Russell King

U. S. Marshall



Intelligence •••, Strength •••, Presence •••
Wits ••••, Dexterity •••••, Manipulation •••
Resolve ••••, Stamina •••••, Composure ••••


Academics ••, Computer •, Crafts (automobiles) ••, Investigation ••••, Medicine •, Occult X, Politics •, Science X
Athletics ••••, Brawl (Mixed Martial Arts) ••••, Drive ••••, Firearms (pistols) ••••, Larceny X, Stealth ••, Survival ••••, Weaponry ••
Animal Ken •, Empathy •••, Expression X, Intimidation •••, Persuasion •••, Socialize X, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge •••


Resources ••
Common Sense •••
Direction Sense •
Language (Spanish) •
Tolerance for Biology •
Crack Driver •••
Hardy •
Iron Stamina ••
Fighting Finesse: Brawl ••
Unarmed Defense 1-5
Marksmanship 1-4


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 10, Willpower 8
Humanity X, Size 5, Speed 13
Defense 8, Initiative 9



Back Story

  • From a very large, loving, middle-American family. He and his siblings went hunting with their dad every year, they played sports and competed on track and field. They had a very traditional upbringing all round.
  • Russell was an Eagle Scout. Married young, right out of H.S. shortly before enlisting in the Army.
  • Served overseas as an Army Ranger, saw enough shit while he was over there that it made transitioning to a “normal” life when he returned feel impossible. His wife found him changed and chose to call it quits rather than trying to work things out.
  • After the divorce, Russell did what he could to get his life together. He moved to Virginia and got a job with the state police, joining the U.S. Marshals was his end goal, but he knew they had a tough selection process and settled in for a long game.
  • Russell took up MMA fighting in his free time, as well as fishing and working on his Jeep. He built most of the furniture in his apartment, some of it better than others. He also signed up with an online dating service, anything to keep busy and try to rebuild his life, but his heart wasn’t in it.
  • He was finally able to land a job with the Marshals after five years with the Virginia P.D. After two years with the Marshals he was made an Inspector and assigned to Witness Protection. That’s how he met Angela Sullivan, now Katherine MacKenna.
  • The kid was stubborn, and a refreshing change of pace from his usual charges. She certainly caused him some headaches, insisting on returning to the East coast for school after he went to the trouble of relocating her on the West. She never took her safety as seriously as he would have liked.
  • Still, moving around on a regular basis wasn’t such a bad thing, but he was not happy about her deciding to settle in Detroit. Not necessarily from a professional perspective. After so many years he’d grown attached, genuinely worrying about this girl who flew in the face of her corrupt family, sacrificing everything she knew in the process. Russell couldn’t even guess what that must be like, still having a close relationship with his white bread American family.
  • He is still frequently frustrated by Kate, they get into semi-juvenile squabbles, both being stubborn they butt heads a lot. But he has seen her at some of her lowest points. He stood with her in court, witnessed her bitter disappointment and frustrated tears when it seemed the case against her father would never progress. Difficult to stay completely impersonal going through things like that.
  • Visits his family whenever he can. Spoils his nieces and nephews, to the point where his siblings wonder when “Uncle Russ” will have his own kids so they can return the favor.

Russell King

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