Conor Halloway



Intelligence •••• Strength ••••• Presence ••••
Wits •••• Dexterity •••• Manipulation •••
Resolve ••••• Stamina ••••• Composure •••••


Academics •• Computer • Crafts ••• Investigation •••• Medicine ••• Occult ••••• Politics X Science X
Athletics ••••• Brawl ••••• Drive • Firearms ••••• Larceny •••• Stealth •••• Survival ••••• Weaponry •••••
Animal Ken X Empathy •• Expression •• Intimidation •• Persuasion •••• Socialize •• Streetwise •••• Subterfuge X


Athletics (Weight Lifting)
Athletics (Running)
Brawl (MAC)
Brawl (Martial Arts)
Weaponry (Imbued Items)
Empathy (Lying)
Occult (Magic)
Survival (Extra-Planar Survival)


BP X, Vitae X/XX
Health 10, Willpower 10
Humanity 5, Size 5, Speed 14
Defense 9, Initiative +9


Striking Looks ••
• +1 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive
•• +2 modifier to all Presence / Manipulation rolls for attempts to use looks to entertain, persuade, distract or deceive

Language •
speak, read and write in a single additional language (Arabic)

Multilingual •
able to speak 2 additional languages (Hebrew & Russian) conversationally, Intelligence + Academics to read language

Defensive Combat •
use Brawl or Weaponry to calculate defense instead of Athletics

Area of Expertise (Brawl: MAC) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Area of Expertise (Brawl: Martial Arts) •
gain an additional bonus die (+2 total) when using specialty

Choke Hold ••
Prerequisites: Brawl ••
after successful Hold maneuver, if you roll target’s Stax2 succ target is KO’d for (6-Sta) minutes, can total over multiple turns

Fighting Style: MAC •••••
Prerequisites: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina•• and Brawl ••
Effect: The character is trained in Modern Army Combatives, the modern military style of hand-to-hand combat that blends a number of fighting styles such as Muay Thai to provide a soldier with an all-round means of unarmed self-defense and defense with short weapons (Brawl and Weaponry Skills). Each dot of this Fighting Style is the prerequisite for the next higher dot; one cannot purchase “Atemi Attack” until one has purchased “Tactician’s Sense”, for example.

Tactician’s Sense: The character gauges the body language of combatants in his proximity. In game terms, he can make a Reflexive Wits + Composure perception roll and gauge the Initiative modes of all combatants before a fight starts.
•• Atemi Attack: The human body has a variety of pressure points, any of which can cause an opponent great pain. The trained fighter knows where to strike for maximum effect. When striking with a Brawl or Weaponry attack, the character may ignore up to 1 point of the enemy’s Armor protection per dot in this Fighting Style.
••• Forearm Choke: The character applies pressure to an enemy’s carotid artery in an attempt to knock him out. The character must successfully achieve a Grapple attack (see “Grapple”, the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 157). The character may apply the choke hold from the following turn. The hostile may attempt to free himself on his next action with Strength + Brawl, his dice pool penalized by the character’s Strength + 1. This maneuver is designed to render the foe unconscious. The foe may resist each turn at a cumulative –1 dice pool penalty. When your character has sustained the choke hold for a number of turns equal to the hostile’s Stamina, the hostile is rendered unconscious, and sustains a single point of bashing damage. The Forearm Choke is useless against creatures that do not need to breathe.
•••• Bullring: In hand to hand combat, your character can ignore half your rating in this style (rounded up) in penalties from multiple attackers per turn.
••••• Lethal Strike: The soldier’s hands become deadly weapons, unarmed strikes cause lethal damage

Fighting Style: Martial Art •••••
Prerequisites: Resolve •••, Dexterity •••, Athletics •• and Brawl ••

Focused Attack:
reduce penalties for hitting specific targets by 1, ignore 1 point of armor
•• Defensive Strike:
if you don’t dodge, you can take a 1 or 2 point penalty to atks to add to Defense
••• Whirlwind Strike:
if Def available, anyone w/in reach takes 1B 1/turn, spend wp to make it 2B per turn, cannot Dodge
•••• The Hand as Weapon:
unarmed strikes cause lethal damage
••••• The Touch of Death:
unarmed strike count as weapon with 2 damage rating

