Band of Restraint

Rank 4 Fetish



+4 to Effective Harmony to determine what would trigger a death rage. If above 10, he cannot be provoked to Death Rage.

Being a werewolf means building a life around burning Rage. Uratha who face their foes may fall to dread Kuruth, the Death Rage, but any situation can provoke the beast within. A couple of pool-sharks who try shaking the werewolf down in a crowded bar can send her over the edge, as can someone holding a gun to her child’s head. Even werewolves with high Harmony feel the fires burning within. Perhaps her husband reveals that he’s joined a werewolf-hunting conspiracy by pointing a shotgun at her chest. Whatever the case, sometimes the threat of Kuruth is too great. In combat, perhaps it can be excused, but not outside. A Band of Restraint is a woven band, threaded through with the werewolf’s hair and decorated with Half Moons, scales, shackles, and chains: symbols of balance tempered with restraint. A werewolf has to activate a Band of Restraint in a short period of meditation when he remembers all the times people have pushed him to the edge, whether he went over or not. Once that’s done and the fetish is activated, the character adds four points to his Harmony when determining what events outside of combat will provoke Kuruth, as shown on the table on p. 174 of Werewolf: The Forsaken; note that if the werewolf’s adjusted Harmony is above 10, he cannot be provoked to Death Rage. The Fetish’s effects last until the moon next sets. Spirits of chains or bindweed (those that restrain and entangle) can power a Band of Restraint.

Action: Extended (15 successes required; each roll represents 5 minutes)


Band of Restraint

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