rule App or just an App for the city really…made sure it was secure and all that shit by hosting it outta the Prince’s new home and we’ll make sure the App doesn’t have anything that would endanger the masquerade if for some reason it got hacked…maybe we can make it look like a scify site or something, it’s not fully up and running yet, but we got the ground work laid so that’s good
  • Red, King and I chatted about Braden and the whole thing that went down with Ben…I really think we need to talk to Braden, he seriously pulled the wool over our eyes when he should have been looking out for us—both Red and King were absolutely convinced I was going to just botch the whole bloody thing and piss off Braden and implicate Ben and Red…I pointed out that I totally understood we wanted to approach Braden by giving him the benefit of the doubt and finding out information before being an asshole to him about how he went about shit, but apparently Red and King think I’m fucking incapable of any level of diplomacy and lectured me for a solid 20 minutes about how I should talk and act in this situation. Red said it wasn’t a lecture, they were trying to make plans. Just. Just wow. First off, I know a lecture when I receive one. Second, spending days planning for every sentence that you think might get said is an absolute 100% waste of time. Make a general plan and then trust your team, your pack, to get the job done. But I guess that’s the issue, they clearly do not trust me to handle the job…and this isn’t the first time. I got a lecture before we approached Jean too. And that went goddamn smooth as fuck, but god forbid my pack trust their co-alpha. I guess they think all I’m capable of is fighting, which yeah, I’m damn good at that, but I’m not a total fuck up when it comes to people. I’m also smart enough to back out of a situation if I realize I’m botching it. Needless to say after having Red and King harp at me like a 5 year old I was finished. Talking with Braden is scratched off my list, at least that way I won’t have to bloody hear about how I’ll mess everything up if I don’t handle it how I’m told to. I’ll just fucking avoid him, assume I can’t trust him to be safe and go on about my day.
  • Red and I went to talk to Noah about Cam, but of course Braden was there…I just hit the elevator button again and down we went. We can talk to Noah later….mental note. Call first.
  • Obviously Red and I aren’t meshing on this whole co-alpha thing. She’s made damn near all the calls that haven’t involved Conor or Gabe’s lives… but not in a direct way, in a Ventrue way…over analyzing and questioning everything I say so that I just can’t have a conversation without feeling like I’m being called stupid and then I just drop it because it’s either drop it or I get pissed…and that’s the last thing the group needs, me pissed. Hell, she even names everything…the Bedlam building, the team’s name, the club name…I speak up with my ideas and they’re just flat brushed off. To top it off, aside from being told I need to act and talk differently Red also tells me that her and Lydia think I need to dress differently… Seriously. At that point, I was at my limit and pointed out that after trying to dictate my actions and conversations that I wasn’t gonna handle them dictating my wardrobe too….especially when I’m suppose to be co-alpha. Clearly that’s not working out. I’ll keep up the whole Harold thing because it would make the city look weak if I stepped away, plus I told Noah I’d do the job, but the co-alpha thing isn’t working. Red and I are butting heads too much and she’s gonna take that shit personal so for the good of the pack I’ll do what I’m good at…walking away. I can turn good little soldier mode on when I need to, had it beat into me in special forces training and if she’s gonna make all the calls anyway….there’s no point in me having a bullshit title that doesn’t account for shit. Honestly the title just feels like they handed it to me to appease me, like some formality so they didn’t disclude me; and honestly that’s the insulting part. But I’m good at soldier mode too and I like our pack so I can switch off the whole alpha thing for the good of the group…I’m just gonna need to spend a little less time in my wolf suit.
  • After a bit we went back up to chat with Noah about Cam, Noah couldn’t really offer much more info on the whole matter, but had 4 extra ribs for each of us so Red and I got some quick surgery. Which is good in case we get the chance to put some mage suits on…not fond of the idea, but promised Conor I would and Red seems to really want the suit…so we’ll find a way.
Journal 15

Well, life is just full of fucking surprises. If I had known what a “hieromagus” was before I’m not sure that I would have guessed that Conor was it, though now his disproportionate power levels make more sense. Didn’t exactly expect to learn this much confronting “Jean” about his double agent activities. Don’t know if Conor knew we’d learn as much as we did either when he tipped us off about Jean… seems that magic can be funny like that, even for him.

Apparently, Jean’s true identity is as the Hound equivalent for the local “concillium” of mages here in Detroit. Surprisingly, he actually was trying to protect us from the other mages who haven’t been happy with the fact that we moved in and “took over” so to speak. Looks like we’re just going to carry on owing Conor since, as a hieromagus, odds are the mages will “fall in” (as Jean put it) behind him and hopefully work with us.

