Imbued Tattoos

Mark of Might
Primary Arcanum: Life
Requirements: Life 3, Prime 4 (Attainment)

Benefit: Grants (Potency) to a single Physical Attribute roll for a Scene

Design Notes: Requires +1R / additional Attribute and +1R/+1M to increase over the character’s usual maximum.
Mark of the Unassailable Aegis
Primary Arcanum: Life
Requirements: Life 4, Prime 4

Benefit: Grants (Potency) in automatic successes to Withstand supernatural abilities, grants (Potency) Armor (which can be applied against Firearms), grants (Potency) regeneration per turn.

Design Notes: Prime 2 is the withstand ability, but Prime 4 is necessarily for the Attainment to craft the item. Two Life spells, one Prime spell.
Mark of Aural Eyes
Primary Arcanum: Mind
Requirements: Mind 2, Prime 4

Benefit: adds (Potency) to subterfuge rolls, CoW (creator’s pool) vs supernatural reading, Mage Sight at will, see “mundane” falsehoods, CoW vs magical deception/illusions

Design Notes: Mind version of Alter Mental Pattern and the Prime version of Mage Sight, Prime Mage Sight chosen because it has the best cohesion with mortals/sleepers, Prime spell Pierce Deception.
Mark of the Shadow Maker
Primary Arcanum: Death
Requirements: Death 3, Prime 4 (Attainment)

Benefit: allows the wielder to shape shadows into an item which can confer a durability, damage, armor or equipment bonus fo 2. The object does not cast a shadow.

Design Notes: Shadow Crafting, Death 3 spell transcribed into ink.
Mark of Mana Pool
Primary Arcanum: Prime
Requirements: Prime 4

Benefit: allows the wielder to store up to (Potency x Potency) Mana to power abilities (such as other tattoos).

Design Notes: Prime 3 has Channel Mana, which is more or less the level of potency needed to create this tattoo.

Imbued Tattoos

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