Personnel File – Prescott

Supernatural Augmentations: Fractal, Ghoul, Sleep-Walker

Corporate History
Prescott originally found himself on the Corporation’s radar after his conflicts with the God Machine. His fractal abilities developed quickly and early which made him a stronger target than most. Against all odds, Prescott continued to use his powers openly and oppose the God Machine. The only Fractal recruited by Armanstead himself, Prescott drew his attention when he successfully hacked an Angel of the God Machine and sent him on a suicide run against a local Infrastructure Node.

Previous Work Assignment
Prescott has the highest clearing of any Office Agent (Support Staff) due to his outstanding service and was hand-picked by Noah to assist with Project Union.

Prescott’s last assignment was with the Field Team “Maelstrom”. While providing support on a particularly dangerous Infrastructure assignment, one of the Maelstrom team was cut off from the rest and overwhelmed by Angels. Prescott personally intervened and provided assistance to the team member, breaking company protocol and field orders from the Malestrom Team Leader, Misha. Misha filed for his termination after the assignment as a result. Armanstead personally intervened and instead had him reassigned to a field research team until his most recent placing with Project Union.



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