Also, and this fucking blew my mindhole, Conor made the Prince?! Really?! I know time magic woogity and all that, but shit, really? Does the Prince know? And in that case who the fuck made Conor? I have questions.

After that aborted ambush at the coliseum we got everybody on the team together and had a coming to Jesus, secret sharing, all cards on the table meeting. That was super fun.

It was much more fun planning our next corporate job, taking over a cell of assassin’s… guardian angel included.

Field Notes 15 - BT
  • Red and I figured out how we were gonna approach Jean and looped King in. We looped Trystan and Gabe in enough to serve as backup in case shit went down. King had the solid idea of warding the Colosseum as cover for the confrontation, which we sorely needed to do anyway. Also need to finally open the fucking place, maybe throw a grand opening fight night…that’s not creepy and reminiscent of how we got started down this rabbit hole or anything….sigh, oh well, shit turned out OK. Maybe we can turn the event into a trap for Dupont dickhead somehow.
  • did some hunting with Trystan since our “meeting” with Jean isn’t until tomorrow night, it was nice to feel like pack again and I used my rites to mark Detroit as the pact’s territory, which makes it a bit easier to hunt and some other shit.
  • Red, King and I confronted Jean …took me calling him out as his real name Jean-ee-eye, or whatever, to get him to own it. He shed the banisher tattoo and it became apparent that he’s been hiding his identity via some heavy magic…ass. turns out he’s the Interfactor for the local Consilium…some mage group, and was sent to spy on us, but…he believes in what we’re doing so he tried to play the double agent to help us, he’s also a Guardian of the Veil, although I have no fucking idea what that even means. Jean planned to convince them the Prince was some sort of super mage and get immunity for the city, but the mages group was being pushy and us calling Jeanei out fucked him plan. Whelp, big guns time…I called Conor and told him what was going on and that the Prince needed to make a power show to resolve this…turns out if the Prince is a super mage they’d want him on their council, which means somehow the Prince would have to play nice …. that clearly wasn’t gonna happen so Conor lied and said he was the super mage, which later he explained he’s an Arch mage so it still is kinda true, after Conor agreed to help Jean was a lot more comfortable with shit and Red and I decided it was time the group aired out dirty laundry
  • Cam has been diablerizing in the city, which ticked Red and I off and Cam was quick as shit to point out that apparently Ben has been doing the same….ummmm, what? Red said it wasn’t her secret to tell and that Braden was forcing Ben to do it so it wasn’t Ben’s fault. Ok, I’m on board with that it wasn’t really Ben’s fault, but what. the. hell. Of course this is city business, one of our fucking masters of elysseum was forcing his childe to diablorize. That’s kinda a big fucking deal and should have been dealt with a lonnnggggg time ago as that is not the example our court needs to set for Detroit. Red owned that she should have said something so we’re good…if it’d been Conor my head would have been messed up too so not gonna hold a grudge for that. But Braden…oh yeah we’re gonna have words with him…he should be instructing us on this shit not skirting behind technicalities to further some agenda. Guess we need a paragraph in the damn rules about diablorization…kinda thought “common sense” taboo shit went without saying, but guess I was totally off base on that.
  • Lydia uses an alternate identity to make her spells better, Gabe…that clever fuck, put it in his contract to always be better than me and King admitted to what went down with Princess Bitch the first time we met him. Red owned up to the alternate identity she had and that she was in witness protection…which was news to me. Cam asked what I was hiding and I told him literally nothing that affected the group, he wanted proof so I owned up to killing my old man…if front of Gabe…..never owned it aloud before and not sure how I feel about it, not sure how Gabe feels about it…I know he hated the old man for what he did, but always kinda wondered if he didn’t resent me for killing him, for taking away his father…not sure I can ever stomach asking since I don’t know if I can handle the answer. But the others didn’t seem to bat an eye about me murdering my father so at least there’s that. I’m a bit worried Conor will be pissed I talked to the pack about all that old shit and I’ve never had the balls to tell him. To be fair though, I was seventeen when he asked…and I was a bit…I don’t know, broken at the time. Hopefully he doesn’t hold it against me, but it’s been obvious since he got back there’s something he is…and I’ve got no idea. Gabe made it a point of calling that out in front of the pack…not sure I appreciate that, but I know he was only trying to help—I agreed I’d try to talk to Conor for whatever good it will do.
  • since we had the group together Prescott pushed to go ahead and finalize our plans against the Assassin cell, so we set it up so that Evelyn would run recon on them while Gabe and Prescott track down the Demon guy from earlier that tried to help with Gabe. We’re thinking that the Demon can sneak in and take the place of the Spirit leading the cell, infiltrate and manipulate them that way and maybe spare them…gather them as resources. Cam and Trystan are hunting the loose purity Nos.
  • Atticus also did us a huge favor and finished up the city rules, a fat 62 page document that I’m sure is fucking on lock. Guess we need to take a copy of that shit to Braden….so he can’t pull the “technicality” shit over on us anymore…I mean seriously, even if he wasn’t the goddamn master of elyssium he’s with the corporation and should have helped us out because of that alone instead of pull one over on us. I have half a mind to ask Misha for the chance to beat his ass over it.
  • I visited Conor’s office after all that shit and asked him if he was really a Hiromagus and if any of “us” was actually true or not..he admitted to lieing to Jean so the Prince wouldn’t kill all the other mages
Journal 14

