James Sullivan

Head of an Irish-American mafia family in Boston, known as "Saint Sullivan"



Intelligence •••, Strength •••, Presence ••••
Wits •••••, Dexterity ••••, Manipulation •••••
Resolve ••••, Stamina •••, Composure •••


Academics ••, Computer X, Crafts X, Investigation •••, Medicine X, Occult X, Politics •••, Science X
Athletics •, Brawl (people who have wronged him) •••••, Drive •••, Firearms ••••, Larceny •••, Stealth ••, Survival X, Weaponry •••
Animal Ken X, Empathy •••, Expression X, Intimidation (people who have wronged him) ••••, Persuasion •••••, Socialize •••, Streetwise ••••, Subterfuge (vs. law enforcement) •••••


Danger Sense ••
Multilingual (Spanish & Italian) •
Tolerance for Biology •
Fast-Talking 1-5
Resources ••••
Status (Sullivan Family) •••••
Contacts (Local Law Enforcement, Government Officials, & Organized Crime) •••
Defensive Combat (Brawl) •
Street Fighting 1-3
Shiv ••


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 8, Willpower 7
Humanity X, Size 5, Speed 12
Defense 8, Initiative 9




  • Raised in to a life of crime, James’ father was the head of the Sullivan Family before him and, as terrible as Angel thinks James is, his father was worse. Not quite as clever, but sadistic and just as ruthless. The marks on James’ back will forever serve as proof of his father’s abuse.
  • No one examined it too closely when James’ father met his end in an unfortunate accident. If anyone suspected that James had a hand in precipitating the “accident” they were too relieved to voice their suspicions.
  • Met his wife when they were in high school. Kathleen was the girl next door falling for the sensitive/misunderstood bad boy and her parents did not approve. She married James in spite of their threats to disown her if she did so, their threats made her more resolved to do so.
  • Kathleen loved James passionately, but did not like what he did. She couldn’t resolve James’ activities with her faith, and in the early years of their marriage she tried her best to convince him to change his ways, failing that she still couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him, so she opted to live in ignorance as much as possible. Turning a blind eye to anything related to his “business” and focusing her energy on nurturing those she claimed as family.
  • James loved her too, loved her fire and her stubbornness, he loved her innocence, but more than that he loved that she always chose him, even after an intense struggle with her faith. He was very affectionate with her, especially behind closed doors. He spoiled her, trying to give her everything else that he thought she might want (since he wouldn’t give her what she really wanted).
  • When his daughter was born, he couldn’t believe how big his emotions were for such a tiny human. He was fiercely protective of his Angel, almost a mirror image of her mother in miniature, and he was scared, absolutely terrified that something would happen to her. He wanted to eliminate anything and everything that might hurt her (one of several motives that prompted him to put an end to his father).
  • James planned to build an empire so powerful that none of the other gangs would question his authority, brutally stomping down any groups that dared to rise up. Unfortunately, this lead to exactly the kind of reprisal he’d been trying to prevent. He was filled with a white hot, blinding, rage at what had been done to his wife, and knowing that they had planned a similar end for his Angel… He could not allow even one of them to live.
  • The Family has suffered since Kathleen’s death, she was something of a mother figure to everyone. Then, with Angel’s betrayal, James’ own daughter beloved by the family, maintaining morale has been a struggle.
  • The Saint is known for:
    -His smooth-talking, gentlemanly demeanor. Appears to be a kind, respectable, “saintly” man one second, at the flip of a switch can terrify and cow both allies and enemies.
    -He is ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants, but not sadistic (resolved to carrying out horrible acts, but does not take pleasure in them).
    -Smart and quick-witted, he uses his resources well and always has a “plan B”. He absolutely always has an exit strategy for both himself and his men.
    -Repays in kind: Those that are loyal to him have his loyalty, those that fight him will be put down.

James Sullivan

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