The Ultimate Secretary



Intelligence •••• Strength •••• Presence •••
Wits •••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation •••
Resolve •••• Stamina •••• Composure •••••


Academics ••• Computer •••• Crafts •• Investigation •••• Medicine X Occult ••• Politics ••• Science X
Athletics •• Brawl X Drive X Firearms ••••• Larceny X Stealth X Survival X Weaponry X
Animal Ken X Empathy ••••• Expression X Intimidation ••• Persuasion ••••• Socialize ••• Streetwise X Subterfuge •••••


Academics (research)
Computer (espionage)
Computer (hacking)
Occult (obscure facts)
Subterfuge (hiding espionage)
Empathy (know when someone is on to me)


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 8, Willpower 9
Humanity 6, Size 5, Speed 9
Defense 2, Initiative +6


Striking Looks •
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive

Good Time Management •
halve the time between rolls for extended actions

Eidetic Memory ••
do not make rolls to remember stuff, +2 to remember minute details

Trained Observer •••
Perception rolls gain 9-again (1) or 8-again (3)

Encyclopedic Knowledge ••
Int+Wit for relevant fact about 1 chosen skill

Eye for the Strange ••
Int + Com to determine if something is supernatural

Indomitable ••
+2 to resist supernatural powers on thoughts/emotions

Aura Reading •••
1 wp Wit+Emp-Com, ask 1 question / success or gain +1 on social rolls for the Scene, 1/story supernaturals might recognize

Telepathy •••••
wp + Wit + Emp, hear surface thoughts and read minds, broadcast messages (5), 1/chapter hear something you shouldn’t


  • Katarina doesn’t remember much of her childhood or anything before the age of 16 really. She gets brief flashes now and then of faces, colors or feelings, but nothing substantial that would clue her into who she truly is. Her name is the only real thing she can recall…she remembers a woman shouting it, panicked, telling her to run. The sound of the woman’s voice often appears in Katarina’s dreams and nightmares.
  • Katarina bounced around a few foster homes from 16 to 18 and discovered she was really good with computers. Good enough she faked herself a full ride to a university of her choosing. From there she studied whatever she felt like and it was during her first major exam she realized she was a bit different. Katarina hadn’t really studied, honestly she didn’t even really care about the class, but always being a bit competative she was determined to beat the know-it-all bitch that was in the class. Unfortunately Katarina didn’t know any of the answers, but when she focused on that know-it-all bitch she could almost hear the answers in her heard. Then she focused on the professor…while he was grading a few exams for people who got done early…and she could literally hear him thinking. If it hadn’t been for the excitement of knowing she was going to school the know-it-all she might have been worried about what that meant for her.
  • She continued using her abilities and pulled her grades up to a 4.0; and with her computer skills she caught the eye of a few major companies. Katarina decided to play both sides of the field, that was more exciting and fun, so she marketed her skills for corporate espionage and helped take down several companies from the inside. It was during one of these take-downs that she was recruited by The Corporation.


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