Fuck. It can’t ever just be one problem that we’re dealing with, but a hundred. Makes me long for the good ol’ days when all I had to worry about was dear old dad and mundane crime… that shit was easy to figure out. It’s too damn late to turn back now though, even if I wanted to I couldn’t in good conscience. I am fucking committed now and the damn thing is I actually give a fuck about the well-being of our people, mine and Bek’s. That includes our city in general and our pack in particular. They are ours. I don’t know if it’s a side effect of the wolf suit, but I have felt god damned territorial , and protective, since this all started. Even Jean, in spite of what we overheard.

It is obvious that he has betrayed us, he was acting like a completely different person making me wonder who the “real” Jean is, but all the same he did withhold some information from whoever the fuck he was speaking with. I want to know why. We’ve got to get to the bottom of this. I refuse to emulate my father in this respect, it might be the more dangerous decision but I will not make any determinations about Jean with out first hearing him out. I do worry that if he does go all out against us when we confront him that we will be all but helpless.

It seems like Jean had to carve off his Banisher tattoo to make contact, I wonder what the significance of that is. Also, this entire mess makes his concern about Camden, and letting the entire pack know what he is, seems damned hypocritical.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, that shit face Dupont is out right taunting us. Taunting me. If he’s not the ‘mutual acquaintance’ known as Black Cloak who connected my father with the Purity members then he is certainly making it look as though he is. So far as I know there were not many people who knew the location of that dead drop and he flashed his fangs on camera just for us. Threatening my father. I feel so fucking special.

Had a nice long chat with Conor, after playing a bit with the nieces, it was… illuminating. Among other things we learned, Conor thinks that Purity and a vamp cult called Seven might be one and the same. If that is the case then that is a big fucking problem, they essential turn the vamps that they “convert” to their cause into sleeper agents controlling them through their blood, the vamps might not even know, operating purely on instinct. The really good news is that even if Purity and Seven aren’t one and the same Seven still becomes a huge problem for our city in the future. …In at least one of our possible futures. God.