Fighting Style: Grappling •••
Prerequisites: Stamina •••, Strength ••, Athletics •• and Brawl ••

opponent cannot apply the Drop Prone or Take Cover moves in a grapple
•• Takedown:
can render opponent prone instead fo establishing a grapple, can also deal basing damage equal to successes rolled
••• Joint Lock:
next turn opponent suffers bashing dam equal to successes, overpowering maneuvers used cause 1lhl add’l damage


  • Conor grew up on a wheat farm with his parents (Henry and Noreen Halloway). He is an only child and had a pretty great home life. He always hated farming and his parents understood and supported his decision to do something else with his life.
  • Conor was close friends with Gabe Train and stayed in contact with his buddy when Conor went to serve his standard 3 years in the Israeli military. After his service he didn’t have any work prospects and was super unhappy that he had to return to farming. But his parents were supportive and encouraged him to pursue other things that would make him happy if farming wasn’t it. Conor started taking online classes in business and worked towards a degree is Business Management…he started thinking about a security business.
  • As his buddy’s sister, Bek, grew up Conor found himself really attracted to her and enthralled by her, but being Conor friend meant not thinking about his sister in that manner so Conor pushed his thoughts / feeling aside.
  • Conor had no idea things were bad for Bek and Gabe at home…both siblings were really quiet and private about their shitty home life; so when Gabe asked Conor to help train Bek because he was afraid his old man was going to try something Conor was shocked.
  • Conor helped Bek train and started growing closer to her. She confided in him about what her shitty old man was doing and even hung out at Conor’s place a lot to get away from him. It started being more for Conor than just attraction…he cared for this girl…hell, he loved her. Conor and Bek ended up messing around several times during their training sessions and many times they’d spend the night together at an old hunting cabin his Dad owned. Conor started making plans…when Bek turned 17 (legal age in Israel) he planned to ask her to marry him…he was even going to get Gabe’s blessing…granted he knew Gabe was going to beat his ass first.
  • Conor was shocked to learn second hand from a gossip at the local farmer’s market about the fire at Bek’s barn and that her old man had been killed. He rushed over to her place to be told by cousins or whoever that Bek wasn’t up for visitors…hell she wouldn’t even answer his calls or texts. When Gabe got back in town he talked with him, but Gabe was just as quiet…and Conor knew Gabe well…he’d even have said that Gabe was relieved. And then it hit Conor…it wasn’t an accident, the old man hadn’t died because he’d been drunk and dropped a cig…it had been Bek; and when Conor saw her at the visitation—when she avoided his eyes and pretended he was an aquaintence, he knew. She had killed him. Conor was beyond furious…that meant the old man had tried to hurt her, he wanted to kill him all over again.
  • Conor approached Gabe about it, but Gabe feinted being clueless…and his face was so serene…hell even Conor almost bought it. He told Gabe about his ideas with the security firm and Gabe agreed he’d be down for it if they could get the capital.
  • Conor gave Bek several days to cool off after the funeral since she still wasn’t answering his texts or calls and then he went to her place, put the ring he’d gotten her in his pocket and intended to tell her how serious he was and that she’d never have to sleep in a place she was afraid again. But when she finally saw him, let him into the house, it wasn’t to hug or be comforted. She broke up with him…hell she even acted shocked when he asked if she was breaking up with him…she’d had the nerve to say “Breaking up? Conor we screwed around that doesn’t mean we were a thing.” But Conor knew she’d felt it too and told himself it was because of all the shit her old man put her through and he could wait it out. He’d give her some time and then they could get back together.
  • Conor waited through four more years…while Bek served in the military and he and Gabe got their business up and running. He talked with Bek after her service and she told him she was moving for the states…he couldn’t work up the balls to give her the ring…which was still in his pocket.
  • Conor and Gabe, along with 2 other buddies, moved to Dubai to start their security business. Conor’s parents still live in Israel and with Conor’s dual citizenship he visits regularly and often.
  • Conor calls Bek pretty often and they reconnected as friends again; they talk almost as often as Bek and Gabe do.
  • Conor still carries the ring in his pocket

Conor Halloway

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