Pack XP Expenditure

Mac: 3 SE
Bek: 1 SE
Trystan: 2 SE
Jean: 2 SE
Lydia: 1 SE
Camden: 1 SE
Evelyn: 1 SE
Atticus: 1 SE

Player XP Contributed: 4 SE
Pack XP Total: 12 SE


Esstria is the embodiment of growth, a spirit summoned forth who is interested only in watching the world around her expand. While she mostly tended to the world around her (helping plants and animals come to age, for example) her motivations changed drastically when she was summoned forth by Jean to serve as the Totem for Mayhem.

Now that she’s grown in power due to the investment of her pack, Esttria is becoming a force in her own right and has expanded her practice to the urban environment her Pack calls home. Powerful and pragmatic, Esttria looks on to her pack loving all while pushing them forward to constantly chase greatness. While the ranks in her pack swells, she’s constantly looking out for additional members as she’ll always desire for her Pack to continue to grow.

Left – Curious, Inquisitive
Middle – Steadfast, Stubborn
Right – Optimistic, Enthusiastic

Aspiration: Build a harmonious supernatural environment from the ashes of ruin

Original Ban: If a group of three brings three documents each outlining the same three concerns, the spirit must grant them audience and address all of their concerns for at least three hours.

Handling Esttria’s Ban does not necessarily require the entire pack, but if any of the pack refuse they lose the benefit she provides for one month. During that time ignoring her Ban again causes her to leave the pack completely.

Adjusted Ban: As Esttria becomes more powerful, her Ban becomes much more esoteric. Three creatures, each of a different supernatural type, with three documents carved on three mediums each outlining three separate (and legitimate) concerns must be presented by the unified group. If this particular process is done, Esttria (and at least one pack member) must devote no less than three hours (or until the concerns are resolved) to the problems brought forth. This Ban can only be triggered once every 3 days.

Bane: Esttria’s Bane are wrought iron chains specifically used to bind her. When so bound, Esstria suffers 1 lethal health level of damage per turn. If used by another creature who is engaging her in combat, Esstria suffers aggravated damage from any grapple attacks that inflict damage

Adjusted Bane: Esstria’s ban expands to chains that are made of an alloy of three different types of supernatural material. For purposes of defining a supernatural material, it must be a material that universally has a unique effect on at least one type of supernatural creature. When bound by such a chain, Esstria suffers 1 lethal health level of damage per turn. If used by another creature who is engaging her in combat, Esstria suffers aggravated damage from any grapple attacks that inflict damage

Manifestations: Twilight Form, Reaching, Gauntlet Breach


Current: Power 10, Finesse 9, Resistance 8 (+12 from Pack Merits)
Base: Power 6, Finesse 5, Resistance 4
Change is always powerful and sometimes careful, but it always moves aside for the next big thing.

Numina (3 + 3 from Pack Merit)
Base: Aggressive Meme, Implant Mission, Pathfinder
Pack: Mortal Mask, Regenerate, Seek

Influence 3 (+4 from Pack Merits)
City (3), Growth (4)

Pack Benefits (2 XP Not Spent)
Esttria confers 2 XP worth of a benefit to the pack, players choice. This can be anything from a mundane trait, such as a Skill Specialty, to a supernatural trait, such as access to a Gift. The only thing she can’t invest this XP in is herself.

Merit: Direction Sense, Advanced ••

Rank 4 – Essence 25
Corpus 13
Willpower 10
Initiative +19
Defense 9
Speed 24

For the Players

Anyone the “Pack” can invest in the Totem Merit. It requires an investment of SE and remains committed regardless of what suit the character wears (just like Supernatural Tolerance). Here’s what it does:

  • Every dot spent grants the Totem an additional Attribute dot
  • Every 4 dots invested grant the Totem an additional Numina and Influence
  • Every 5 dots invested grant the Totem the ability to confer a 1XP benefit to the pack
    • If these are supernatural abilities, the PCs retain the ability to use them regardless of their “Suit”

If enough points are invested in the Totem, it will also increase in rank. Esttria is now Rank 4 (up from Rank 3) due to Pack Experience expenditures.



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