Field Notes 14 - BT
  • Conor called us into his office, which is fine, I wanted to talk with him anyway…granted in private, but doesn’t seem like we really have any of that lately…he’s much too busy with his level 9 clearance, probably shouldn’t be pissed about it, but ever since he came back it doesn’t seem like he’s remotely interested in…I don’t know…pursuing anything, picking up where we left off. Guess it has been 37 years for him, that’s a hell of a long time to get over it. Well fuck. Guess our timing just crossed, which fucking sucks but I can deal.
  • Red and I get up there and Gabe is playing with the nieces….Lucy works at a diner and so Conor babysits…what? Why the fuck would she do that, I’m 100% sure Conor makes enough that she doesn’t need to work so she can raise her girls, and if Conor doesn’t make enough damn straight Gabe and I would pitch in, those girls need their mother and it’s only a matter of time before someone tracks Lucy down and uses her against Conor or the Organization so it’s obviously not safe for her to be working in some fucking diner, snagged her number from Conor and will have a friendly heart to heart on the whole topic
  • and of course, turned out Conor didn’t even want to see us…he had Armanstead and Constantine in his office to talk to us about recruitment since Noah negotiated that into our contract…and they seemed piiiisssssssed about it too…but then after like 3 fucking sentences just left…whatever….then Conor mentions we should follow Jean at 8pm without him knowing we followed him…weird but fine
  • in the mean time Red and I chatted with some of the pack members to get a better sense of what people were capable of and what they had going on and shit
  • had a good conversation with Evelyn and went with her to question the dead vamps from Sully’s little attack, which got us about nothing, but still had to run the lead, which took us to a bus station and we found out that Marius coordinated the trap, not surprised, didn’t need to add this to the list of reasons I’m going to kill that smug piece of shit, but I guess it’s at least good we know there isn’t yet another person after our asses, but seriously Founders can we have some fucking down time to take care of our hit list…and now that we got “proof” of the shady bastard we can possibly call the Blood Hunt on him….not that I felt like we needed “proof” the guy’s a piece of shit and obviously guilty, but according to Red and the others we gotta play politics and cover our asses …. no need for politics if no one knows it was us
  • Red and I hung out with Atticus at the creepy fey castle for a bit and chatted with him, he talked about the winter court and that it might work out for them to have a presence in the city, and of course we brought Lydia with us since she’s a bit obsessed with the guy…not that I can blame her, he’s certainly got the looks…and well, the whole damn package…
  • anyway, Red and I head back to the Organization and take forever to make up our damn minds on how to follow Jean…turns out that whole “even if a woman has a million things to wear she has nothing to wear” is fucking true because neither one of us could decide on a fucking suit until the last minute, thankfully what we choose worked and we were able to follow Jean back to his apartment
  • all the shit with jean seemed pretty damn normal until he CUT OFF A TATTOO with his fucking knife and reported to some fucks about us and the Organization…god. damm. it. jean. alright, makes sense now why the fucking founders were butt hurt over us being in charge of “recruitment” since one of our own fucking pack members is a goddamn rat…and why the fuck couldn’t they just tell us that instead of all the damn drama…I mean fucking seriously
  • Jean did seem reluctant to tell these shits on the radio really important stuff and I got the impression he wasn’t liking what he was doing, all the same we got to call him on it so Red and I headed back to the Corporation to decide what we’d do with Jean
Journal 13

‘What a fucking nightmare. My father was dangerous enough before he was a vampire, but now?! The "Saint was more than half crazy when he was still human, who the hell thought it would be a good idea to fucking turn him into a vampire?! Fuck. I didn’t want him dead, I wanted him locked away in prison where he could stop fucking up people’s lives, but now… I don’t know. He got Ben killed. No. That’s a lie. I got Ben killed, why couldn’t I keep my damn trap shut. Ben is fine now, at least Noah assures me that he will be, I can’t thank Connor enough for bringing him back (wish I could know how he did that though, time magic?).

It is obvious that the Saint didn’t want me dead, he was damn upset when his hired help stopped following orders and tried to kill me, I can’t credit him with similar plans for anyone else though. It wouldn’t be like him to not take revenge in some way, after all. That is one thing about him that I’m sure hasn’t changed. I wonder why he didn’t bring anyone else in the Family in to the fold… he has always been so obsessed with making his “Family” stronger I’d be surprised if he abandoned it completely. Or maybe his priorities and obsessions changed completely when he did. Fuck me. That would be a damn surprise. Though I highly doubt that’s the case.

Beks and I cleared the air with Noah. Thank god. I actually like that guy and it didn’t feel right having killed him. I was also not at all fond of the idea that he had intended for us to off his clone as part of a spell component, I was relieved to hear that wasn’t part of the plan. Still, for a guy with as much experience as Noah’s got I’m surprised he didn’t take more precautions to accommodate our possible lack of control in the vamp suit. He definitely credited us with more control the when exhibited. Was he blinded by his pride in this project? Is he too old to remember what it’s like to be young and new to something? Or is it simply because he has never experienced that kind of hunger?

