Searing Band

Bek's Deathmask


Deathmasks have a Threshold and one Key that:

  • offers a +1 bonus to associated Skill rolls
  • +1 bonus to ceremonies that contain elements related to the Deathmask‚Äôs Threshold
  • +2 bonus to corresponding Manifestations

Deathmasks retain the memory of the Key lost during its transition from keystone to deathmask, giving it the ability to manifest a ghost power related to that Key. Deathmasks hold five plasm points, which can be accessed by the owner in place of expending internal stores of plasm. Spent plasm regenerates at a rate of one plasm each day, at dusk. A Sin-Eater may only carry a number of deathmasks at any one time equal to half her Psyche rating (round down).

Bridget Bishop was an accused Salem witch; she wore this arm band while being burned at the stake. Despite it’s soft metal composition the armband did not melt and instead served as a heated brand that fused to Bridget’s arm bone. It was pulled off her remains before she was buried, melted down and stamped into coins that were used as payment to the Church that tried her for the Magistrate’s fees. The coins circulated for years, slowly being collected by a mysterious benefactor, until that benefactor had enough to reconstruct the arm band.

Threshold — The Torn: Death by Violence (burned)
Key — Passion

  • The Sineater who wears this armband can insight agitation and anger in crowds. Much like the rabble rousers of the Salem witch trials this Deathmask will stir up a crowd into violent excitement. Owner makes a Presence + Intimidation or Persuasion roll to insight the crowd. One success results in


Searing Band

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