Olivia "Liv" Rajan

Homicide Detective with Detroit PD



Intelligence •••, Strength •••, Presence ••••
Wits •••••, Dexterity ••••, Manipulation •••
Resolve ••••, Stamina •••, Composure ••••


Academics ••, Computer •, Crafts X, Investigation (Homicides) •••••, Medicine X, Occult X, Politics ••, Science X
Athletics •••, Brawl (Subduing a Suspect) •••, Drive (Pursuing a Suspect) ••, Firearms ••••, Larceny X, Stealth (Tailing a Suspect) ••, Survival X, Weaponry ••
Animal Ken X, Empathy (“Reading” a Suspect) ••••, Expression X, Intimidation •••, Persuasion ••, Socialize X, Streetwise •••, Subterfuge ••


Striking Looks ••
Resources ••
Fighting Finesse: Brawl ••
Police Tactics 1-3
Eidetic Memory ••
Language (Hindi) •
Trained Observer •
Professional Training: Homicide Detective 1-3
– Asset Skills: Investigation, Empathy, Brawl
– Contacts: Law Enforcement •, Criminal Informants •


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health X, Willpower X
Humanity X, Size X, Speed X
Defense X, Initiative X




  • Olivia’s parents immigrated to the U.S. before she was born, her parents are both well educated and wanted their only child to become a doctor. They are very disappointed by her current career choice and currently estranged. On the rare occasion when they do talk she mostly gets lectured, when not scolding her they attempt to arrange a respectable marriage for her.
  • Liv was never very interested in science, and she hates math, but she’s always loved mysteries and solving puzzle and riddles. Especially interested in the puzzle of human nature, what makes people do the things they do, but had no desire to spend her days in front of a couch analyzing people’s problems.
  • Began her career as a bottom rung traffic cop, she noticed some patterns that helped narcotics break a drug smuggling operation. They had her transferred to their department where she garnered more positive attention for herself and was finally able to get a transfer to homicide, before working he way steadily up the ranks to full blown Detective.
  • A workaholic, it has proven very difficult to maintain a steady relationship though that doesn’t stop her from trying. Unlike her friend Kate, she is not much interested in one night stands (and she definitely stays away from messing around with coworkers), preferring to cultivate a series of monogamous relationships. Her current boyfriend, Andrew, is vet. They met when she took a couple of starving kittens to his clinic for care. She is now the fond owner of two cats and a live-in boyfriend. They’ve made it work for more than a year now, a new record for her.
  • Found a kindred spirit in Kate MacKennan. Though they initially bonded over their mutual amusement at Liv’s partner’s need to leave a crime scene and be sick, Liv found the M.E. was very useful for bouncing ideas off of when stuck on a case, she also really respected her work ethic. It was also a relief to find another powerful female in their male dominated workforce with whom she could just relax with. They’ve been close friends for three years.
  • However, she is mystified by Kate, a puzzle she can’t help but want to solve. Her friend never talks about her family, not even to complain about them. She attends Mass regularly and wears a crucifix, though Liv could swear she’s not religious. Kate is more than competent in a variety of skills not typically possessed by an M.E., for one thing she fights as though she learned on the street, and not in any dojo or boxing ring.

Olivia "Liv" Rajan

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