Field Notes 13 - BT
  • woke up as a Vamp tonight, thankfully this time was far less eventful than last
  • Red and I made plans to work on some city stuff and I let her know, and a couple others in the pack, that I was talking with Noah about the bullshit that went down last night, others in the group didn’t know what had happened so we filled them in and several of them discouraged me confronting Noah…yeah sorry guys this is happening, the shit that’s going down isn’t gonna fly anymore and I want answers, nope, I need’m and I’m getting them, no threats or alternatives, just…I’m getting them
  • we went to talk with David first as the damn founders aren’t at the Corporation…again…fucking seriously, these guys say they run this place, but they’re never fucking here, jesus christ, they probably have Felicia fucking run the damn operation, which she’s a goddamnew true fey, the fact that I’m not surprised means I need a day off
  • I called David and got his fucking ghoul secretary…whelp, sorry buddy I was already in a piss poor mood and the fact that you’re screening my calls has pretty much earned you a fucking shit storm when I get there
  • Red and I show up at David’s office, his assistant has us head down to see him, we’re obviously in some kind of underground bomb shelter at this point and I know this is so a fucking trap, but we’re already halfway there…may as well…and honestly, I’m pissed, I’ve been pissed for like 48 hours…let’s go
  • we find David (or rather an illusion of David since he was really stapled to the wall) sitting at his desk with his eyes popped out working and Red’s old man comes waltzing in with 2 dozen vamp guards, her old Man “Sully” calls Ben to taunt him and Red takes the bate telling Ben not to show up…whelp, he’s heard her voice so he knows she’s actually here, which means Sully’s trap has worked, I manage to yell to at least get some god damned backup before he cuts the phone off and then the goons that Sully has hired turn on him, guess they’re here for the Heralds not because Sully pays well
  • all hell breaks loose, Ben busts in and gets himself shot the hell up in the crossfire and Cam and Tristan show up for backup, busting in and kicking ass, Cam says to “follow the leader” and turns out the 2 dozen guys are actually like 3 guys with illusions…dicks
  • they’ve still got automatic machine guns and I fling Ben outta the way before he can take any stray bullets to finish him off, Sully runs off and the pact finishes the other vamps off
  • I pull down David and can hear Conor’s voice in the hall where Red and Ben are, they all 3 come back in, but Ben smells…human…I guess with Conor being a mage shit like that is possible, Conor gives me a nod…and I can’t help but think this isn’t Conor anymore, not my Conor anyway, the old Conor would have asked if I was ok…and the thought that the old Conor, my Conor, is gone actually shakes me a little….GODDAMN THIS SUITTHIS SHIT HAS ONLY BEEN GETTING TO ME WHILE I’VE BEEN IN THIS SUITNOAH IS GONNA GET IT AND THEN I’M DEMANDING TO SWITCH SUITS.
  • we all head back to the Corporation and finally get our audience with Noah because he has something he wants to tell us…oh sure, only be available when you want to…typical
  • Noah and I hash it out…I don’t 100% agree with what he’s got to say, but I don’t 100% disagree either, so that’s progress…
  • turns out: hybrids are possible and he made Ben one, he found the way to let us switch suits on the fly AND how we’ve been switching suits is Noah dimension hops to places where our parallel souls have just died and snatches them using them as magic devices to channel our suits…so we’re wearing soul suits…and for some reason he thinks this would be deal breakers for us…nah man, killing your bullshit clone was almost a deal break, this? nope…those souls are mine and I’ll wear’m if I want to, don’t even phase me.
  • Red and I let Noah attach the “magic ribs” to let us change suits on the fly and give it a try…yep, back in the wolf suit…thank fucking god.
Journal 12

So far…. this vampire suit is not my favorite. “Waking up” the first time was the fucking worst. I am so damn glad that Noah has clones, I should have fucking known that it would be more difficult to kill one of the founders, but it’s impossible to think rationally surrounded by all of that blood. The wolf suit had its anger issues, but the hunger with this suit and the god damned fear, I did not expect that. Shit.

As a side note, though, I need to petition for some of that tape Noah’s got. It is useful as shit, especially with all the destructive supes around, self included. We can’t leave ALL of the repair work for Lydia to do.

Then of course, because our first night in these suits wasn’t stressful enough, we find out that Gabe is comatose. Something to do with the god-machine, possibly residual from being possessed, so Prescott (with Lydia’s help) found a demon who could possibly assist us. The demon, we’re calling him Xavier, disguised himself and fooled even Trystan’s senses. That’s- I feel like I can hear everything in this suit, so that is pretty fucking incredible.

He did finally agree to help though, at great personal risk I might add, not sure why this “demon” would go so far for a group of bastards he doesn’t know. I didn’t think he was that impressed bu anything we offered him, but I could be wrong… Feel like we definitely owe Xavier for trying to help even though it didn’t work. I thought Beks was going to lose her shit, and I couldn’t blame her if she did that’s her family. Not sure what she would gave done if Connor hadn’t shown up.

He strolled in, all vamped up, with the Prince and two little girls in tow, and worked some magic on Gabe to keep anyone from tampering with his soul. Woke him right up. What the actual fuck. Even though he has gained 37 years of experience to our one day it still seems like he has learned a disproportionate amount, it seems that he’s more powerful than supes we know who have had hundreds of years to get a handle on their abilities. Not wonder if that has something to do with the Prince being an original or if the Prince just put him through one hell of a training program.

Everything we’ve experienced since waking up in that fucking hell hole of a fight club has been unimaginable and I’m kind of having a hard time wrapping my brain around all of the new weird ass information. How is any of this even fucking possible?! I need a fucking break just to process this but I’m sure I’m not going to get one.


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