Gabriel "Gabe" Train



Intelligence ••• Strength ••••• Presence ••••
Wits ••••• Dexterity ••••• Manipulation ••
Resolve •••• Stamina ••••• Composure ••••


Academics • Computer ••• Crafts ••• Investigation •••• Medicine •• Occult •• Politics X Science X
Athletics(9) ••••• Brawl(9) ••••• Drive • Firearms(9) ••••• Larceny • Stealth •••• Survival •••• Weaponry(9) •••••
Animal Ken X Empathy X Expression X Intimidation ••• Persuasion ••• Socialize • Streetwise •••• Subterfuge ••


Occult (Supernatural Powers)
Athletics (Weight Lifting, Defense)
Brawl (MAC)
Firearms (SMGs)
Weaponry (Knives)
Investigation (Shady Clients)
Streetwise (Scams)


Health 10, Willpower 8
Loyalty 7, Size 5, Speed 15
Defense 10, Initiative +9


Trained Observer •
9-again on Perception rolls

Professional Training (Merc) ••
2 dots in Contacts, 9-again on Brawl and Firearms

Striking Looks •
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive

Language •
speak, read and write in a single additional language (Arabic)

Multilingual •
able to speak 2 additional languages (Hebrew & Russian) conversationally, Intelligence + Academics to read language

Defensive Combat •
use Brawl or Weaponry to calculate defense instead of Athletics

Fighting Style: Marksmanship •
Prerequisites: Composure •••, Resolve •••, Firearms ••
Through the Crosshairs: Max Aiming Bonus is Composure + Firearms

Fighting Style: MAC •••••
Prerequisites: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina•• and Brawl ••
Effect: The character is trained in Modern Army Combatives, the modern military style of hand-to-hand combat that blends a number of fighting styles such as Muay Thai to provide a soldier with an all-round means of unarmed self-defense and defense with short weapons (Brawl and Weaponry Skills). Each dot of this Fighting Style is the prerequisite for the next higher dot; one cannot purchase “Atemi Attack” until one has purchased “Tactician’s Sense”, for example.

Tactician’s Sense: The character gauges the body language of combatants in his proximity. In game terms, he can make a Reflexive Wits + Composure perception roll and gauge the Initiative modes of all combatants before a fight starts.
•• Atemi Attack: The human body has a variety of pressure points, any of which can cause an opponent great pain. The trained fighter knows where to strike for maximum effect. When striking with a Brawl or Weaponry attack, the character may ignore up to 1 point of the enemy’s Armor protection per dot in this Fighting Style.
••• Forearm Choke: The character applies pressure to an enemy’s carotid artery in an attempt to knock him out. The character must successfully achieve a Grapple attack (see “Grapple”, the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 157). The character may apply the choke hold from the following turn. The hostile may attempt to free himself on his next action with Strength + Brawl, his dice pool penalized by the character’s Strength + 1. This maneuver is designed to render the foe unconscious. The foe may resist each turn at a cumulative –1 dice pool penalty. When your character has sustained the choke hold for a number of turns equal to the hostile’s Stamina, the hostile is rendered unconscious, and sustains a single point of bashing damage. The Forearm Choke is useless against creatures that do not need to breathe.
•••• Bullring: In hand to hand combat, your character can ignore half your rating in this style (rounded up) in penalties from multiple attackers per turn.
••••• Lethal Strike: The soldier’s hands become deadly weapons when the character spends a Willpower point. A successful Brawl strike delivered in a turn in which he spends Willpower delivers lethal, rather than bashing, damage.
Drawback: Because the lethal attack takes place in that turn, the character cannot spend Willpower to boost his attack dice pool.

Fighting Style: Street Fighting •••••
Prerequisites: Composure •••, Strength ••, Stamina••• and Brawl ••

Duck and Weave:
reflexively take 1 die penalty on all actions in turn to use higher of Wits and Dex to calculate Defense
•• Knocking the Wind Out:
if you make successful unarmed atk, opponent suffers -1 to next roll
••• Kick’m While They’re Down:
any atk with more successes than opponent’s Sta can cause Knock Down Tilt, if you’re w/in reach of opp that stands they take 2bhls
•••• One-Two Punch:
after successful atk, spend wp to deal 2 additional bhls
••••• Last Ditch Effort:
if suffering from wound penalties, spend wp to make a single atk if opponent atks you, you lose your Def


  • Gabriel grew up with an abusive father with his sister Bek and his mom. His mom died when he was 8 and he took it upon himself to look after his sister the best he could against his abusive father; which resulted in Gabe getting his ass kicked a lot when he was little. He had too many bruised ribs and black eyes to count over his years growing up.
  • When Gabe hit puberty he packed on muscle and was in wrestling at school…late night work outs resulted in him being in pretty fit and getting bulked up. After that he was able to stand up against his father and any time his old man would push or hit Bek, Gabe would beat the living shit outta him.
  • When Gabe turned 18 and finished high school he had to head to boot camp for his mandatory three years in the military, he absolutely hated leaving Bek behind to fend for herself, but made sure the old man knew if he hurt Bek Gabe was going to kill him. Later in the year when Gabe’s visits home became further and further apart he got a call from Bek…the old man was hitting her again…and this time he was touching her too. Gabe flat lied to his superior officer and got three days off to attend a “funeral”…hell, he might actually be attending a funeral with how pissed he was. Gabe got home and beat his old man so bad he would walk with a bit of a limp for the rest of his life (however short that was about to be).
  • Knowing the old man was going to have chances to be alone with Bek once he went back to his military base, Gabe started training Bek and enlisted the help of a couple of his friends to train her too. Conor, his best friend since early grade school, promised to keep Bek up on her training.
  • Almost a year went by and things seemed to be going ok…but then he got a call from the Sheriff back home, his old man was dead…drank himself under and dropped a cig in his lap while he was in their barn—burned all their sheep too. Gabe knew, knew as soon as the Sheriff said he was dead…it was Bek. He went home, barely felt a thing at the visitation or the funeral and first chance he was alone with Bek…“He never drank in the barn.” Bek had just said no. Gabe asked if the old man had hurt her and she told him no on that too, that she did what he’d taught her to do…kill the old bastard if she needed to.
  • Gabe stays in close contact with Bek and after serving about five years in the military opened a private security firm in Dubai with Conor and a few of his other military buddies. They had some contacts in Dubai and Gabe wanted away from Israel. Gabe pushed pretty hard for Bek to join him, but his little sister was always just as stubborn as him.

Gabriel "Gabe" Train

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