Stewart Palmer

CEO Bek regularly does business with



Intelligence •••• Strength ••• Presence ••••
Wits ••••• Dexterity ••• Manipulation •••••
Resolve •••• Stamina ••• Composure •••••


Academics •••• Computer ••• Crafts • Investigation •••• Medicine X Occult X Politics •••• Science X
Athletics •• Brawl • Drive •• Firearms ••• Larceny X Stealth X Survival • Weaponry X
Animal Ken X Empathy ••• Expression •• Intimidation ••• Persuasion •••• Socialize ••• Streetwise • Subterfuge •••


Investigation (companies he’s taking over)
Politics (his clients)
Persuasion (during a merger)
Empathy (to know when a business deal isn’t in his best interest)


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 8, Willpower 9
Humanity 6, Size 5, Speed 11
Defense 3, Initiative +8


Striking Looks ••
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive

Eidetic Memory ••
do not make rolls to remember stuff, +2 to remember minute details

Common Sense •••
succ Wit+Com 1/chapter, ST must answer question (can ask 1 of 5, see book)

Good Time Management •
halve the time between rolls for extended actions

Patient •
roll 2 additional times on extended actions


Stewart owns a small, but very lucrative “acquisitions” company in New York. He is often in need of flying to his various stake holders in surrounding cities and prefers to do so outside of public transportation. Mr. Palmer uses Bek’s services because of her skill and that he enjoys watching her. He’s intrigued by her and wouldn’t mind bedding her, but doesn’t consider her to be worth more of his time than for his enjoyment…he does after all need a well-to-do wife.

Mr. Palmer is quiet, but driven and is putting his law degree to good use by using his knowledge of corporate legal mentality to acquire more holdings than any CEO his age. In the next few years he wants to absorb enough businesses under his umbrella that he’ll be recognized as a fortune 500 company.

Stewart Palmer

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