Heralds Rings Mk.2


Merit: Imbued Item 5
Imbued Spell: Transform Aura (Prime 2), Siphon Power (5), Medicine Bag (4)


Crafted for the Heralds of Detroit to help assist with their “unusual circumstances”, this Ring improves upon the previous version by adding an additional feature of storing supernatural “fuel” (Vitae/Mana/Plasm/Etc).


As with the previous version, these items completely suppress the aura of the wearer. Only supernatural aura reading with a potency higher than the items can tell what the ring does, but even then defeating the spell does not reveal the wearer’s true nature. Specifically the ring protects against determining the emotional state and supernatural nature of the wearer.

Additionally, the Ring can store up to 10 units of any supernatural resource. The resource can be drained either from the wearer or from someone other than the wearer when flush against another creature’s skin at a rate of 1 “unit” per round. Against unwilling donors, this requires a successful Grapple Maneuver. Otherwise skin contact and an Instant action drain a single unit of power. The ring automatically converts 1 "unit’ of supernatural resource to the type native to the wearer upon extracting or leaking power. It can later be drawn from, which requires an Instant action to produce 1 “unit” of supernatural power.

While wearing the Ring and her Werewolf suit, Bek grapples an unsuspecting vampire and holds him down for 10 rounds. Each round the ring drains 1 Vitae from the Vampire for a total of 10 Vitae. An hour later, she wishes to draw power from the ring. She spends the next ten turns concentrating on the ring and is able to produce 10 Essence from its reserves.


Heralds Rings Mk.2

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