Personnel File – Gage

Supernatural Augmentations: Fractal, Ghoul

Corporate History
The Corporation first found Gage as an arms dealer in Europe creating and selling Artifacts to various militant groups. Having recruited his own team and armed them well enough to fight off the stray Angels and other Supernaturals from time to time, Gage quickly became an expert on repelling various types of Supernatural creatures.

Constantine personally recruited Gage after witnessing him wipe out an entire city of Vampires. As Gage tells it, instead of taking him by force Constantine offered to let him choose how they would do battle. Knowing the Vampire before him outclassed him in every way, he instead decided to challenge Constantine to a game of chance and won his life. True to his word, Constantine spared him but decided to recruit him instead and wiped his past deeds from history to prevent attracting any further unwanted supernatural attention.

Gage now works in the Garage as a full time material support specialist, creating new resources for the Corporation to leverage and keeping the equipment of all Field Teams in top working order in addition to fabricating what they might need for more obscure assignments.

Previous Work Assignment
As the most recent Fractal recruit, Gage hasn’t had any assignments prior to his posting in the Garage.



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