Benjamin Burke

Katherine MacKenna's childhood friend, member of a mafia family in Boston



Intelligence •••, Strength ••••, Presence •••
Wits ••••, Dexterity •••, Manipulation •••
Resolve •••, Stamina ••••, Composure ••••


Academics •, Computer •, Crafts (automobiles) ••, Investigation ••, Medicine X, Occult •••, Politics ••, Science X
Athletics •••, Brawl (dirty fighting) ••••, Drive ••, Firearms (pistols) •••, Larceny ••, Stealth •, Survival X, Weaponry ••
Animal Ken X, Empathy •••, Expression X, Intimidation ••••, Persuasion ••, Socialize •, Streetwise ••••, Subterfuge (spotting lies) ••


Striking Looks •• Trained Observer • Status (in Sullivan Family) ••• Resources ••• Pusher • Defensive Combat (Brawl) • Close Quarters 1-5 Street Fighting 1-3


BP X, Vitae X/XX Health 9, Willpower 7 Humanity X, Size 5, Speed 12 Defense 7, Initiative 7




  • His mother was a hooker often frequented by Billy Burke, she didn't have the time (or desire) to raise a kid so she abandoned her baby with Billy. Not even bothering to name him before walking away. Though he has no proof that Ben is actually his, Billy has never treated him as anything else, nor has he allowed anyone else to question it. Ben knows this and will overlook many of his father's other flaws because of it.
  • Billy has always kept his son at his side, to the point where Ben came to be referred to as his "shadow" more than he was by his own name. Only leaving him behind when he had a rougher job to take care of, Ben was then left in Kath Sullivan's care.
  • Ben spent more time growing up in the Sullivan home, with and without his dad, then he did in his own. Kathleen was the mother that he had never known and Angel, well, Angel was everything else. Family, best friend, and first love. Angel was a firecracker, the brightest thing in his life.
  • Ben always admired how passionate Angel was about pursuing the things that she wanted, and what she thought was right. So, whether it was breaking into a museum late at night so they could have it to themselves, or kicking the ass of bullies on the playground, Ben had always thought that he would follow her anywhere.
  • After Kathleen was murdered no one was given a chance to mourn, the Saint immediately went on the offensive, so viciously that any rivals would never think of challenging him again. Angel was furious, she tried to convince her father to stop, she blamed him for her mother's death, but no matter what she said it fell on deaf ears. Since she couldn't stop him, she turned to the only people she thought could.
  • Angel wanted Ben to come with her, and he wanted to, badly, but he felt he owed his father too much. He couldn't stomach the thought of betraying Billy and taking away everything important to him, both himself and the Family.
  • When Angel left, his world got a lot darker. He felt abandoned, but at the same time he was relieved, happy even, that she got out of the life. It had never suited her. Though she could live the life, and was very good at it, she never embraced it. Ben wanted something different for her, something better, but has never thought he could be the one to provide that for her.
  • In the past sixteen years, Ben has gotten in deep in the activities of the Sullivan clan. Angel's refusal to even mention him in any of her conversations with law enforcement has been a mixed blessing. He hasn't been under the same close scrutiny as many of the Sullivan higher ups, which means he has a bit more freedom, but on the other hand he's had certain responsibilities foisted upon him that he did not want because of that very freedom.
  • Ben has done things that he is not proud of for the sake of the Family. Though Angel gets in touch with him when she can, and the sound of her voice is like water to a man in a dessert, he's grateful that they can't meet. He already feels unclean even without her disapproval. Over the phone he can hide things from Angel, wearing humor like an armor, that would be impossible in person.
  • What little free time Ben has, he enjoys running and working on cars. Both activities help him calm down and focus on something other than his "job". Also, much like Angel, he uses humor (often twisted) to diffuse tense situations or deflect attention from himself.

Benjamin Burke

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