Personnel File – Felicia

Supernatural Augmentations: [Redacted]

Corporate History
Felicia is the youngest recruit on record. In addition, she’s also the highest clearance Fractal in company history. Felicia is the personal assistant to Constantine himself. While most company records show that she’s a receptionist for his office, Felicia’s true record remains classified and only available to the Founders themselves.

Why Constantine chose her and what her role is in the company remains a mystery, although her clearance gives her access to all the Corporation’s files, operational data, and resources. For all the secrecy surrounding her, Felicia is a capable secretary and can often be found in Constantine’s office handling his appointments.

Previous Assignments
Although Felicia’s record is only available with Level 9 Security Access, it’s well known that she’s never held any position other than Constantine’s personal assistant. Company records indicate that, approximately three years ago when all three Founders took a simultaneous leave of absence, Felicia was left in charge of the company. This is the only recorded instance of the Company not having at least one Founder in charge. During this time, numerous attacks commenced on the Corporation’s Headquarters which were not found on record until Felicia called in a clean up crew to secure the aftermath. Whether she dealt with the situations or simply managed the resources to do so remains a mystery, but no one in the Corporation recalls having helped repel the onslaughts.



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