The forceful personality of the Founders, Constantine is mostly responsible for the recruitment of Corporation members and logistics in Corporation objectives. He also has his finger on the pulse of the world and seems ever-informed about the social state of the supernatural populace at large.

Constantine revealed himself to Bek and Mac as the Antideluvian of the Ventrue Clan the progenitor that all other Ventrue claim their lineage from. While he’s almost exclusively hands-off when it comes to his Clan, Constantine has personally met and interacted with each and every member of the Corporation. As a creature of almost immeasurable power, Constantine has revealed that the weaknesses that plague his descendants are of very little concern to him. He’s been seen amid the daylight and exhibits unfathomable physical capabilities the few times a member of the Corporation has seen him exercise them.

More than anything else, Constantine has an eye for people that is unmatched and is one of the most well-informed supernatural creatures in the entire world.



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