The quiet and withdrawn Founder, Noah struggles to measure the weight of the Corporations interference with the multiverse at large. A Mage without peer, Noah revealed to Bek and Mac that he was responsible for the arc that saved all creatures on Earth from annihilation many years ago. His latest endeavor, Project Union, seeks to understand the creation of all supernatural creatures and harness that power for himself to usher mankind into the next stage of evolution.

More than anything else, Noah is driven by his compassion and empathy for the living world around him. He vehemently opposes the God Machine’s callous disregard for human life. Easily the most human of all the Founders, Noah worries the massive separation in power between the Founders and the members of the Corporation will influence them subconsciously so he prefers to avoid all but the most powerful members of the Corporation, choosing instead to intervene by proxy when necessary.

Each Founder has a special project that the other Founders recognize as their highest priority, where they have ultimate say instead of the usual consensus required by all three. Noah has Project Union while Constantine has Felicia. Whether or not Armanstead has also begun pursuing such an endeavor is unknown.



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