Laura Davis

District Attorney, State of Massachusetts



Intelligence ••••, Strength ••, Presence ••••
Wits ••••, Dexterity •••, Manipulation •••••
Resolve •••, Stamina •••, Composure ••••


Academics ••••, Computer ••, Crafts X, Investigation •••, Medicine X, Occult X, Politics ••••, Science X
Athletics ••, Brawl X, Drive •, Firearms •••, Larceny X, Stealth X, Survival X, Weaponry X
Animal Ken ••, Empathy (With Coffee) ••••, Expression (In Court) •••, Intimidation ••, Persuasion (In Court, With Coffee) •••••, Socialize •••, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge (In Court) ••••


Good Time Management •
Language (French) •
Multilingual (Spanish & Mandarin) •
Trained Observer •••
Sympathetic ••
Resources •••
Inspiring •••
Fast-Talking •
Professional Training: Lawyer 1-3
– Contacts: Federal Law Enforcement •, Govt. Officials •
– Asset Skills: Politics, Subterfuge, Persuasion


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 8, Willpower 7
Humanity X, Size 5, Speed 10
Defense 5, Initiative 7



Back Story

  • Both parents worked in D.C. in political law. A little rebellious as a teen, Laura took off for several years right out of High School to back pack around Europe with a friend. Her friend caved in to her parents demands and returned from Europe after just a couple of months, in time for her first semester of college. Laura remained in Europe, even though she had been accepted to Harvard, working odd jobs (usually as a dog-walker or an au pair) here and there to pay her way.
  • She had a bad experience with a parent during her last au pair job, she was falsely accused of doing something and couldn’t seem to convince anyone that she was telling the truth. It was a legal nightmare. Her mom had to fly out and help extricate her from the situation, as soon as she was cleared to do so she returned to the States.
  • She worked hard to regain admittance into an ivy league university and finally began her college career, first attending Stanford and then Harvard Law. After her experiences overseas she wanted to focus on criminal law and make sure to become a lawyer who was absolutely certain of guilt before prosecuting a case. This has developed in to her prosecuting rock solid cases, though anyone working her can get impatient with her thoroughness.
  • Her first impression of Angela Sullivan was of a very angry girl doing the best that she could to avoid a complete breakdown. In Miss Sullivan’s case that meant directing all of her hurt and fury in her father’s direction. They’d been trying to build a federal case against James Sullivan for years, but had never been able to get evidence solid enough to even put him in jail. His people had proven far to loyal thus far, so when his own daughter came to them Laura was excited to get any information that she could from her.
  • Working off and on with Angel all of these years, they’ve formed a bond. Laura really doesn’t want to let her down.


  • Addicted to coffee.
  • Owns two very well trained German Shephards, named Penn and Teller. (Fascinated by stage magic)
  • Receives death threats on a daily basis.

Laura Davis

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